Carter challenges Marx for mayor

January 25, 2012

Andrew Carter

San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx announced Tuesday she plans to run for reelection in November and within 24 hours Councilman Andrew Carter challenged her as expected.

“I have shown I have the know how, experience, long time community involvement and positive approach to lead the city as mayor,” Marx said in her announcement. “I am excited and encouraged by the progress made so far, and believe a second term as mayor would bring great benefit to the city. To make the honor of extending my service possible, I am throwing my hat in the ring.”

Marx noted her commitment to preserve SLO’s small city atmosphere saying she is a long time opponent of sprawl policies. Both Marx and Carter contend they are the best person for mayor because of their financial abilities.

“I have worked hard to preserve residents’ priorities and protect the city’s coffers, during these difficult financial times,” Marx said. “I am proud of the city’s 2011-2013 financial plan, which, for the first time, included a ‘budget driven’ employee compensation goal, namely a 6.8 percent reduction.”

In his announcement, Carter said that in November the voters will have a chance to elect the candidate they trust to lead them during a time of budget shortfalls.

“Given the difficult economic times, it’s a question of financial leadership,” Carter said.  “Who do voters want to manage the city budget?  Who do they trust with the spending of city tax dollars?

“Based on my proven financial skills, my leadership in getting binding arbitration overturned in the city, and my focus on controlling city costs, particularly pension costs, I believe the voters will choose me for mayor instead of Jan,” Carter added.

Anon E. Muss

Am I reading this right? “…a second term as mayor would bring great benefit to the city. To make the honor of extending my service possible, I am throwing my hat in the ring.” Am I right that she’s saying SLO should feel honored to have her as mayor?


Andrew Carter is a bean counter. Jan Marx has a vision for the city that most residents support. I also have to ask – what is Mr. Carter’s financial experience. Last I heard he was still looking for a job. Jan Marx is clearly the better choice.


Marx has the vision of whoever is paying her. In the current state, she is being “kept” by the Copelands. If you like the Copelands vision of making SLO downtown a sterile box store place then vote for her. You get what you deserve.


I’d like to see all of them comment on the hideous over expenditures going on-City manager, almost a million for sidewalks downtown, and so on.


hotdog… there is a continuing CYA situation concerning downtown sidewalks . It is an enigma, because it involves TREES with expanding roots that push up the concrete slabs of sidewalks.

NOW…we ALL like the shade and ambience of shade trees. AGREED !

We do NOT like having to PAY for what it takes to abide for restrictive regulations that FINE the producers!


Inquiring minds want to know:

Will Carter accuse his opponent of being a MARXIST ?


If he does, he’ll also jokingly call her a commie while speaking in a muffled voice. Then he’ll deny it for 9 days until everyone finds out it’s him.


Stay out of this, please . You identify as a ‘Paso’ , so you are not a SLOvian.

I would not call you a commie. A proto-fascist maybe…but NEVER a commie !


SO… do YOU. pasoparent , live in Paso Robles :? or are you a LIAR ?



“Based on my proven financial skills” Remind me Andrew … what is it you do for employment?

So if its Marx vs Carter election I gues its like another sequel to Dumb and Dumber.

Im with mkaney … I hope Carpenter enters the circus ring


An Eric Canter clone grinning his way in the council. No thanks.


Mr. Dan Carpenter, if you can see this, PLEASE PLEASE run for mayor and save us from these jokers. I will take Carter over Marx, but he still gives me that creepy touched in a bad place feeling that most politicians do. You are quite possibly our only hope.


Matthew Kaney


mkaney, good to see you post and welcome back into the fire pit.

I have the same inside feeling.

Do you know offhand know if it possible for anyone to nominate someone to put them on the ballot?

For example: If an a person who does not run for office BUT I nominated him to get him on the ballot, can it be done?

Of course, it would be up to new supervisor or new mayor to decline if he wins.


Thanks Willie, glad to be back and rabble rouse a little :) I have been out of town a lot. I do not know if it is possible to do that. I’m sure you can always write-in a candidate though. I don’t think they need to be nominated as such.


The most positive thing I can remember Andrew Carter commenting on was his “displeasure” at the deal the city worked out with the Copelands concerning the steal of a deal they got for the city owned parking lots for the stalled Chinatown project. My biggest negative for Mr. Carter is his apparent zeal to cripple the ability of the city employees to negotiate their salaries and pensions; the employees know what shape the city is in financially, let’s see the managers and supervisors make real concessions concerning their pay and benefits before we strip away all the employees have earned in an attempt to keep the city afloat. And how about addressing the projects the city spends our tax dollars on, like another parking structure, or two blocks of sidewalk improvements for over 3/4 of a million dollars? Andrew, please show more than just your economic ability, show your leadership ability, please.


If she runs the City like she raised her daughter……….. c’mon Carter!


Very low blow. Very poor taste.


I didn’t know she had a daughter, I’ve never heard anything about her.