Adam Hill admits to impersonating opponent

January 19, 2012

Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill admitted Wednesday he impersonated his political opponent, and now says it was just a joke.

On Jan. 6, the San Luis Obispo Tribune printed a letter to the editor from Sheila Blake, asking readers to help her convince LAFCO to vote against annexing the proposed Los Robles Del Mar development into the city of Pismo Beach. The issue has divided many in the South County beach community.

On the same morning, Hill left the following message on Blake’s answering machine, calling her names and claiming to be Ed Waage, Hill’s opponent in the District 3 supervisor race.

“Hi Mrs. Blake, I read your letter in the Tribune, are you a communist, or a socialist, or both or maybe a Marxist, this is Ed Waage. Just wanted to let you know what I thought,” the message says.

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After listening to the message which she claims she did not think sounded like either candidate, she called Waage to tell him about the impersonation. Blake then allowed Waage to make an audio copy of the call, which he provided to CalCoastNews.

“I am disappointed that Adam Hill would make a phone call and pretend the phone call was from me,” Waage said.

On Monday, Hill received the following questions from a reporter and subsequently refused to answer questions about the phone message after being provided a transcript of the Blake call.

“I have a voice message that was left on an answering machine of a Pismo Beach resident who had an opinion letter in the Tribune,” a CalCoastNews reporter wrote in an email to Hill. “And while the call says it is from Ed Waage, several people contend it is you. How do you respond to allegations you made the phone call?”

Hill responded in an email on Monday saying the questions were “malicious, gotcha stuff,” and that he hoped the reporter was “confident that the constant campaign of defamation” against him “could not be proven to show actual malice.”

On Wednesday evening, Blake says Hill, a good friend, called to explain that he had made the call as an “innocent joke.”

“I acted so swiftly to call Ed (Waage), Adam (Hill) never got a chance to call back and tease me about the call,” Blake said even though it had been nine days since she had provided the tape to Waage.

Hill said Wednesday he did not remember making the call when asked about it on Monday.

“I did not even know what the heck you were asking about when you emailed me the night before you ran your story,” Hill wrote in an email on Wednesday.

The Save Price Canyon website has quoted Hill as telling its group that he is against the two large proposed developments that are winding their way through the system. In an interesting twist, planners involved in one of the proposed developments also contend Hill has said he is supporting their project.

When asked in four separate emails if he supports the Save Price Canyon group or those attempting to develop the property, Hill refused to answer, instead asking, “Why the hate?”

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For what it’s worth

I respect Dave.

For what it’s worth

There was nothing in my mind (intent) to harass Dave.

I heard what Dave was saying and spontaneously called in.

Because I felt the potential impact of his suggestion will negatively impact CCN if Karen followed his suggestion.

For what it’s worth

Dave regrets not following his first feeling about airing this because he knew Hill’s problems.

I regret what has happened.

If you asked me if would I do the same thing again, the answer is “YES”

This is the kind of stuff that underhanded politicains gets others into!!!!!!!!

I would otherwise feel sad for Hill but his means and ways divert me from pity.


HEY TRIB: How about focusing on the issues and not the messenger. And stay out of bed with politicians; you’re already skating on a thin ice of credibility. Thank goodness Karen sticks to the issues or we’d still be dealing with the likes of Karen Guth and Kelly Gearhart and Gail Wilcox and David Edge and Josh Yaguda and Paul Brown and on and on.

Stick with it, Karen, and don’t listen to Congalton. I’ve stopped and so has my husband.

Checked in on this story a few days ago and decided to just watch it to see where it went. I really expected a Friday COB statement from Hill that either he had decided not to seek re-election or was resigning his position.

Now my question is: why neither statement was made?


Are you kidding? Wait until you read Bob Cuddy in the Tribune tomorrow morning. This will be completely contorted around. Cuddy tomorrow…

I want to hear what Ian has to say about his buddy! Your list has been removed and I did not get it printed. I went to your website and was unable to email you! I would love to get my hands on that list and make those calls.

No Bob Cuddy to the rescue this morning. No doubt he didn’t want people to know how well you can call his shots.

“I had a friend call the endorsement list, many of those he called said they did not endorse Adam Hill. Adam Hill just puts names up and claimed support as part of his game of doing anything to stay in office.”

I do believe this is true. I’d be interested to see how many listed as endorsers on his website actually expressly endorsed him. Appearing at an event or making a contribution doesn’t constitute a public enorsement to my mind.

Adam Hill was an instructor in the Cal Poly English Dept. with others who work also at New Times.

The Tribune always supports the elected officials or people in higher positions in the city or county. (the power structure).

Many leftists support Adam Hill just because he is politically to the left.

I am embarrassed to be a registered Democrat in district 3! Left, Right or Moderate…..this guy makes politicians look bad.

Aside form CCN being haunted by Trolls.

Some people elected to thumbs down or up anonymously.

Your never going to please everyone no matter what you say or do anywhere in life.

For that matter you will not always get a consensus whether you thumb up or down.

It just serves as a reminder your not going to please everyone and there are differences.

