Attempted rape in San Luis Obispo

January 21, 2012

Police are looking for three men accused of attempting to rape a teenager walking on a path that connects California Boulevard with Mustang Village in San Luis Obispo.

The 19-year-old told police three men attacked her from behind and forced her to the ground at about 6 p.m. on Tuesday.

“While on the ground the victim believed the suspects were attempting to sexually assault her,” police said. “During the assault a bicyclist was approaching in the distance, which caused the suspects to stop and run from the area.”

Police are asking anyone with information regarding this crime to call the San Luis Obispo Police Department at (805)781-7317 or Crime Stoppers at (805)549-STOP.

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How very slimy (again!) of you Willie. Would you mind never again posting on this forum? Thank you.

Hahahah, For a good laugh, check out the thread attached to this story in the Trib. The bloggers are at war and the moderator has done nothing to calm the feud. Consequently, the bloggers have resorted to putting up naked pictures of obese people and flagging the photo’s as those of other posters or other posters girlfriends etc. They are also all deleting each others posts non stop. There were 133 posts and only 62 are left and some half naked obese photos of each other! I’ve never seen anything quite like that and they are trashing the moderator as well and posting naked pictures of her also, all the while claiming that their monikers will soon be deleted and they don’t give a fu*k. Yup, they said that too!

The naked pictures are gone but a few disparaging photo’s of bloggers and the moderator are still left ! Also most of the deleted posts are down and the deletions have been deleted so that the threads don’t show all the posts that were trashed. It’s pretty comical though. At least three threads went into major melt down mode since last night. Tonight, people thought it was the Tribune deleting them and every time I tried to tell them it was a troll with access to at least 3 IP addresses, he would delete me! Some people are still blaming the Tribune! Too Funny, in fact it was hysterical to watch.

Were you one of the pics ?

This story is very odd. It doesn’t sound like the LE are looking for the alleged perps considering that the Tribune edited out the description of these 3 guy’s not long after they posted the story. No doubt they (LE) figure they can spot this trio if they’re still in the area.

It sounds like what they are currently looking for is someone to offer some credibility to this strange attack, such as having seen 3 black men running from the scene or coming upon the girl in a compromised and agitated state (clothes torn, on the ground, shoes missing?) or perhaps they heard some screaming, etc? They must have seen or heard something? It seems very odd that three guys would attack a girl on a bike path where they could be interrupted by other bicyclists.,joggers,strollers at any time. It’s also odd that while they aborted the intended rape after seeing a bicyclist approaching, no one seems to have “initially” reported seeing anything! Now if you factor in the allegation that these guys are allegedly black, it really raises both my eyebrows. I mean seriously, three black men know that they aren’t going to simply turn their shirts inside out, put on a cap and think they will blend into the other 80-90% of the folks strolling around SLO.

I think something here doesn’t add up ……..


Like President Reagan use to say, “There you go again!”

Nine, count em, NINE assertions and/or hypotheticals, in your post above! As brother Slowerfaster correctly postulated within this thread; “However, we should not make too many assumptions based on the skimpy details provided.” Conversely, you take the opposite view and deluge your posts with more than skimpy “assertions!”

Cindy, as in the Toxic Waste thread listed elsewhere here at CCN, you have “nine hidden postings” because of your abysmal “dislike” numbers far out numbering your “like” numbers within said thread. Subjectively, this due to your modus operandi of “assertions prove my point”

Cindy, let this story evolve, if it does, but please, for the sake of all of us that think logically, it’s irritating to read your assertions pertaining to any story that is brought forth here at CCN!!! Reading your diatribe is equal to someone scraping their fingernails across a blackboard!

Chalk on a black board, ouch – ie – wow – wa. I would tell you to stop reading my posts but I guess you like pain, so by all means, hurt yourself if you must.

I don’t believe I have made any assertions. I saw the story when it first came out yesterday in the Trib and at KSBY. There were more details and I trust my sense of reasonable deduction so go fly a kite.


No, I said “fingernails” across a blackboard, and not chalk! A misnomer on your part, and don’t get me started upon this entity along with your assertions!

Your alleged “reasonable deductive argument” to this article holds no more water than a screen door in a submarine! I am sorry that you don’t see the fact that your assertions abound within the said post.

When you use terms like “It doesn’t sound like”, “It sounds like”, ” no one seems to have”, “They must have seen or heard something?” , and your use of question marks witin context of assertions, just to name a few, all direct your statements towards ASSERTIONS! This is barring the details that you read or heard in the Trib and on KSBY.

Today’s wind would have been a wonderful time to fly a “Cindy Assertion Kite!” :) But, I am afraid that it would have been full of holes, therefore, it would have easily fallen to the ground. :(

Since you like to count thumbs so much, count yours Ted.


