Walmart return line bandit struck again?

January 3, 2012


The robbery of a Paso Robles Walmart on Saturday is oddly similar to a heist that occurred at a Gilroy Walmart a week earlier.

In both cases, a white man wearing a ball cap walked up to the cashier at the return line between 7:30 p.m. and 8 p.m., passed a note demanding cash and fled the scene.

In Gilroy, the cashier handed the man $3,300 in cash. Paso Robles Police are not disclosing the amount taken at this time.

Both the Paso Robles and Gilroy police departments released security photos of the robbers.

While similar, witness descriptions of the robbers paint the Gilroy suspect as 6 feet tall while Paso Robles observers report their robber to be 5 feet 11 inches tall. Also, the Paso Robles robber was clean-shaven with glasses while the Gilroy robber sported a beard and no spectacles.

CalCoastNews sent Paso Robles Police Detective Mike Rickard a photo of the Gilroy robber earlier today.  Rickard said he could potentially be robbing Walmarts along the Highway 101 corridor.

“I am definitely going to look into it,” Rickard said.

Gilroy robbery suspect

Paso Robles robbery suspect

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“I am definitely going to look into it,” Rickard said.

*cough, cough* Yeah, I hope so…but it’s the same thing we heard from Paso PD a few years back when our car was stolen from this supposedly low-crime, gang-free “darn-near-Paradise” town.

And guess what–we did NOT hear back from them, only from the So Cal cops who later found our car completely stripped.

GEEZ..the guy is a dead give-away!

Not dressed in drag,or a Spandex Speedo, and I bet he still has his own teeth.

Couldn’t be a Wal-Junk shopper !