Silly String altercation leads to injuries

October 14, 2011

A Los Osos man, angered over a previous road rage incident, crashed into an uninvolved motorist who was knocked unconscious at the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Chorro Street on Thursday at about 9 p.m.

Several pranksters playing with Silly String had a road rage altercation with Diwan Munger, 22. A few moments later, Munger drove off, failed to yield the right of way, and crashed his Chevy truck into Ian Reischl’s Honda Civic, police said.

Reischl, 18, of San Luis Obispo was knocked unconscious and received moderate injuries from the collision.

Police cited Munger for the collision and are urging anyone with information regarding this incident to call the San Luis Obispo Police Department at (805) 781-7317.

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Who doesn’t like Silly String???

HELLO?? HELLO?? Anybody home out there?

You DO NOT hit the gas and take off without looking where you’re going because you’re angry about somebody squirting your car with silly string. Anyone who does that has serious emotional problems.

You do something like like when you believe you’re in imminent danger.Even then, I would hope you would consider trying to pay attention not to harm anyone else in the process of GETTING AWAY.

I didn’t mean to imply that the “sillystringer” was responsible for the accident, sounds to me like the driver’s own anger got the better of him. Although I’m sure its illegal to throw (or shoot) anything at a moving vehicle.

I realize something got cut out from the above…. “onto this spot on the road that this bicyclist jumped onto from off the curb.” The whole sentence construction was poor to begin with, no surprise i didn’t even manage to get it from brain to keyboard properly. ;)

When I was a kid I was in wreck caused by someone who threw a water balloon into a convertible full of girls. They swerved into me, and pushed me into several parked cars and I got rear ended at the same time. Ultimately the guy who threw the balloon had to pay for everything. Took him years. That was Newport Beach PD, they did a very thorough investigation.

Yeah, totally different because the wreck was caused by the immediate physical reaction to the water balloon. He should have paid for everything. In this case, the silly stringing had ceased, and the grudge match was on. Generally I feel that people should be held to account for what they actually did rather than what they MIGHT have done, unless some actual intent was shown.

If the police really want to get to the ROOT CAUSE of this, go get his mother. Because if he had never been born, none of this would have ever happened. Just carrying out the idea that people with silly string may be responsible or that police should even care about them to its logical conclusion….

I understand your point, that the driver’s reaction to the Silly String™ incident is what led to the more serious incident, involving injury of a bystander. However, in the infinite wisdom of our lawmakers, we can expect either an outright ban on Silly String™, or a more strict penalty for misuse/abuse of the product. That’s just the way we roll around here.

Welcome to bizarroworld

We were at Blackhorse last night when it happened and heard him gun his truck through the intersection and a half a second later the sickening smack. Failure to yield I think is putting it mildly… pretty sure he blew through the red light.

The civic was crumpled… the driver of the truck seemed more interested in taking pictures of the damage to his truck than worrying about the other car he hit.

So some guy was knocked out, his car bashed in because someone had sprayed silly string at/or him or his belongings? Really? I think of what we did at that age . . . I agree – people are no fun anymore (or Cal Coast did not get the real story)!

Looking at the locations . . . Townie boy vs. college kids?

“people are no fun anymore ”

Yeah really, they aren’t and just look at all my thumbs down for saying so! I was just laughing about some of the things we all did at that age. I recall when my 17 year old boyfriend rigged his wind shield washer so that it would squirt out to the side (about 6 feet in a straight line) rather than squirt his wind shield. He would fill up the dispenser under his hood with water rather than window cleaner and would pull up next to a driver who had his window down. He could literally squirt the driver next to him right in the head while looking straight ahead as if he had no idea what was going on. We would all be ducking down in the seats laughing our AO. In fact I’m laughing right now just recalling how funny we all thought it was.

HAHA I did that too Cindy.. Until someone chased down someone I had given a ride home, confronted them with their parents, scared the child into giving me up, and then called my mother in hysterics about how it COULD have been acid or poison shooting out. How could she possibly know, I must be punished. My mom, the most conservative of people, just rolled her eyes.

Really, that stunt had had a lot of bang for the buck!

Hahha Did you by chance live in Rhode Island as a teenager?

We never got in trouble for it but one guy did stop at a pay phone and call the police on us! As a result we got pulled over by the cops who wanted to check the car for the BIG SQUIRT GUN! The more they asked to search, the harder we laughed and of course, my boyfriend was more than willing to oblige them. It was fun being a kid where I grew up.

