Kelly Gearhart accused of assault

November 7, 2011

Kelly Gearhart


No arrests were made or charges filed in connection with a July disturbance with injuries at the  Ohio home of former Atascadero man-of-the-year Kelly Gearhart.

Terry Locklear, 55, said he is still recovering from the altercation where he contends Gearhart pushed him from an elevated porch at the former  developer’s current home in Wadsworth.

Three neighbors saw the altercation, Gearhart, Gearhart’s son, and Locklear who sustained injuries to his neck and back. Because of conflicting stories, no one was arrested.

Locklear said he had gone to Gearhart’s home to discuss a deposit he had paid the financially compromised former North County developer.

“I only went over there because he wouldn’t return my phone calls,” Locklear said. “I knocked on the door, and he (Gearhart) opened it, just a crack.

Locklear was renting an apartment in a building then owned by Gearhart. When Locklear heard about a bankruptcy action involving Gearhart and the rental property, he said he went to Gearhart’s home to ask about his security deposit.

“I told him what I needed to know, and then he suddenly swung the door open and knocked me off the porch backwards.”

The porch, about five feet high, had no railing, Locklear said. He fell backwards, injuring his neck and back.

Locklear said he filed a police report, but was told by an officer not to “expect anything to happen,” as it was his word against the Gearharts who both claimed he fell from the porch. He said he injuries caused him severe distress that lasted more than six weeks.

An attorney retained by Gearhart on several financial transactions, Joseph Dickinson, said he did not represent Gearhart on the Locklear matter, but noted, “I know there was some kind of incident.

“If you know Kelly’s house… there’s no railing on the front porch. From what I was told, this guy showed up ranting, and when Kelly opened the door, the guy backed up and fell off the porch backwards.

“Kelly filed a police report, because he said this guy was threatening him, but I don’t think anything ever came of it. It’s kind of a he-said, he-said thing.”

Gearhart did not respond to a request for comment relayed to him through his attorney.

Gearhart and his wife Tamara Lowe filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition on Feb. 11, 2009, in Ohio, claiming $6.5 million in estimated assets and $45.1 million in estimated debts. The couple moved from Atascadero to Wadsworth in 2008 following threats of physical violence by an angry investor.

For approximately four years, FBI agents and employees of the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s office have investigated allegations that Gearhart and his financier Jay Miller swindled some 1,200 investors out of more than $100 million in a lending scheme involving hard money.

The U.S. attorney Los Angeles office filed federal fraud and money laundering charges against Miller in August alleging that Miller bilked investors in Central Coast real estate projects he financed for Gearhart.

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Police everywhere seem to turn a blind eye to perps with money. The complainant needs to take a picture of the porch in the condition it was in when he fell off of it. You can bet the porch has rails by now, if it didn’t have, before.

Whatever happened to his homes on Alcantara and the one on Navajoa both in Atascadero? Were they sold to repay investors?

I know now after looking this guy up on the net, that he is a bad guy. I have been scared because you never know what a person is capable of. And when that person has alot of money, they are worse.

I would really be greatful for any help that anyone could give. information would be good to know. I feel sorry for all of you guys that have gotten tangled up with Gearhart… I promise since I live right down the street, to find out all I can about this guy..he needs to go to jail for sure. any info on this guy you can send to me at

you should see how he is fixing up his place. I wonder where is he getting his money from ?

Thank you

From all the people who trusted, the “conned” ,,,,,”ME”,,,,, and I have a judgment, for $73,000 and I will not stop until I am dead, or he is, or I get the “my” money back,. If he knew me better he would sell aluminum cans 24/7 and pay me back, yesterday.

I also hope some how everyone else he stole from gets their revenge watching him rot in an OHIO prison forever, inmates get stabbed in the neck in there, and it takes the guards five minutes to show up (in full riot gear)!

Just something to keep in mind Gearhart old buddy!

He would be wise NOT to end up in a minimum security prison in Central California Prisoners have a gossip mill on the inside more keen than the one on the outside and no doubt already know about Jay Miller and Kelly Gearhart. Interesting that Jay Miller as part of his plea asked to be secured in the men’s colony when EVERYONE there knows who he is and what he did. Jay Miller would be wise to choose a prison far far far away from Central California. That would be my advice.

