Woman accused of trying to buy a car with food stamps

November 10, 2011

Krystal Wood

Deputies arrested a Solvang woman for welfare fraud on Tuesday because she allegedly tried to buy a car with food stamps, according to a press release by the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office.

The arrest followed a two-week investigation.

Krystal Wood, 22, was booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail on $20,000 bail. She is scheduled to be arraigned in a Santa Maria courtroom today.

Welfare fraud is a felony.

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If this story is true, the Santa Barbara D.A.’s office must be hurting for money. What I could believe is that the woman got into a tiff with a salesman, made a sarcastic comment about buying the car with foodstamps, and the guy won the argument by calling the cops on her. But it’s stories like these that make me want to interview the defendant, if only to demonstrate the pattern of “winning the argument” by initiating a false arrest.

The government will never design a system where people don’t take advantage. It’s human nature. A certain percentage will always take advantage. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a debit card, pieces of paper or even the food itself; it’s just creates another form of currency that people trade on the black market. You actually have to admire the people for their creativity. And it’s a classic example of why capitalism works–a willing buyer and a willing seller. Everyone’s happy.

If an owner of a car wants to sell her car in exchange for food stamps, what’s the problem? Ok, it’s against the food stamps rules so there’s a technical violation, but if the one person wants food stamps and the other person wants a car–where’s the victim? The products aren’t illegal.

And there is no doubt whatsoever that the criminal justices system will spend wads of money on this victimless crime. It creates tremendous sympathy for the alleged criminal.

This is an example of our government at its best. They probably spent more money investigating and jailing Krystal than she would have defrauded from welfare.

For comparison, Abel Maldonado owed thousands and thousands of dollars for fraudulent tax deductions and he was appointed Lt. Governor.

It just ain’t fair.