Man held hostage and assaulted in California Valley

November 12, 2011

Daniel Andrew Zeller

Two men allegedly held a man hostage for several days while they assaulted him with a hammer and stabbed him with a fork at the victim’s home on the 13000 block of Camarillo Road in California Valley, according to a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s department press release.

The victim escaped and called 911 shortly before 5 p.m. on Friday.

CalFire paramedics treated him at the scene before having him transported to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries. Officials are not releasing the name of the victim or the extent of his injuries at this time.

One of the alleged suspects, Philip Clyde Williams, 44, was captured at 2 a.m. on Saturday when he attempted to return to the crime scene. Deputies booked him into San Luis Obispo County Jail with no bail because of an outstanding warrant from Fresno.

Officials are continuing their investigation and have not yet charged Williams with crimes related to the alleged kidnapping and assault.

Law enforcement personnel are searching for the second suspect, Daniel Andrew Zeller, 42, who deputies suspect fled to Taft.

He has a long history of arrests for drugs, resisting arrest and destroying evidence. On Jan. 6, a Kern County criminal bench warrant was issued for Zeller on several charges including resisting arrest, according to the Bakersfield Californian which lists Zeller’s occupation as a home caregiver.

“Zeller is described as white, 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighing 215 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes,” the Californian said.

Philip Clyde Williams

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To no one’s surprise, the location where the hostage was held is within spitting distance of the location where the 74-year-old woman was beaten so severely by her 56-year-old ex-boyfriend.

“One of the alleged suspects…” Alleged kidnappers yes, but is “alleged” necessary when they are identified as “suspects”? Lazy writing always detracts from otherwise enjoyable stories about daily life in beautiful California Valley.

I don’t know what I was thinking pointing out bad writing. I should just keep quiet and accept it from “new” journalists.

I certainly cant defend what these guys (allegedly) have done-or what they look like. However-it amuses me that actors, celebrities and ESPECIALLY rock stars can look like these guys and it’s fine.

Both should be considered as poster photos to support the campaign for birth control.

Had they kidnapped me and tortured me and I escaped, I would call the cops AFTER I took them out, maybe. I doubt anyone would miss them.

Especially after they stuck you with your own fork a few times!

I just realized that if something like that happened to me, what a drag it would be every time I attempted to enjoy a meal after something like that. I would probably have to switch to chop sticks…… I mean really, what a terrible program for someone to have running in their head after an experience like that. I should think a hammer would be easier to avoid, but a fork…………

Sounds like they were playing a game of “where’s the drugs”, to me. One of the assailants even went back to most likely keep looking for “something”. Either that or to retrieve something he left behind that could identify him. Creepy…….

Well these two look like a couple geniuses.