Arroyo Grande cross burning suspect facing drug charges

December 3, 2011

Jason Kahn

One of the defendants accused of burning a cross in Arroyo Grande in an attempt to terrorize a black teen is now facing additional charges of bringing drugs into the San Luis Obispo County Jail.

On Thursday, Jason Kahn, 36, pleaded not guilty to the felony drug charge he faces on top of the charges related to the cross burning.

In March, Kahn, 36, and three others allegedly set ablaze an 11-foot cross in direct view of a 19-year-old black woman’s bedroom in the home she resided in with her mixed race family.

The four suspects entered not guilty pleas during their arraignments in July for felony charges of arson, cross burning, terrorism, and conspiracy. The charges include hate crime enhancements. Kahn was also charged with witness intimidation.

A judge moved the start of the cross burning trial to February in order to give defense attorneys more time to confer with their clients and a chance for more arguments to be heard.

On Monday, San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Jacquelyn Duffy scheduled a January hearing in which defense attorneys plan to argue their clients are being double charged. Specifically that their clients are being charged with burning a cross with an intent to intimidate while also being charged with terrorism for burning a cross.

Kahn sports a swastika tattoo on the back of his bald head and has a long history of arrests for crimes such as resisting arrest, car jacking and possession of stolen property, according to court documents.

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The irony of the Jason’s in the United States, is that they’re proud to be ‘White/American/Christian”, yet Jesus Christ, their leader of Christianity, was not American, was probably not very white due to his Mid Eastern ancestry, and above all, JESUS WAS HEBREW!

Furthermore, our God selected the Hebrews to be “a people for his own possession, ABOVE ALL peoples on the face of the earth” (Deut. 7:6) Do you ever wonder if certain Christian extremist organizations ever run across this passage? Do they know more than our God if they disparage the Jew? I think not. The bottom line, if you are not Hebrew, then you are NOT of the chosen people of our bible God. I have learned to live with this biblical factoid since I am not Jewish. Oh well. :(

Our God said, to wit; “My covenant I will not break, Nor alter the word that has gone out of My lips.” ( PSALM 89:34 )

Not “our” God, Ted ………. your God.

“One of the defendants accused of burning a cross in Arroyo Grande in an attempt to terrorize a black teen is now facing additional charges of bringing drugs into the San Luis Obispo County Jail….”

Move along, folks. Nothing to see. Just Natural Selection at work.


Not Surprised One Bit

What, does this guy get to go home during the week to work and back to jail on weekends? For a headline like that, I would think there would be a little more detail on the basic headline! This guy won’t have to worry much longer…..he should be sent up the river so he can hang with his homies for a few years and maybe become institutionalized….isn’t that what they call it when you’ve found your home? Let a few of the convicts serving time for Marijuana out to make room for this type of fellow….

Funny…I assumed someone passed drugs to him during the transfer from jail to the court house.

Either way, there is some ‘splaniing to do, as Ricky would say.

“charges of bringing drugs into the San Luis Obispo County Jail.”!!

I hardly believe that he managed to bring the drugs into the jail. What did he do, hide them someplace where the sun doesn’t shine when he was arrested all those months ago? I think it would be more appropriate to tell us that somebody brought drugs into the jail and he was found in possession of them.

It would be interesting to hear more of the story. I wonder who is suspected of bringing in those drugs, hummmmm???

What did he do, hide them someplace where the sun doesn’t shine…

Maybe they just showed the move, Before Night Falls, and was inspired by the character played by Johnny Depp. I thought he was going to pull out a kitchen sink before that scene was over!

Eww, I didn’t see that one. I love JD, I’m surprised but glad that I missed it.

JD was gorgeous, and very seductive, in drag. You don’t actually see him take the items out–it is done in a bathroom stall. It was really funny, though.

The movie is very powerful. The political content freaked me out. Thank god JD was in the move.

I haven’t seen it either, guess I’ll have to watch it especially now that I know the “recovery scene” is left to the imagination. Ewww, the truth can be stranger than fiction sometimes. What comes to mind is the woman that removed her handcuffs while in the back of an APD police car last year and hid them from the officer. Nobody could find them until a guard at the SLO County Jail finally asked her (again) where the heck they were? The APD cop had called them and said he had torn his car apart and still couldn’t find them. It turned out that she had put them someplace that you just wouldn’t ever think they would fit ! After that, I think they probably just threw them away and I hope the judge made her pay for them.

Now as to Jason Khan, I think when a person gets the carrot suit rather than just temporarily placed in jail for the night, they get checked. I don’t think he had those drugs on him when he was arrested and they suddenly found them all these months later. Somebody brought those drugs into the prison and it wasn’t Khan.

“The Carrot Suit”?” Bah! Love it!

Well I can’t wait to hear his excuse on this. I can hear it now………”I was bringing drugs into jail to pay homage to my late father.”

You are on a roll!