Sewage violations expensive for SLO

October 18, 2011

San Luis Obispo city taxpayers will pick up the $57,130 tab for a series of sewage dumps into local creeks dating back to 2008.

The city violated water quality laws, according to the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Roger Briggs. The amount represents a negotiated settlement.

There were four specific spills from the city’s waste water collection system, Briggs wrote in a statement Tuesday: Sept. 2008, 3,000 gallons reached San Luis Obispo Creek; Feb. 2009, 30,000 gallons reached Orcutt Creek; March 2009, 9,000 gallons were spilled into Old Garden Creek; and Jan. 2010, 1,000 gallons were spilled into Stenner Creek.

The water board regulates waste water collection and treatment systems at dozens of municipalities and industrial facilities throughout the central coast area.  It is responsible for protecting and restoring water quality in the 300 mile coastal region from southern San Mateo and Santa Clara counties to the northern part of Ventura County.

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Here come the green weenies and their bureaucrat coconspirators. Change you better believe in, or else.

Ah, leeches feeding off leeches! Haha! Tap the public for all you can, then tap yourselves!

I love when governments fine governments. As if…

This translates to “No one in government is responsible for anything, so we’ll just charge taxpayers…” classic response for “you can’t fight city hall” argument.

How about the judiciary fine the CCRWQCB for waiting four years to fine the city. Then the WQCB can pay the judges! Then the city can reduce what they pay the judges because they took in so much from a fine to the water quality control board.

You were reading my mind, rOy. I was absorbing this article and the same thought was going through my feeble mind then POW, your response hit the nail on the head.

OK, who gets the $57k?

What happens with the $57k when the “who” gets it? Is this just another government agency that feeds off the taxpayer dole solely to fund itself like the APCD crooks?

Why did the sewer system fail? Who’s watch did it happen on? Why is it the taxpayers get the bend over when this happens on a somewhat regular basis yet I don’t hear one iota of information like “so and so got canned from Public Works because they screwed up”

It is interesting to note that the re watering of SLO creek by the treatment plant is the only reason why the salmon and steelhead can make it back up stream. That being said, it is unconscionable tat the city of SLO can’t or won’t maintain their system. This type of thing happens every year…

Yeah and I’m sure this $57,130 went directly to mitigating any issues form the sewage dumps. Classic shakedown. It’d be one thing if the money was saved like when people use a curse word jar… the problem is it’s just getting spent and sucked up by public employees.