Feds seize 9 tons of pot

November 26, 2011

Federal custom officials seized nine tons of marijuana they discovered inside a tractor-trailer at the Otay Mesa border crossing, officials announced Friday.

On Tuesday, an x-ray search showed the trailer was packed with bricks of marijuana. The pot has an estimated street value of $13 million.

Two men from San Diego County and seven men from Tijuana have been charged with drug smuggling.

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And the feds think they really had something there. The DEA has got to be the most worthless part of the federal government. They only have jobs because of prohibition. The cartels purposely let one truck get jacked to another can get through. They probably packed a bunch of total leaf/dirt weed that meant zero to them just to make the feds think they had scored. Or, another way to look at it is probably 12 trucks made it through that day.

Guess the right LE didn’t get paid off. Second rate weed isn’t worth the same kind of border payoff that cocaine brings and they have to bust somebody for the sake of the dog and pony show. In the real scheme of things, who would have purchased that low grade mexicana marijuana when N Cal and Oregon grow the best there is to be had anyway? It’s a joke I tell you.

You’re soooooooo sick.

Sick but true!

Dog and pony show is right!

The feds are in on it and have been for many years! Every now and then they “bust” somebody to make it look like they are “fighting crime.” Meanwhile, business as usual.

Told you your country was a gd GANGSTER/POLICE STATE!

Riches for them if they deal; JAIL for you if you deal!

Kinda neat!

Oh my god!! I agree with Cindy!! What’s next??

Something WONDERFUL ……

Stupid Feds. Don’t they know that NINE TONS of weed is worth over fourteen trillion dollars? Sheesh, just go ask the cops up in Humbolt, when they burn down three plants thats a hundred thousand easy.

While the Feds were busy patting each other on the backs for the 9 ton Weed bust, 30 tons of Cocaine drove right past them in another truck.

Can’t wait for the Mexican trucks to start coming in legally and traversing the entire US.

Yeah because preventing them from doing that now has had such an impact on the ability of the illicit drug supply to reach the market.

That’s sort of like smuggling a Pabst Blue Ribbon into an upscale bar.

Good one !

Them’s fightin’ words. What’s wrong with PBR?