Paul Brown’s car broken into, again

January 21, 2012

Paul Brown

During a Thursday night string of car burglaries in San Luis Obispo, a thief broke out former City Councilman Paul Brown’s car window and pilfered a few items.

Police said seven cars were burglarized including four in the Oceanaire Drive area, one on Tank Farm Road and two near the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Patricia Drive.

In each of the burglaries, police said the victims had left valuable items in “plain view” including two purses, two wallets, a camera bag, a backpack, a video security system and a duffel bag.

“In five of the burglaries, the suspect(s) used an unknown object to smash the window closest to the visible property,” police said in a press release. “In one case, a convertible top was cut with a knife, and in the last case the vehicle was left unlocked.”

A few weeks ago, a thief snatched Brown’s unregistered 38 caliber revolver and a loaded semi-automatic pistol he left in the center console of his unlocked car when he went home for the evening. Brown discovered the guns were missing and reported the theft to police.

On Wednesday, Brown resigned from his officer-training position with the Morro Bay Police department. The department is still in the process of investigating the stolen guns incident, and officials would not say if the resignation was connected to the gun issue.

Brown was the longtime owner of Mothers Tavern, and made an unsuccessful bid for mayor of San Luis Obispo in 2010.

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The perps are probably known to the police and are likely inhabitants of SLO’s “Tweakerville” neighborhood – east of Madonna, north of LOVR. With the support of the Housing (Slum) Authority and the school district with their “Pacific Beach High School” we’ve got us a solid ghetto. The local bar is Laguna Brew & BBQ; when the cops were looking for the suspects from the Orcutt Road trailer park murder they just went there, hung out and had a beer or two and sure enough they showed up.

That’s rather comical on the upside. The cops just went and hung out at the Laguna Brew & BBQ and let the perps come to them while they had a cold one. I guess it was appropriate since they were probably dressed undercover!

I guess I missed the fact on the previous Brown incident that a semiautomatic gun was one of the firearms stolen. Nice.

Now another incident of his vehicle being broken into, and this time he left something of value in sight.

I think Brown either has substance-abuse issues, has had a significant head injury, or is so incompetent he should be on the Meals-On-Wheels program because I don’t think he’s competent to operate a stove or use a knife to cut up a sandwich.

What kind of idiot has never learned to not leave a vehicle with valuable items in sight of passersby? Heck, when I go to the gym, in a well-traveled parking lot, I lock my car and I don’t leave anything of value in sight–and it is parked right in front of the plate-glass windows of the gym, where at least 15 people on the treadmills can see it.

I don’t know who holds his vehicle insurance policy, but it is morons like him that drive up the rates for everyone on the program.

Hey Mary, why all the hate? Read the James 2 if you’re confused



It’s just words, Paso Guy. Any impact those words have on you is because of the power you give them.

This guy is dangerous, truly. These are just two major screw-ups we happened to hear about. I can’t imagine the amount of public-endangering similar screw-ups have happened that we haven’t heard about.

And thanks for the reading recommendation. I do love scifi/fantasy, but I am far more selective in the books I read.

It’s absolutely amazing how you bleeding heart liberals get off with all the slanderous comments on this site.

Also, Please explain what difference it made whether or not one of the handguns was a semi-auto? Perhaps you could start engaging your brain and pay attention to the primary facts in a story before you go hog wild with your conspiracy theories as you did by trying to tie Mr. Brown’s firearms loss with the stray bullet incident in Santa Maria.

That’s a real head-scratcher!

“It’s absolutely amazing how you bleeding heart liberals get off with all the slanderous comments on this site.”

Now isn’t that ironic. You of all people amazed at slanderous remarks. You are the king of making jerk-wad comments without using your brain and you have the never to point fingers, that is truly amazing.

Unlike you, typo, my brain is always very much engaged. You just don’t have the ability to realize that, obviously.

Though I may crack wisely here, you don’t see me making accusations of “substance-abuse issues, head injuries, or being in need of Meals-on-Wheels” like above. Where are you PC typos regarding Meals-on-Wheels comment, anyway? I didn’t realize that people utilizing the program were “incompetent.” I wonder how they feel about that label.

