Deputy rescues kidnapped teenager

January 12, 2012

Saul Padilla

During a routine traffic stop, a deputy discovered a teenage passenger who had been forcibly kidnapped from her Vandenberg Village home late Saturday evening and then arrested her kidnapper.

Early Sunday morning, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputy stopped a 47-year-old Corona man for a traffic violation, according to officials. The deputy then asked the man why he was driving around at 3:15 a.m. with a 14-year-old girl.

Saul Padilla claimed the girl was a relative he was taking to the store.

Nevertheless, the deputy asked for the girl’s phone number, called her parents and discovered they were not yet aware she was missing.

Investigators found that Padilla had been courting the girl on the internet for two years under the guise he was a 15-year-old boy. He arranged to meet the teen outside her home late Saturday night. Padilla then grabbed her and forced her into his car.

Deputies booked Padilla into the Santa Barbara County Jail on charges of kidnapping and lewd acts with a child. His bail was originally set at $1 million and has since been reduced to $100,000.

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Remember the good old days before children had access to the internet? It’s a scarier world we live in today.

No kidding in fact it was only 15 years ago that cell phones became popular and it was only 20 years ago when cordless phones became common. Prior to that, most teenagers had to speak on the family phone which was generally centrally located where everyone could hear what you were saying. These day’s 10 year old’s think they are living in like a hillbilly if they don’t have a cell phone.

“Investigators found that Padilla had been courting the girl on the internet for two years …”

Actually, the word for what Padilla was doing isn’t “courting”, it’s PREYING UPON or GROOMING. The guy’s a pedophile, not an honorable young gentleman who’s courting a girl in her parent’s front parlor.


For your future reference, the individual in question is not a pedophile.

He suffers from Hebephilia, which refers to the sexual preference for individuals in the early years of puberty (generally ages 11–14, though onset of puberty may vary). Hebephilia differs from pedophila, which refers to the sexual preference for young children and their sexual abuse.

You can thank Jesus and myself later for this enlightenment.

Yes, Ted. The change of name for the crime is part of the pedophiles’ attempt to start making their “love of children” acceptable to the general public. Either you are being sarcastic or you have fallen hook, line, and sinker for a strategy designed to make pedophilia okay in our society.

Frankly, I’d rather live in China where they just execute these people, than live in a world where pedophilia is an accepted behavior.

“Pedophila is not correct, and neither is Hebephilia, get it? Both are dispicable actsI

You can continue to use whatever term you want in describing this issue, whereas I will use the FACTUAL terms at your expense of not knowing the correct terms to use.

The term hebephilia is proposed for the DSM-5. Also, the term “Minor Attracted Persons” is the term being pushed by pedophiles seeking acceptance in society. They are also pushing the American Psychiatric Association to start using different terms since the label “pedophile” is prejudicial.

“B4U-ACT is a Maryland-based group of mental health professionals, psychiatrists and pedophiles who want to normalize pedophilia. Instead of pejoratively calling them “pedophiles,” “fiends,” “deviants,” “freaks,” “perverts,” “degenerates,” “predators” or “pedophiles,” they would prefer that society refer to them by the sensitive and socially-accepting term: minor attracted persons. (Daily Caller)

The groups latest symposium “Pedophilia, Minor-Attracted Persons, and the DSM: Issues and Controversies” was held today, August 17, 2011, in Baltimore, Maryland

The point of this symposium is to promote “tolerance” and “normalization.” The group hopes it will lead to eventual acceptance of their peculiar desires and behaviors. It opposes treatment to change feelings of attraction to children, arguing that, “No one chooses to be emotionally and sexually attracted to children or adolescents. The cause is unknown; in fact, the development of attraction to adults is not understood” Washington Times.

Google “Minor Attracted Persons” or “DSM-V” for more information.


The “bottom line” is the laws set forth in any state within the United States. Therefore, we can jettison all of the different meanings, whether wihin a dictionary, or your groups of mention!

Your pedophile inquiry made me look deeper into the age of consent around the world. The findings are interesting to say the least, and even in the United States as well, as long as the age spread is within a certain guideline.

Did you know that In Indiana, a 21 year old male can have sex with a 14 year old girl, and in Arkansas, the same applies. Colorado states the girl must be 15, and the male up to 21.

It is illegal for an American citizen or resident to have sex in another country with someone aged under 16, unless the age difference is less than 4 years, in which case the minimum age is 12. So, a 16 year old boy from the USA can have sex with a 12 year old in another country, legally by US standards.

