Frias charged with second sexual assault

November 29, 2011

Fernando Frias

A man accused of attempting to rape an Arroyo Grande teenager last year will also be tried for a second, more-violent assault and rape during a trial set for January in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court, a judge ruled on Monday. [SantaMariaTimes]

DNA samples linked Fernando Frias, 24, to a previous los Angeles rape. In 2006, two men allegedly forced a woman into an alley and threatened to kill her if she resisted. The men then allegedly beat the woman and took turns raping her.

In May 2010, Frias allegedly asking a 17-year-old girl to help him find a dog. After she refused, he grabbed her, drug her under a bridge and beat her while threatening her to be quiet.

Several people heard her screams and went to her rescue. Frias attempted to run but the citizens captured him.

San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Barry LaBarbera said he consolidated the cases because they are similar, the Times said.

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“…citizens captured him.” Now, that’s what I call “community service!” THANK-YOU!:)

I was visiting a friend who lives close to the crime site. The first responders who took the call said when the citizen rescuers got there, Frias was holding a big rock over her head and it certainly looked like he was about to smash her in the head.

Also, from the top of the bank to the stream bed is about 15′ to 20′, and the banks are pretty steep there. I always wondered how he got her down there.

It is ironic, the paradox or ambiguity of “political, social, doimestic correctness” versus “reality”

Imagine a different scenario of citizen non involvement: Also, Frias could threaten gang revenge or could have been armed if a citizen intervened.

Instead of the citizens rescuing the little girl they instead from a distance called 911 (as advisable) and maybe leave.

The police come, the girl beatened and raped, no one can recognize the suspect – he escapes and gets an alibi.

To the citizens who rescued, ID and captured this SOB, many people thank you.

I am willing to bet there are more than just the two rapes (previous gang rapes) but lack DNA to product other cases.

Hat tip, thank you r0y.

It’s too bad that violent perps like this will probably get minimal sentencing and what he deserves is to be dragged under a bridge and beaten…


says: “It’s too bad that violent perps like this will probably get minimal sentencing and what he deserves is to be dragg under a bridge and beaten”


I would immediately turn both eyes blind

And accidently drop and damage my cell phone camera

All I can truthfully remember was Frias was “beating” someone’s daughter and dragging her under a bridge

Some “unknow” citizen intervene to protect the child and himself, the parents should give that citizen a thank you but unfortunate no one knows who that good stranger was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is just luck that this sicko got caught and probably for the reasons you list…

Not many things make my blood boil, but harming women and children is one of them…

You can run but you can’t hide from DNA.

It’s too bad we can’t stop people from Santa Maria at the county line and check them out before allowing them here. Then Santa Maria could stop people from LA at their county line, and so on and so forth. It would help stop crime and gang crime.

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