Good for you cheseburger. You hang in there. Your family deserves a better legacy than this. So glad you are being persistent.

Thanks Nanci, justice shall prevail in both Gearhart’s and Grigger’s case, birds of a feather do flock together. They can flocking flock in prison together.

Kelly Gearhart appears to be a very built strong former Safety Officer.

To physically restrain him, if resisting, may require about three strong guys.

To beat him up, if mutual combat, will require using his strength and weakness against him.

To kill him, a child can do if hit at the right time and method, the right spot with the right tool.

No matter how well planned, something can go wrong.

To get away with it, is whole different story.

Willie you have to be kidding, he is fat as a well pig, mutual combat would be unfair if he were fighting a 12 year old black belt girl, unfair to Gearhart, he’s never been in a fight for his life , ever. Except for when he knocked himself out with the mop at the old Williams brothers and the head-on collision with the Cutlass Olds Supreme. And recently he attained injuries defending himself against an attacker on “his porch”, but clinging to life, like a leach Gearhart survives, sucking the life out of the air around him. Witnesses say the man dove on the porch with a hatchet an demanded money. Said his, ” anonymous attorney. “

Kelly Gearhart attacked me for going to his door and asking who is supposed to pay me my rent deposit back with him filing for protection. earlier I called the bank rep that was handling the case and she told me she did not know who was to pay it back…I told her I was going to go and ask him. I did not go down there ranting like has been reported. I have learned that you can’t catch flies with vinegar.

Well if Gearhart is anything like his “thick as thieves” partner Grigger Jones no doubt he has dropped a few lies here and there relative to YOUR CHARACTER. That is what Attorney Jones did to our family. people have come forward stating early on he was saying my brother and I were mental cases, we were bad children, our father was not close to us, etc etc. anything to make his deeds helping our stepmother seem believable. Hang in there Locklear and don’t let Kelly Gearhart intimidate you. It’s true you can’t catch flies with Vinegar, but if you find a nasty wasp, you can capture it, place it in a jar and watch it squirm. youtube

“”Locklear said he filed a police report, but was told by an officer not to “expect anything to happen,” “”

This I know, if I sign the Citation or sign the complaint, Locklear have my day in court against Kelly Gearhart.

This I know, for the Ohio officer “to discourage Locklear” when background basis is warranted for his action and circumstancial evidence is compatible, I would say Ohio Police and Kelly’s hoaring himself a former California Safety Officer, faternally crush and bury Locklear sense of societal justice.

Errors from shooting from the hip


This I know, if Locklear sign the Citation or sign the complaint, Locklear have his day in court against Kelly Gearhart.

“”Locklear said he filed a police report, but was told by an officer not to “expect anything to happen,” “”

Terry Locklear signs a complaint but no citation issued, nor arrest made.

Kelly Gearhart must have told the police he was a former Safety Officer giving him faternal or professional credibility over Locklear.

That’s what it sounds like police cam question someone and unless they have video of the person actually committing the crime it is your word against there’s when detective plum interviewed Grigger jones re the forged signatures attorney jones denied having any knowledge about our dads first amendment being signed in jones office in California yet jones’ affidavit clearly jones clearly states it was signed three days later in his Atascadero office would love to talk to mr luckiest and get his side and would really love to talk to Gearhart

That should read would love to talk to mr lockyear

I am not licensed in Ohio but if there is a way, and someone has an attorney willing to hier me, I will go.

HIRE ME sorry about the bad spelling. FYI this would have to be part of an already open investigation supporting a cause for having him followed. You can’t just randomly start following someone without a legal justification. But if nothing else it would make him nervous. I would like to think the FBI are investigating him. Anyone out there who can confirm that?

Yes they are. I know from talking to an ex friend of his that they are and have been investigating him.

Also from a different source without saying to much, Kelly is feeling the heat more recently and is expecting the inevitable. We’ll see.

“(Gearhart) opened it, just a crack.”

I want in, I can help put some heat right where the sun don’t shine! Hear me now, Kelly Gearhart!

I will see you punished while you do time, with hate mail from 99 year old widows!

Or, , anything else legal, (going to have to trust me on this one), that comes to mind.

BTDT if I can help, I have the missing elements, from many of his X-friends!