Geezer Bandit robs San Luis Obispo bank

December 3, 2011

The Geezer Bandit robbed his 16th bank on Friday in San Luis Obispo shortly after 5:30 p.m.

The gun wielding bandit struck the Bank of America branch  at Higuera and Santa Rosa Streets. And for the first time, the robbery did not go as planned.

Once outside the bank, a dye pack exploded and the robber dropped, a leather case, a note, and some of the red stained money to the ground and fled. He made his way to Marsh Street where he dropped more of the money.

A witness saw a white BMW Five Series car leave a parking stall on Marsh Street near Toro Street at a high rate of speed at about the same time as the robbery. Police officials said they are not sure if the car is related Friday’s robbery.

Even though witnesses have described the bandit as being in his later years, officials suspect he is wearing a theatrical mask that makes him appear older. Witnesses describe him as a white male in his 60s or 70s, about 6 feet 4 inches tall, wearing glasses and a hat.

Although most of the robberies attributed to the Geezer Bandit have occurred in southern California, the Geezer Bandit has also robbed banks in Morro Bay, Goleta and Bakersfield.

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Tall old guy!

It still amazes me that so many of God’s creation don’t follow His word. It is sad indeed.

“ …. And Jesus said, “You shall not murder, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not steal, You shall not bear false witness…” ( Matthew 19:18 ) Barring those other “pesky” commands by Jesus that the TRUE Christian is to follow, this robber violated Jesus by stealing from BofA.

Wow, the old “exploding color bomb” trick, now the money is marked and is useless, but, the robber can still get away! Good move BofA!

Now, lets’ use godly logic101. How about putting a tracking device interwoven into the money bag with an harmless looking, and unknowingly, locking zipper, so he can be rest assured that he has the loot as the teller zips it shut!!!!

Upon his departure, he may try and change bags for obvious reasons, but cannot get the zipper unlocked. Therefore he has to take the “tracked bag!” All this time, BofA are telling the police of his whereabouts. 2+2=4.

Let’s see, what’s the better option, the “exploding color bomb trick” or the harmless looking “locking zipper and tracking device trick?” Do we see now why the banks needed our bailout money? Sure we can.

BofA, if you actually use my technique, I expect payment, thank you.

From my post : “I would think by now that all banks would hide some tiny little GPS trackers in some bundles of fake $$ and keep one as a decoy in every draw. ”

Ted, Quit stealing woman’s ideas and passing them off as your own. That isn’t very godly or were you speaking for me and trying to collect MY REWARD since according to you, as a woman, I’m unworthy to speak for myself or share an idea?

Yeah, yeah, I know you expanded upon it and complicated the idea to the extent that your idea probably won’t work as the bandit will be suspicious of a complimentary bank bag to begin with.

BTW- Some large banks use this tactic which is why I said : ” I would think by now that all banks would”….

Cindy dear,

You can only dream about me using any of your wanting concepts that you speak upon within this forum! Surely you jest? As the superior man to a woman, as the bible so states, this “tracking device concept “ of mine would work.

As you can plainly see, I used my male gendered godly logic to accentuate the concept far beyond your womanly thinking. There is no complication whatsoever if enacted as I stated, because it is rare that a robber brings his own bag into the bank. Ever heard of a “dead giveaway?” Sure you have.

Unbelievable, 16 Bank Robberies and he keeps getting away. Lucky for us that he isn’t able to STOP himself while he is ahead. This is obviously about more than money, he is one of those obsessive thrill seekers, a cat and mouse “gamer” , I bet. Eventually, he will be caught, the score might be 16-0 right now but all we need is ONE point to win. Amazing!!!

I think the police are correct about his disguise but it sure is a good one since so many people report him as an old geezer. I would think by now that all banks would hide some tiny little GPS trackers in some bundles of fake $$ and keep one as a decoy in every draw.

Can’t wait to find out more about who he is, it’s just a matter of time.

I bet it is Cindy in a mask.

She just sounds like a geezer.