Cold case murder suspect arrested in Paso Robles

January 4, 2012

Ubaldo Solis Sanchez

A man suspected of a nearly 30-year-old murder in south Monterey County was arrested in Paso Robles in 2011 on a domestic charge. [Californian]

Ubaldo Solis Sanchez, 51, served time in San Luis Obispo County Jail before he was transferred on Friday to Monterey County Jail on charges he murdered Manuel Pesgueira Sandoval in 1982.

Sanchez is suspected of shooting Sandoval at a stock farm near Parkfield. Before deputies could arrest Sanchez, he fled to Mexico.

The Monterey County District Attorney’s office told the Californian it expected to charge Sanchez with murder this morning.

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What do you all want to bet that his wife or girlfriend is the one that told the PD who he really was after he smacked her around and she had enough of it? I have a hard time believing that a murderer managed to stay clear of the law for 30 years. It’s more likely that he had a good alias until he pissed off the wrong woman. Hell has no fury………Good for her.

Cindy, are you an illegal misanthrope ?

I don’t know… you sound like you have alot of hate in your system.

and where did the above post mention that he was illegal? Sounds like I don’t like men that beat up woman to me.

Whey in hell would he come back? I guess an American jail is better than his prospects in Mexico.

“Fled to Mexico” might be an indicator. Either way, it certainly shows how porous the border is when a “wanted” man can come and go into the US from Mexico without being caught.

Very true, he had to beat up his domestic partner to be caught. Who knows how long he’s been around or when he returned, this is a 30 year old case. No doubt he was working under the table or living off the free dole that his amigo’s were receiving. Maybe he went by another name like Pedro Garcia since illegals usually don’t have a legitimate ID.

Someone on facebook said he came into their place of work in Atascadero a lot .

A lawn mower repair place, bet he was working under the table and taking every dollar he could get from the tax payers. Wonder how many anchor babies he fathered.

I know him and he is a good man. He holds women in high esteem. He is a hard worker. He said he liked hard work because “it feeds the babies.” He loves his children. He stepped up to right a wrong someone else did to me. He doesn’t drink. He is not violent. He is strong, and if his family were threatened he would defend them. I would not be the least bit surprised to find out this is a case of mistaken identity. There is a difference between “going” to Mexico and “fleeing” to Mexico. Sometimes people just want to go home to see the family. How is that stupid? If he were guilty, he would know not to do that. Consider this: He might not be guilty.

Just wonder if he is in the USA illegally?

Illegal or not, he was a FOOL to return!

Ubaldo Solis Sanchez forgot about the sixth Commandment, oooops! In Exodus 20:13 it says, “Thou shalt not kill.”

Yet our God kills people in floods, famines, and has His home country of Israel go and brutally kill, even innocent babies, the people in other countries. Oh well, this is just another aspect of what a TRUE Christian has to accept. :(

In our ignorance we can’t understand God’s reasons for what he does. As you say, another acceptance issue I guess. I do question his judgement all the time. Especially when it seems so ofter we disagree. Oh well, God gives us much knowledge and I, in particular, still screw up.

I love you Lord with all that I have. You take care of the mess, I am not able to do it even in my own life.

God Bless