Leaving the USA, Israel allows sex at 14 years of age! I can only assume, that since Mother Mary was allegedly 12 years old at the time of her celestial impregnation by the Hebrew God, not the Christian God, this current age of 14 is in remembrance of her?

Wow, the age of consent in Japan “starts” at the age of 13 with questionable “usually” guidelines sometimes imposed.

India’s age of consent for heterosexual sex is 16, except in Manipur, where it is 14. If the partners are married then a lower age of consent applies (13 in Manipur and 15 elsewhere).

Isn’t it interesting in how the morals regarding the age of consent are so drastically different, not only in our United States, but around the world?! Cultural relativism is important, and so is remembering that cultures have different standards from our own, as in the case of “child brides” in Yemen at the age of FIVE!!! This is deplorable to say the least! That reminds me of Mohammed of the Islam faith marrying a 6 year old bride, A’isha , but I digress.

Pedophilia, as you like to mention up to the age of 18, is so subjective worldwide, isn’t it? Every country, and U.S. state, cannot be wrong when they stipulate their age of consent laws relative to this act. Nonetheless, it’s subjective in what they deem proper within certain guidelines.

Yes, an eighteen-year-old having sex with a fifteen-year-old deserves to be treated differently than, say, a fortysomething sleeping with a high-schooler.

The above facts are just an observation that doesn’t need refutation by you or others in the way of courting cultural imperialism, which is immoral in its own right and rarely helpful. Change from within is always the most effective manner of reform by applying pressure in a world-wide fashion.

Get a grip, who made you vocabulary monitor. We all got the meaning behind his words. Give yourself some growing time and maybe you will mellow out a little. Thank you Jesus. God Bless.

Ted-You seem to know quite a bit about pedophiles and religion. Sure you aren’t a southern baptist preacher from Arkansas? Sounds like it to me.


What you want it to sound like, and what is reality, are 180 degrees apart. But, your rhetoric is comedy relief at the most. Besides, you’re mixing up the Baptists with the Catholics! Duh.

Ted, you scare me.

standup…YOU scare everyone outside your immediate family !

Maybe some of them, too …!!!

( ( fascists scare EVERYBODY ! That is WHAT they do !!! ) )

For the satirically impaired, YES, I am calling standup a FASCIST.

Let HIM/HER deny …or refute it !


Where’s the beef? That’s it? lol

You too are a queen of assertions and hypotheticals! ( Don’t mention this to Mary, but she holds the trophy in this respect, shhhh )

I expected a modicum, or even less, of some of your degrading and patented assertions and hypotheticals relating to this officer’s story in the article above. Just like you brought forth in the SM Police thread. In both stories, the officers did their job by following certain protocols as police officers and possibly SAVED LIVES!

Why does this officer in this article get a pass from you, but the officers in the SM Police thread didn’t? Before you answer, take away your comical assertons and wanting opinions, if you can, of what you “assumed” happened, with no baseline facts, in the SM Police story to clear the air!

You’re slipping dear, shameful. You cannot run from your past diatribe, it’s on record here at CCN, sorry.

What happened ?

Seems as if half of Ted’s long posts have dissappeared into some “memory hole” !

Also, Cindy’s passionate prostrations and deep throated wails are but hallucinations !

What’s going on around here ?

It’s like Chris Hansen just popped out from behind the refrigerator ….and the perp runs out before a word is said.


Concerning the disappearing thread, you have to admit, it does save our Cindy from any further embarrssment within this thread. Therefore, I am going to show some compassion, at this time, and agree that it should have been removed.

In it’s removal, I am sure that Mary Malone is breathing easier too!

“It’s like Chris Hansen just popped out from behind the refrigerator ….and the perp runs out before a word is said”.

I really needed a good laugh, you’re on a roll.

I didn’t slam any of the officers in the Santa Maria thread in fact if you read the entire thread, I initially took their side. Then after reading what others had to say, I agreed that there were some legitimate questions being raised. I am also the only person who had any compassion for the MB officer that got his guns stolen. You’re coming out of left field here.

Now quit stalking me, I know all about you and you’re not my type.


First thing, I AM NOT STALKING YOU when I am on topic, get it?

“I didn’t slam any of the officers in the Santa Maria thread in fact if you read the entire thread, I initially took their side. Then after reading what others had to say, I agreed that there were some legitimate questions being raised.”

You can’t have it both ways Cindy! In initially taking their side, and then subsequently admitting that you were questioning their story, is NOT taking ANY side wholeheartedly! S**t or get off the pot!

“I am also the only person who had any compassion for the MB officer that got his guns stolen.”

