Dumb criminal of the week found sleeping on the job

December 14, 2011

Police arrested a Grover Beach man who was discovered sleeping in a recently stolen car stocked with burglary tools and stolen items in Vallejo on Sunday. [TimesHerald]

A friend of the owner of the stolen Acura Integra was jogging when he spotted his friend’s car and its sleeping occupant.

Vallejo police officers arrived to find Rafael Calhoun, 29, sleeping alongside drug paraphernalia, stolen checks and burglary tools in a quiet residential neighborhood.

Officers arrested Calhoun for vehicle theft, possession of burglary tools, and possession of stolen items.



  1. R.Hodin says:

    Homelessness hits everybody hard. Fortunately, in this case he’ll soon have 3 squares, a cot and a whole new set of “friends”

  2. Cindy says:


    “sleeping alongside drug paraphernalia,” He probably had a rule that he didn’t get high until the job was done! Nighty-nighty……..

  3. smartmouth says:

    Love his name ……… I note he lives on “Nice” Street. Must have simply run out of poop!

  4. my2cents says:

    OMG!!!! Thats just too funny!! Was this story made up??

    • smartmouth says:

      Nope – reported in the Times Herald for 12/3/11 ……….among other sources.

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