Stolen vehicle investigation leads to 6 arrests

November 24, 2011

A traffic stop by Grover Beach Police on Wednesday led to the arrest of six people for a variety of crimes including car theft, possession of burglary tools and giving a false name to an officer.

When two occupants of a white Honda Civic could not answer who owned the vehicle they were traveling in, officers contacted the owner who said it had just been stolen. Officers arrested Zachary Hamlin, 31, and Aubree Russell, 25, of Grover Beach for vehicle theft.

As part of the investigation, officers served a search warrant at 979 Newport Avenue in Grover Beach where they found stolen property, illegal narcotics, and a second stolen vehicle.

Police arrested Santana Bre Cortright, 25, for possession of drug paraphernalia, giving a false name to an officer and resisting arrest; Breina Autumn-Racene Mello, 25, for possession of burglary tools, and possession of drug paraphernalia; Charles Dean Hayes, 55,  for possession of drug paraphernalia, giving a false name to officer and two outstanding warrants; and Christopher David Mallory, 25, for an outstanding felony warrant.

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This place is the lone tweaker house in an otherwise nice neighborhood. Until recently, there was piles of garbage on their front yard. The inhabitants of this place are serious thugs that terrorize the working families of the neighborhood.

Car just got stolen? Coincidental traffic stop? Hmmm… However it happened, the result is clearly justified, good job GBPD.

Thank you GBPD! It is about time someone was able to do something about the low life people who are squatting in that house. Not one person there is on any lease. These people took over this house physically abused, threatened and stole from the elderly man who lived there for more that 40 years until finally he got out. He had leave behind his home where he raised his children and lost his wife. Aubree Russell is the mastermind, if you can call her that, of this entire thing. She is by no means an innocent young woman. Please if anyone sees these people back at this house call the police, there is multiple illegal activities going there. Let’s be good citzens and take back our neighborhoods!!

Hopefully this incident will force them to move. If not, I agree with ChanceIT; Let’s keep a diligent watch on this tweaker house and call authorities when you see suspicious activities.

Hahaha this old man by no means was innocent… First of all he molested his granddaughter. Second he paid those druggie tweekers for sexual favors. Funny to me how people sit in judgement of others and really have no clue about whats going on……

If this is true why didn’t she leave? It wasn’t her home. She is a young capable person why not leave if someone is molesting you? I would. Maybe she liked it since she was already having a incestious relationship with her brother. ANYWAY I think the law speaks for itself, as well as those who live in the neighborhood. Who is in jail? Who trashed that house? I think is pretty clear it is good thing that happened here.

In addition, if you or anyone else thought there was child molestation taking place in that house why didn’t YOU or any one else call the police or CPS? That is sick that they all were too worried about themselves to do the right thing. NO matter who it is a child is the innocent and should not be left in that situation.

Grover Beach PD does an excellent job with very lttle resources.

Kudos for a good job by our Grover Beach blue suits.

Sometimes even a blind squirrel finds an acorn.

But more often than not, that blind squirrel finds D-Con.

2X Kudos to GBPD