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Campus pepper spray incident probed

Legislatures grilled University of California officials at a joint legislative hearing  Wednesday set to examine the behavior of UC Davis campus cops who pepper-sprayed sitting students and batted them with batons during a November protest that resulted in nationwide attention.... (Continue reading)

Occupy SLO battle leads to theft allegations

An internal battle between members of the Occupy SLO movement has lead to the filing of a theft report against four members who cleaned out the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse demonstration site. Several Occupy SLO members opposed to the courthouse... (Continue reading)

Police order Occupy SLO to stop lodging

Occupy SLO protesters agreed to stop sleeping at the county courthouse after San Luis Obispo police officers served a third notice on the campers at about 10:30 p.m. on Friday. The Nov. 18 notice of violation demands protesters stop lodging on... (Continue reading)

County orders Occupy SLO to leave courthouse grounds

County officials ordered Occupy SLO protesters to stop spending the night at the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse property, where they've been encamped for the past two weeks. Officials posted letters signed by SLO County Administrator Jim Grant at the encampment... (Continue reading)

Occupy SLO withdraws support for courthouse lawn occupation

Occupy San Luis Obispo has withdrawn support for the campground style occupation of the San Luis Obispo Superior Courthouse lawn on Monterey Street, and a former member of the organization has allegedly called the police to request a breakup of... (Continue reading)

Consider municipal banks

OPINION By RICHARD SALZMAN Ten days into the Occupy Wall Street protests, I wrote letters to the editor of several papers complaining about the lack of mainstream media coverage. By the time that letter was printed, they finally got to... (Continue reading)

OccupyCalPoly moves on SLO county courthouse

Members of a local spinoff of the “Occupy Wall Street” protest movement plan to set up camp indefinitely outside the San Luis Obispo County courthouse starting Wednesday. The announcement was posted on the Facebook page for “OccupyCalPoly.” “We will be... (Continue reading)

Idea pushed to tax California millionaires

Plans for a California attempt to tax millionaires have gotten a boost from the Occupy Wall Street movement. [MercuryNews] The California Federation of Teachers and a coalition of allies want to place a measure on the November 2012 ballot to... (Continue reading)

“Occupy Wall Street” continues in SLO

The increasingly popular “Occupy Wall Street” movement hit San Luis Obispo on Wednesday as about 50 protesters gathered near the intersections of Santa Rosa and Monterey streets to protest against income inequality and corporate greed. Many of the protesters plan to... (Continue reading)