I believe what is more important lies deeper in a person, “individual’s freedom to be frank” without their real lives persecuted out of disagreement.

Thus the significance of a thumbs down should be a reminder that your post is how you honestly feel “PRIMARY” for now, right or wrong, it is a learning evolution for the individual as well as the viewers mainly because it is more real.

Of course try to be polite and respectable to others when your not too taken.

I will go along with Karen if she decides that we should post our real identity before allowing us to post if I feel she has not been influenced “indirectly” by the long arm or crooked politicains!

Correct grammar: “You’re never going . . .” and not, “Your never going . . . “

As the world turns

“Correct grammar: “You’re never going . . .” and not, “Your never going . . . “

Okay, your perfectly correct.

I never in my life ever taken a typing class.

I should be more considerate in construct.

you are correct.

Hotdog & Ugluk

Thank you I was just trying to be respectful to everyone.

I appreciate those who try to help people be more constructive and rationally correct

and laugh at those who pride themself putting someone down for it.

But I revere those highly (Hotdog & Ugluk) who see through or into the hearts of a person (whether they post negative or positive to me or others) rather than someone who police external imperfections and grade them (all externally superficial).

Are we populated by illiterate trolls who worship a lack of awareness of their own language? Why in the world would anyone give a thumbs down to a simple correction that was given? I made the score one to ten, shameful.

Illiteracy, laziness in not checking one’s work and ‘shoot the messenger’ attitudes when correction is offered serves only to perpetuate the feeling we are becoming a nation of fools.

This adoration of idiot ‘street (prison) talk’ demeans all of us. Simple typos are one thing, incessant childish mistakes are another.

Bravo, As the world turns.

Willie, in your response you ignore the advice and if you just mouthed your words to yourself you would be embarrassed by the mistakes-you are smarter than that.

Nah. It’s just that nobody likes self-appointed grammar cops.

Your right…

No, but apparently we have a few posters who don’t realize that this is an informal posting setting, and not preparation of our doctoral thesis.

In other words, perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation are not expected, especially in a setting where there is no “edit” feature.



I personally know some of the people listed and think it is more properly posted as:


And HOW is this different than singling out political opponents as you claim Adan Hill did ?

Why , it is different in that it is a BROADBRUSH indictment against MANY !

This is McCARTHYISM, plain and simple.

I always figured you could stoop this low, and now you prove it.

No shame, whatsoever.


Perhaps you can refresh my recollection of whatever it is you’re attempting to contrast. Any gain some composure.

I commented on KVEC with Dave today.

I told Dave he has no right to tell Karen how to run her business, Dave corrected me that he too is entitled to an opinion.

But due to Dave’s position and the public perception, it “can be” perceived by Karen as well that maybe they better make changes he suggests.

I think Karen knows what she is doing, and the moderator knows when to put a brake on things and slow things when it gets too hot.

Dave reciprocated and asked if what I state is just my own opinion and I acknowledged it was!

Dave at first didn’t want to put this topic on KCEV because I suspect he is partial to Adam Hill.

I can understand and appreciate Dave’s dilemma with Adam Hill, but how can he give objective credibility to Hill’s bad memory then to a legitimate defense “it was a joke” I doubt any court magistrate would.

How can S. blake and Ed Wagge see Adam Hill as mutual friends when he is underhandedly using them to effect the media, invoke bias in the minds of voters!

I see Hill’s attempt supported with a preponderance of facts which hold the same impact as having done the crime (my opinion alone).

Maybe Dave’s first instinct was correct not to put the story on KVEC, but on the other hand it is definitely relevant local news!

Dave (respectfully), consider the weight of the anonymous lynch mob, that is all it is, and let them be, CCN is “uniquely” what it is by its own evolution, many love as well hate it, others are intrigued by its uniqueness to speak regardlessly frank!

Karen has done a great job (as usual) in bringing this to the attention of the public. Unfortunately, Dave is, & always has been a “FENCE STRADDLER”…It’s well known that he’s “been in bed with” SLO Supervisors for years. He has to be, think about it!

H.L. Menken once said:

A politician is an animal which can sit on a fence and yet keep both ears to the ground.

Obviously, when someone has a fence post up their kiester and both ears filled with dirt, it’s hard for them to give an informed opinion..

Come on Dave, you can’t straddle that sucker forever……it hurts after a while I bet!


I heard you on KVEC and right on! I don’t think Karen should take Dave’s advice because then she becomes The Tribune or other media that won’t expose things the public needs to know…..if character really counts. As for using real names, that exposes the writer to retaliation ala Adam Hill. By SLO listing supporters, doesn’t that equate to Dave’s past urging the public to contact PG&E re: John Lindsay’s imminent loss of his job, as well as contacting KCOY re: Byrne, Rooth etc.? I notice that the greatest objection of this site comes from those that have been exposed about questionable activity.