Yes, there is a reason that you were the ONLY one that had this compassion for Mr. Brown! It’s because you were fundamentally WRONG to the given FACTS in the context of what could have, and what did, transpire!!!

Cindy, my dear, in your wishful thinking that I am not your type, is in fact, you dreaming once again that I am! ( somewhat of a Reverse Freudian Slip) I know, I can’t be everywhere for you Sisters of Eve being that there is only one of me. As usual, you see me as such a godly man, with such a manly stature as well, but, at least you can dream because that’s as far as you’ll ever get!

Oh my gosh…I wish you two would get a room and get it over with !.

This “pas de deux” of feigned rejection/attraction only works in sitcoms and old Hepburn/Tracy movies !

You are too funny!

TQ: Thanks.

It’s what I do for a living .

Much appreciation !

Ted Slanders

Your so FOS. How sicko can you be. You don’t have the virtues to sermon anyone.

Your pseduo “A” will go to hell for it. Why don’t you get off the booze and stop insultingly represent yourself with Jesus. Otherwise you can shove “””your god””” up your rear.

“little wilie”,

Oh my, such ungodly language, tsk, tsk! Do you kiss your dog with that mouth?

No, Jesus and I are partners in spreading the Gospel to you pseudo-christians and heathens within this forum within the topic of the thread.

I will pray for you tonight, and you can thank me later, okay? Good.

O fer Criminny sakes !

I think “Willie” likes you too. Ted.

Watch your back, brother !

Nice to be noticed from extremely different demographics, but


I think ” willie” has issues.

.Probably long term , so shhhh .

( Homo-erotic , no doubt )

Keep it confidential…the boy IS a little , er… strange !


Your quite a brilliant clown

Carry on “AS”

Entertain us with your satire

Ted Sanders

I don’t have a problem with you belittlement

Carry on, you will go to hell

47 year old man, 14 year old female? When I do the math on this equation I find his sentence will be rendered when he is inside the joint by fellow inmates who have 14 year old daughters. Karma bats last.

It is (or should be) well known that kids do not achieve emotional maturity until around 24 years of age. To expect teens to know and feel how to deal with things like this is not wise.

I wonder why the parents didn’t miss their missing kid for five days! And why didn’t the kid tell the cop she was kidnapped? Still many questions here. But essentially good kudos to the sheriff for being careful.

Where did you get the 5 day’s from? The girl met with the pervert late Saturday night in front of her home. No doubt she snuck out and her parents were unaware. The deputy picked her up Sunday morning at 3:15AM , long before she even would have been missing for breakfast.

Because, dear Cindy, I am an idiot for not catching that point in the article!!!! I thought all this just happened. So, thanks for the correction.

LOL, I almost did the same post you did, except I went back to see exactly how many day’s ( I thought it was 3) she had been missing ;)

If the best you can do to support your own opinions is to completely mischaracterize others’ opinions, then your own opinion is not worth your support.

I’m concerned that you are concerned about Ted’s “trolling post “…

You seem to have a thing going.

…Where’s that Mind Brillo again ? !!!

Lucky girl and kudos to the suspicious deputy.

I agree, good job to the cop that got this scum bag.

What is suspicious about the deputy ? Do you suppose he has an ulterior motive ?

I took that as the deputy was suspicious of the circumstances.

Why dont kids know the risks of meeting people on the internet?? She is 14 and should know by now that there are preditors out there!! Obviously someone isnt doing their job! I beleive this should be brought up in schools to teach kids NOT to meet people they only know through the internet!! At least do a video chat with that person so you know who they really are!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on now this guy is a dirt bag and I am so happy the cop was (for once) in the right place at the right time. Who knows what could of happend to her!

I don’t agree with you. I don’t care how much you teach your kids certain things, depending on their personality they’re going to do what they want. When I think of all the things that I did that my parents and my schools warned me not to do I’m glad that I came out in once piece.

Teens especially are very defiant, they honestly feel that they are smarter than people of authority/parent’s/teachers. Their brains aren’t firing correctly and I mean that, I’m not being sarcastic. This period of adolescence makes them do crazy things, their lack of good judgement can be astounding. One of the factual things that teens temporarlly lose is their sense of fear. It’s funny that someone at the age of 10 has a better sense of fear than someone at the age of 16. When they get through adolescence they get back that healthy sense of fear. That is why they drive so crazy, play beat the train, try dangerous drugs etc.. It’s not the parents or the teachers fault and for that matter it’s not the teens fault either. I feel it’s unfair to put the blame on the parents and teachers. Trust me, the schools and the parents I know do teach kids about the dangers of the Internet, but how can you teach something to someone that thinks that they’re smarter than you. These nut jobs prey on insecure girls and teens for the most part are very insecure, it’s a stage that most of them go through. I find the study of adolescence fascinating.