It was pretty fun here too. The roughest place in town was Garden Street. Where the police officers would uselessly try to control the crowd on Thursday nights, eventually just giving up usually. They arrested a friend of mine for playing chess in the wrong place. However, none of that ever stuck, it was just for show. Nobody wanted to destroy the future of kids here over something stupid. It was safe place to grow up, and by that I don’t mean “safe” in the sense that there were NO dangers, but safe in the sense that everyone sought to reduce the permanent consequences of those dangers.

Yea that’s kind of funny like the kids that drive though neighborhoods spraying joggers with paintball guns that shot 350 FPS and leave huge welts on them. Kids think that’s pretty funny. Bet you think that would be fun to huh??

No not really.. big difference between silly string, squirt guns, and 350 fps paintball guns. The latter would require a more serious punishment. Honestly, rather than argue with you, I’d rather just shoot you with silly string.

How do you have a road rage altercation with silly string? If you’re squirting silly string at another motorist, I doubt you’re all that angry. Now on the other hand, if the recipient doesn’t like the party and steps on the gas without looking where he is going, I don’t know what you would call that but he is guilty of being more than a party pooper. Honestly, people are no fun anymore.

Devil’s advocate. What if they had sprayed the silly putty on his windshield and it had affected his vision? Not saying that is why he hit the car but that it had happen earlier and hence made him upset. I can GUARANTEE if someone got it on my windshild and impaired my vision and driving ability, I would not be to happy.

What if what if? What if the silly string had hit him in the eyes?! What if one of the kids laughed so loud that it caused his window to vibrate a little bit, and that window had a crack in it and suddenly it exploded into little pieces like car windows do, because the guy hadn’t had it fixed in a while, and a few of those pieces of glass fell onto this spot that this road onto from off the curb (cutting cross to the wrong lane get somewhere more quickly), and his tire hit a piece of glass and he lost control of the bike, sending it into the street where a car swerved to miss it and killed a child who otherwise have been the next President of the United States.

Who would be to blame then? Life is full of uncertainty. Part of become wiser, I think, is accepting that it cannot be controlled, that ultimately what matters is intent (incl gross negligence) and take joy from as much of it as we can, even though we may not like all of it. If I had my way, causing problems with silly string would be a constitutional right.

Ironically, the message that the person with the silly string was sending him was “CHILL OUT.” He REALLY should have listened, and deep down, he knows it.

What if, what if that silly string hit him in the eye his car jumped the curb and killed your kid!!! Would you be so glib then Mkaney??

HELLO?? HELLO?? Anybody home out there?

You DO NOT hit the gas and take off without looking where you’re going because you’re angry about somebody squirting your car with silly string. Anyone who does that has serious emotional problems.

You do something like like when you believe you’re in imminent danger.

Agreed on the taking off when your angry. You as mkaney are missing my ORIGINAL point. It was the fact that why would someone get angry. My point was and is that he may have thought what if something more serious (which I know something serious did) had happened to endanger HIMSELF. HELLO HELLO is that SIMPLE enough for you to understand.

Wow you must a real pleasure to spend time with, if you are always thinking about the WORST possible outcome of everything you do.

I’m sorry I thought I was commenting on a blog about a story like most people do here. Sorry we couldn’t provide better entertainment about something that some of us see as serious and has serious consequences and some just want to be irresponsible like you.

I just hope that if or when some serious tragedy might befall someone close to you that at least you don’t become one of those let me sue everyone around me type.

I’m just trying to keep it light hearted because I really don’t see it as that serious. That doesn’t mean the kids, if caught, shouldn’t be told that what they did was wrong and could have seriously consequences potentially, but I don’t think anyone should make a bigger deal out of it than that. I also think that it doesn’t do any good to take this kind of thing all that seriously. It’s part of growing up.. actually scratch that I wouldn’t limit it to childhood.. If silly string and laughter can relieve a little tension then it should be viewed as a positive thing. I bet you that more accidents are caused by drivers reading billboards than drivers squirted with silly string or a squirtgun, but nobody admonishes anyone for putting up billboards.

And you don’t have to worry about lawsuits.. I am definitely not the suing type. Lawsuits trying to hold everyone responsible are a waste of emotional energy and drain on society.

Now here is a response I can agree with. I agree that people should lighten up. Let’s just not have fun when it involves 2000+ pound machines that can move fast. If somebody was to come up and silly string a guy and his desk at work, yea that would be pretty funny.

I like pranks and have performed many myself but I do put a little thought into the prank to think what could be the worst possible outcome and that the outcome doesn’t upset the prankie or hurt them.

Well what we don’t know from the story is whether the guy in truck was even moving when they got him. The stuff doesnt shoot very far or fast, so I would imagine he was stopped.. The guy just sounds like a jerk.