So Dave does not like anonymous posters on CCN or the Trib, but people call into his show all the time with a name and they can be anyone. And some of the people he has on his show tell lots of tall tales damaging others and talk like it is all true. So opinion is ok for his show but not for blogs. At least on CCN and the Trib blogs we know they are anonymous and opinion. Karen, do not let Dave tell you what to do. It is like he is looking for a way to make CCN look bad because he supports Adam Hill. One most wonder about those who support someone as morally compromised as Adam Hill. Oh wait, he was joking.

It is customary on the internet for people to use names other than their own.

Security consultants recommend that internet users never give information out about themselves because people with bad intentions may use that information to harm you.

But Dave doesn’t like anonymous posters posting on the internet?

Too fracking bad.

Even in Iran, they don’t make you give your real name to create an internet account.

Mary, it’s obvious Dave doesn’t like “anonymous” posters, wonder if that’s the reason he decided to “out” the “new adoptive parents of Annie the dog”? What does that tell you about HIS ethics? Just wondering! He had no concerns about those adoptive owners being harassed by his (Dave’s) band of thugs!

RU4Real– DAVE DID NOT “OUT” ANYONE. Your recollection is faulty. Knock it off.

Dave actually gave the adoptive family a “heads up” after he learned that a county clerk had erroneously released Annie’s adoption records without fully redacting every line item that could lead to their identification. As a consequence of that over sight, the family had been identified. However, Dave kept it under wraps and encouraged those who knew to do the same, the identity was never made public. Dave didn’t do anything wrong and I still appreciate Dave and Adam for assisting in the return of Annie to her rightful owner.

Dave did many things wrong with the Annie case not the least of which was calling the owners at their home phone number to discuss the situation. I don’t care how he got the phone number and how he spun his “intention”, that was a line he crossed that he shouldn’t have period. He had no right to do so and reportedly frightened the teenager that answered the phone.

Further more, did you miss how the male “owner” got Annie in the first place? Yeah….that’s right, on Dave’s final show about this debacle, he said he found her as a stray when doing a horse show at the Paso Fairgrounds and instead of turning her into Animal Services or posting flyers so she had a chance to find her real owners, he decided to “adopt” her. The irony of the situation was completely missed and ignored by Dave as he was too busy tooting his own horn about being a pivotal person in helping Annie find her way home . The way some folks in this community crucified that family for legally adopting a dog found without a collar, microchip or any identifying info and had been at the shelter for almost TWO weeks was pathetic and despicable.

And finally, Dave can cry all he wants about people’s opinions being less valid if they are posted anonymously but since he likes to make inappropriate phone calls to people he doesn’t agree with, I find that it’s better safe than sorry.

KatieEvans, MaryMalone, you’re both right on the money. I enjoy Dave’s show and think he’s a good guy, but for him to criticize Karen for allowing anonymous comments is silly. The people who call his show are essentially anonymous; no last names are used, and KVEC cannot verify that people are actually using their real first names. Also, remember Dave’s blog? Many people posted there using fake names. Again, I like the show, but Dave’s wrong on this one.

BUT but, Ugluk, How will Adam Hill call us if we don’t use our real names?

“Oh wait, he was joking”

and wait again, because he forgot the joke…….

I agree with you, especially about citizens needing to know when an elected official is acting in an unstable manner.

The trib does enough covering up for our local politicians. I don’t think they need any help from any other news content providers.

Good job articulating your position on Congalton tonight, SLO! You and Karen both defended the public’s right to know, as well as its right to assert pressure onto those who attempt to assure a Hill win in Nov. It’s very discouraging to see that many just don’t care what their candidate does in an attempt to get votes.

Dave made a good point. I hope anyone who communicates a political opinion keeps it respectful. There are many reasons for businesses and politicians to want to keep things smooth between them and a county supervisor that aren’t about pushing a candidate. Most of the above are good people with good interests. Some have business or personal financial interests at stake. A couple of them are related to people for whom Hill votes on their jobs and pay that I wouldn’t call “good interests” for the public. There is nothing wrong with communicating what you think. It’s grassroots. Just be nice.


“Dave made a good point. I hope anyone who communicates a political opinion keeps it respectful.”

I am not sure what point your referring to.

I don’t recall Dave having made that point (don’t mine if you correct me) , I specifically remember him suggesting or recommending that people posting should be identified before they are allowed to post.

I do however appreciate your recommendation that people calling (or even posting) should be respectful. If “voluntarily” identifying yourself before calling or posting means respectful then I wholely agree that those are respectful and those that do not identify themselves “does NOT” mean they are disrespectful – perhaps frank or something else, as for those using a fake name I am dubious of.

I did say or implied to Dave to let Karen decide or manage for herself. I don’t agree or disagree with if she do or don’t follow Dave’s suggestion, but whatever she does it should be done with her OWN personal touch “HER OWN” without being put under spotlight burden.

Let’s put it this way: When you use your real name in your communications then you are responsible for what you say. DON’T YOU AGREE, MR. HILL?

However, I’m fine with anonymous posts that are not abusive.

I listened to Karen on the radio today when she described the e-mail responses from Adam Hill to her requests for information. I wonder if they can be published. It would show Adam Hill’s state of mind.