You know damn well that it’s the “Teacher’s Union” that will inevitability be blamed in this story by a certain faction. Come on, it”s not enough to teach their children their three “R’s”, but also to teach them about interent stalking, and other ways they can be potentially harmed as well! Facetiously, In this way, the parents are off the hook and can blame the teacher, therefore, deducing it to the Union as well!

Albeit, the parents will probably end up sueing the school at which this girl attends in the manner stated above instead of taking the responsibility themselves! The “buck” stops at home with the parents, period! If it doesn’t connect, either by the parents explanation or the child not accepting the explanation, or knowing more than the adults, or not caring, then the cards fall where do and it becomes Cal Coast News. :(

My kid got a C on his a test yesterday, I know them-there unions are behind it. D@mn commies! It’s either because of the commie union or the Hispanic kid that sits next to him.

I feel that the only person at fault in this case is the predator.

Ted, I am surprised that you have not advised the girl …and her parents, to read the Bible. All those morality lessons about Adam and Eve…Cain and Able…Lot and his daughters….David and Bathsheba…

OH, Wait a minute ! …


It is best NOT to use the examples mentioned! I don’t need to talk about godly incestual relations between family members, especially about their being a whole LOT of incest between Lot and his daughters!

Mums the word, shhhhhhhh.

Even if a teenager was taught of the dangers of socializing on the internet, that does not mean that the teenager actually followed the advice and observed the cautions they were taught.

That’s right, as a matter of fact in most cases they don’t usually follow what they’re taught.

I know adult women who have been scammed by guys on the internet. The true-crime programs on TV regularly have as a subject a woman who believed what she was told by a man on the internet, arranged to meet him, and ended up with horrific results.

It is just a fact of life: many teenagers believe their parents are clueless, overreactive when it comes to the teenager’s safety, and basically want to ruin their lives by controlling everything they do.

Parents, teachers, whomever can educate 24/7, but unless the teenager is mature enough to realize that, yes, it can happen to them, and that their parents might actually know something, the teenager is not going to follow the advice given to them.

If a teen has e-mail, texting or Facebook, the parents need to randomly check them. Chances are, this teen girl’s dad isn’t in the picture and her mom’s busy working 2 jobs…something like that. So she had two years to develop an on-line relationship with a pedophile and something baaaad could’ve happened.

Do I love my teens? Yep. Do I trust them? Nope. Parents, trust but VERIFY!!

I completely disagree with you. I don’t feel this has anything to do with single parents and busy moms. My kids only computer is in my family room where it can be seen openly from my kitchen. I know all their passwords and have access and check their Facebooks. A trick that even the best kids do is that they have other Facebook pages under aliases. They use slangs that we don’t understand. For example, there is a Facebook page that local kids use where they talk about drugs and booze, it’s called something like ‘Cashed’ which is slang for passed out. Would you know to look at this page to see if your kid was using it and even if you did it’s locked and you can’t check their friends cell phones history? Once they become teens there really isn’t that much you can do other than lock them in their rooms 24/7 to keep them safe from the Internet. When it comes to the Internet they are smarter than most of us. They go on the Internet at school using their friends phones or they go on the Internet when visiting friends whose parents might not be as diligent as you are. This girl could very likely have had a Facebook or used some other medium under a different name without any way of her parents knowing.

Perhaps you’re right, perhaps the parents are to blame. One needs to have good communication with their kids but that’s not always a guarantee that they aren’t doing stuff behind your back. I don’t believe in this case that there are enough facts to blame the parents.

You’ve misunderstood my post. I’m not blaming the parents. Padilla’s clearly a child predator and he’s the one I blame.

ALL parents–you, me, single ones, divorced ones, married ones–need to be more vigilant and aware that there are scumbags out there who want to hurt our kids. I’m not suggesting we lock our kids in their rooms. If anything, I’m reminding myself to stay involved, ask questions, and foster a continuing open dialogue w/my kids.

Well, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that I misunderstood something someone said over the net. I believe that without seeing peoples faces or hearing their voices that sometimes we miss what they mean. In this case I was referring to this line:

“Chances are, this teen girl’s dad isn’t in the picture and her mom’s busy working 2 jobs”

That sounded to me as if you were saying that if she had a mom at home and a father ie your perfect leave it to Beaver home that this wouldn’t have happened. But sorry if I took that wrong.

Dirt Bag from Circle City

Glad to see that his bail has been reduced??? WTF

Glad to see that his bail has been reduced???