I don’t believe that Mary said anything that bad, she simply gave her opinion. She didn’t say he IS and alcoholic or has substance abuse issues. I don’t believe that there was anything that wasn’t PC in Mary’s remark regarding Wheels On Meals. I do find it funny how sensitive you have become when I think of all the horrible nasty things that you’ve said in that past. You have lightened up recently, not sure why. But you used to say some pretty nasty comments. Are you becoming more humane in your old age?

Quite whining. You of all people should zip it when it comes to content of others’ posts.

Ya shure ya betcha its the bleeding liberals all over again

Another good link. Your links are one of the main things that keeps me here.

Poor guy, what a month. If you’re reading this Mr. Brown, things will get better. When it rains it pours.

Looks like poor Paul isn’t having an easy time these day’s. They say it runs in three’s so hopefully better day’s are ahead. If he had just done things opposite like remembered to lock his car the night that he forgot to lock it, and they had smashed his wind shield to pilfer his guns he would have been off the hook. Then if he had forgot to lock his car last night instead, they wouldn’t have broke his wind shield. Heck a guy just can’t win these day’s.

BTW – Who leaves their purse or their wallet in their car in plain view? That’s what I call a “hit me” wish.

Did you inherit a lot of apostrophes because you sure use them with no regard as to where they go?

Is your sentence a question or a statement? Hard to tell.

I like’ ‘apostrophes”’. I think ‘they’ make a ”’post”’ look’ festive’.

‘I’m with you on this one’. They brighten up the place! ””’

apostrophe abuse, not just for green grocers anymore’s

Cindy, Cindy,

“ If he had just done things opposite like remembered to lock his car the night that he forgot to lock it, and they had smashed his wind shield to pilfer his guns he would have been off the hook.”

Cindy, it matters NOT if Paul had locked his car, because of the simple FACTOID that the outcome would have been the same. Two loaded handguns are still in his car, LOCKED OR NOT, one being an auto that was chambered, therefore, under both conditions of locked and unlocked, and under a theft, two loaded handguns are on the street! Get it?!

Both handguns should have been brought inside the house and put away in the proper form. Then, and ONLY THEN, would Paul Brown had done the correct procedure, especially as a Police Officer! This is of course barring that these firearms were within a school area.

Are you saying that you can’t own a gun in a school area even if it is kept locked in your home? I would love to see the law on that one.


No, the school issue is referring to Paul having LOADED firearms in his unlocked car within a school area. Get it?

It is legal to transport a gun that is properly locked in our car. What if you go to the shooting range and then do your groceries, visit a friend, stop at WalMart (yuk)? In Brown’s case, he is allowed to have a loaded gun so if he had locked his car, the theft would have been just that, a theft of gun’s that were stored out of sight in a locked car. He would not have been dissed to the extent he was if he had shown enough consideration to secure his vehicle.


Ho hum, okay, logically speaking, and especially if you’re a police officer, it seems only correct that you do NOT leave LOADED handguns that are easily accessable in the center console of your car! Especially when one is chambered, within a school area, and whether your car is locked or not! GET IT?! Thank you.

Brown’s kinda unlucky. Reminds me of that Al Capp character , Joe Bltsphk, who always had a dark cloud hovering over him.

He’s not unlucky. He’s dangerously irresponsible and incompetent.

I’m wondering, is this latest break in simply a “coincidence”, or is someone trying to send Mr. Brown a “message”?

Perhaps thieves realize they will have a steady income if they break into his car once a week or so.

Who in the heck leavez two UNREGISTERED guns in their vehicle in plain sight unlocked! Come on!

Try again; if you actually read this article of the first one about the theft from Paul, the handguns were inside the center console, not left out in plain sight. I’m not saying that the theft wasn’t a bad thing, it was, but try reading the complete article before commenting without the facts to back up your assertion.

Well, because of the “booty” that the previous burglars found in Paul Brown’s car, TWO LOADED GUNS, WITH ONE AUTO THAT WAS CHAMBERED; his car will now be a burglars “go to” break-in in the future. Lightening might strike twice in the same place!

Indeed, where ever Paul Brown goes, he will have his own personal parade of criminals following him.

Let’s just hope Paul doesn’t happen to want to drive through or–god forbid– park in either of our neighborhoods, because his personal parade might decide to target us, as well.