Cal Poly is good value: Kiplinger

January 4, 2012

Cal Poly is one of a dozen California universities to make Kiplinger’s list of the 100 top values in public colleges during 2011-12. [SFChronicle]

Kiplinger, the Washington, D.C.-based publisher of business and personal finance advice, ranks each year the public four-year colleges that offer the best combination of quality and affordability. University of California campuses hit the top ten for the first time in three years: UC Berkeley was seventh, UCLA ninth, and UC San Diego, tenth. This was despite steep 18-percent tuition hikes this year, Kiplinger officials said, offset by strong academics at California schools.

Cal Poly was ranked 83rd nationally in the current study. UC Santa Barbara was 17th, and UC Davis, 20th. Kiplinger’s analysis incorporated factors such as each school’s total cost of attendance, including tuition, fees and room and board before and after financial aid.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ranked No. 1 overall for the eleventh year in a row.

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Albeit, that you walked 5 miles uphill both ways when you were going to school, yes? Of course, the bus schedules are run for each students class times where they don’t have to waste any time between classes?! Notwithstanding, the city ordering a multitude of extra busses to follow your proposition, and that would be parked in the off season. Good call, Garth!

The bicycle, why of course, even if you have to live outside of SLO to save a buck in rent, this is the logical form of transportation, especially in the rain to Cal Poly so you can smell like a wet chicken when you’re in class! Another good call on your part!

In your profiling, you forgot to mention the Hispanics, Indians, Blacks, etc., just to mention a few more ethnic groups! Do you think that they would be seen on bikes?

With the HUGE costs of being in the hospital, naw, according to you, are you actually saying that the patient should not be entitled to any additional entities unless they pay additional costs? When you receive your itemized bill, and see that the administering of a vicodin by the nurse on call is $48.00, then how can the hospital make a profit?? Let the patient use the lobby’s bathroom and T.V. set to save money so they can pass it on to the stockholders! Is this a better situation that you can stand behind? LOL

What is even funnier than your proposals, is your moniker!

Even with tuition hikes of 18 percent, Cal Poly is still ranked at 87th. :(

At least Obama moves to ease the burdens upon the student loans. “President Obama on Wednesday announced a plan to allow college graduates to cap federal student loan repayments at 10 percent of discretionary income starting in January, two years before the cap was due to take effect under federal law.”

As within another CCN article relative to Cal Poly, about the huge salaries of it’s hierarchy, and some of them not even being there for the most part, how about this faction taking a reduction in pay so there can be no parking fees for the students? They’re already paying exorbitant tuition fees as it is! It’s like charging the patient at the hospital for the water they use to flush the toilet!

Cal Poly students do have to pay for parking, but have the option of using SLO Transit for free.

God forbid our precious little college students should have to wait for a bus out in the drving snow and cold winter rains of San Luis Obispo. I certainly wouldn’t want to “make” them ride their bicycles all the way across the huge expanse of SLO city, let alone force them to ride through all of our crime ridden neighborhoods. I’m sure all of those bicycle freeways the city is building are just for looks, and to make the transportation of recyclables easier on the homeless. What self-respecting upper-middle class white or asian SoCal kid is going to be seen riding their bike or taking the bus to school.

While no hospital I know of yet charges for flushing the toilet, many are now charging for cable t.v. Something many people feel as “entitled” to, as having a toilet.