Campus pepper spray incident probed

December 15, 2011

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi

Legislatures grilled University of California officials at a joint legislative hearing  Wednesday set to examine the behavior of UC Davis campus cops who pepper-sprayed sitting students and batted them with batons during a November protest that resulted in nationwide attention. [CapitolAlert]

The panel of lawmakers listened to university officials’ explanations of the one-sided violence on the part of weapon-waving, heavily armored, and helmeted police, much of which was recorded by countless cameras and broadcast virally around the globe.

One of those who appeared before the panel is UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, who gave the orders to campus law enforcement officials prior to the incident. She apologized for the incident and added that more student protests are likely to occur if the budget cuts continue.

“Was there a meeting to discuss how to appropriately disperse protestors in the event it was necessary, and who participated in that planning?” asked Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg in a statement advancing the hearing. “Was the use of force discussed? Were any explicit instructions given? The answers to these questions are crucial to determine responsibility and accountability.”

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Putting blame on the Police for this is like putting blame on the gun for a murder, and not the person who pulled the trigger. I will never understand how you can think like that.

Great argument. Who pressed the button on the spray can ?

OH ! According to you…the PROTESTORS did it to themselves !

You are right about one thing, you will never understand.

What is the matter with you people? The police were told to get the protesters out of that area by the University and just followed their guidelines in doing so. If you have a beef with anyone it’s with the President of the University NOT the police. Duh.

The fundamentel question remains:

Should money…BIG MONEY , be allowed to influence politics ? Should BIG MONEY be anywhere NEAR politics ?

Is MONEY …speech… or freedom of expression ?

( That is what our corrupt and criminal ‘interpretors’ of Constitutional understanding says it is, Five corrupt old men. …Five corrupt and compromised old men versus 300 million of the rest of us ! )

Sometimes, speech is expressed without dollars. it is expressed in ACTIONS, It isexpressed in quick , revolutionary outbursts against the oppressors.

That is where America is now at.

The conservatives have bred a ground of chaos. Their mindset is one of UNCARING . They don’t GIVE a DAMN about anything important in societal terms, They are only personal greedheads. They could live on their islands of selfishness and personal gratuity…but they went too far. Now , the whole of civilization ( which they detest ) is crumbling around them. Now, they are whining.

Hell, the RICH always WHINE that they are not rich enough !

ADDICT BASTERDS ! They should all be ( You know what to do with greedy basterds ).