My dislike thumbs to my religious posts are always in high numbers because of the simple fact that you and others are incapable of any cogent refutations to them! Therefore, the only thing that you and others can perform is to push the “dislike” thumb and run! I hold these high numbers of “dislikes” in high esteem because it informs me that I am getting through to the pseudo-christian in a factual way that makes them think of their prior positions! Praise Jesus!

Relative to un-religious discussions by Brother Ted, the thumbs can be “gamed” by calling your friends to help you out! Yes, it’s a known process that some have to use to save face. Cindy, hey wait a minute! I just made an assertion and it was so easy and fun! No wonder that you use them all the time in your discussions! lol

The problem with religious thumbs is that so many are unopposable.

As usual, Slanders, you totally either miss the point or are trolling the boards. I was only pointing out that SLO has few people of color. I’m thinking you probably know that and this was just another way for you to shoehorn your wacked out beliefs.


You didn’t have to top post your comment for your weak refutation because it should have been below my comment that was regarding your comment. Are you looking for perceived recognition in this manner?

That being said, I am NOT trolling, neither am I missing the point that you were taking! A behaviour like yours mentioned towards members of another race is “somewhat” racist, whether YOU like it or not.

If you want to call the bible and our God in the form of “wacked out beliefs”, then you do so at your own peril upon Judgment Day!

Lots of missing pieces here.

This stretch of ‘path’ is…in common parlance, “along the tracks”.

We all know what this means. …A magnet for this type of reprobate and illicit activity.

And excuse me, a 19 YO is a ‘teenager’ in name only.

However, we should not make too many asuptions based on the skimpy details provided. Perhaps the police should ride around on bicycles to see who runs from them in panic and arrest them !

Anyway, I am glad that this girl was not harmed…, that we know of.

To a certain faction, it is far better for this girl to have been brutally raped, with the possible fact of her obtaining HIV, or some of the more sedate STD’s. This is barring the possibility of her getting pregnant, and the ramifications of this upon her psyche in the future.

If this Sister of Eve had the guts in the future, then brandishing a mini. 45acp WITH KNOWING HOW TO USE IT would be a good choice! ( saves time, sweat, and the money of those self-defense classes where you have to look at your overweight neighbors )

OUR CHRISTIAN GOD ALLOWS US TO KILL UNDER THE SAME CIRCUMSTANCE! The following passages are within the same vein that this woman found herself in, therefore, KILLING this person in self-defense is just fine with our God, period!

“If a thief is caught breaking in and is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed” (Exodus 22:2) Within context; “If a rapist is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed” (TedSlander 3:16) GET IT?!

“A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to tear down, and a time to build.” (Ecclesiastes 3:3)

Now, lets hear from the pacifist and candy-assed pseudo-christians that will purport once again that they know more than the bible, and that the propositions posed above, and that are biblically backed, are wrong in their Satanic thinking! lol

Still not sure why the CCN staff allows this troll’s posts. He’s not a Christian; he mocks Christians.

If a poster continually flooded the CCN chat board with rude posts about Hinduism, Buddhism, or especially Islam…he would’ve been banned long ago yet he’s allowed to hijack threads on a daily basis.

Concerned trolls they call Ted’s kind


Tell me pasoparent5, how in the hell do I allegedly mock Christians when I bring forth factual chapter and verse, and within context as it was historically intended, the word of our Christian God? Are you ashamed of our bible as factually postulated above?

Furthermore, what I bring forth biblically is on topic to the article presented! Are you saying that you don’t want our Christian God involved here at CCN?

I am NOT hijacking, but I am giving the Christian bible’s viewpoint on the topics that are presented at CCN! Furthermore, I do not wear my religious robe on a daily basis. When I do, I am following Jesus’ command, to wit: “And he said to them, go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” (Mark 16:15) Regarding my biblical presentations, are you also against Jesus’ command to spread God’s word in the book of Mark listed above?

What you are proposing is that my bible passages are RUDE when you included this term in comparison with the other beliefs that you mentioned! It’s not me that is rude when I only bring forth God’s word, therefore, where do YOU get the authority to call the Christian God’s words “RUDE?!“ I am just the messenger, so don’t attack me, but what you’re doing, is attacking GOD WORDS!

I’ll pray for your forgiveness tonight. You can thank me later.

How truly sad. :(

@Ted…”the book of Mark”…good one Ted


Did you expect anything less?

CCN loves people like Ted he makes sane people like you and Cindy et all nuts so you post more and more . This means CCN gets more hits so they get more advertising money . I don’t see anything too wrong with it . After all , we get Karen Valie and they have to pay the light bill too .

Just don’t make the mistake that I make by criticizing the person that selects the letters for the opinion section , since then every post I have made over there has been deleted . I think this is where I try to type that frown face .


They were described on the Trib web site as three black guys.

They should be easy to find just by process of elimination.


Uh, you weren’t being somewhat racist were you? If you’re a Christian, you have nothing to worry about because our God was racist and has set an example for us to follow. But, if you’re not, then you should be ashamed! Tsk, tsk.

How about a description?

And yet another incident of crime in SLO city.