Possible homicide at base of Cerro San Luis Mountain

October 24, 2011

Charles Lavenson

Police are investigating the discovery of a San Luis Obispo man found dead at the base of Cerro San Luis Mountain near Lincoln Street and Mountain View as a possible homicide.

After receiving a 911 call from a mountain biker on Sunday shortly before 5 p.m., police discovered the body of 63-year-old Charles Lavenson. Police found injuries on Lavenson’s head and face.

Lavenson is known to be an avid walker and is often seen walking around the city and on local trails. He was found wearing khaki pants, a button up short sleeve shirt, and brown dress shoes with white shoe laces.

A plastic hotel/motel room key was found in one of Lavenson’s pockets.  Police investigators are asking the public to help them identify the hotel/motel associated with the key.

Police are also asking anyone who may have seen or spoke to Lavenson on Sunday to contact the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

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I knew Charles. Saw him at church Sunday morning. A really nice really intelligent man with tough mental issues. So sad.

I’m guessing his wallet was empty or missing. Unfortunately, I’m guessing violent, desperate transients; but that is a total assumption on my part. Just a gut feeling.

RIP Mr. Lavenson.