Drug dealing doctor’s son arrested

January 6, 2012

Jose Trinidad

The stepson of the Santa Barbara physician who was arrested on federal drug trafficking was also arrested Wednesday for drug sales.

While searching the Goleta home of Dr. Julio Diaz, 63, police discovered marijuana and an unregistered revolver in 27-year-old Jose Trinidad’s bedroom, police said.

Officers found three-quarters of a pound of pot stored in mason jars which officers valued at approximately $4,000 and an unspecified quantity of Hash. In addition, detectives also located a Smith and Wesson 38 revolver pistol with 77 rounds of ammunition and over $1000 cash.

“The investigation revealed that Trinidad had purchased the handgun from a friend and did not register it,” Santa Barbara police Sgt. Lorenzo Duarte said in a press release.

Officers arrested Trinidad and booked him into Santa Barbara County Jail for possession for sales of marijuana and for possession of a firearm while in the commission of a felony. His bail is set at $150,000.

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Its the same aged old unspoken or hidden.

to figure the political justification, conjured or rationalized.

follow the the complex money web of the politicians.

What seems to be missing in the comments thread is acknowledgment that the kid was arrested for possession AND SALE of an illegal substance. Despite your feelings about medical use of weed, etc the stuff is still illegal at the federal level, and thus illegal at the state level regardless of what laws or permits local officio-crats issue at the state or county level. There is no proviso for ‘medical marijuana’ as far as the FBI is concerned.

Obviously, President Obama lacks the fortitude to uphold his promise to stop enforcement of marijuana laws by the feds. This is a weakness on his part, but not something within his control. This kid broke the law, he was dealing, his dad got him busted because he was dirty, and that’s that.

Dare I inject into this thread the thought that if you wish to see marijuana legalized, you should support Ron Paul – on the GOP side – because he’s for small government and decriminalization of the herb, and any other substances that offer no serious danger to society when used appropriately. He believes in minimum regulations and doesn’t care that local law enforcement is largely funded by marijuana raids. Did I mention he’s also an MD?

[in my best nasal voice] ‘Read my lips, no new taxes’. Can you please so be so kind as to show me a con that didn’t break campaign promises?

Brilliant comparison considering the topic is people going to prison despite the fact they’re engaging in legal behavior. See California law concerning medical pot. “Read my lips” indeed.

I accidentally gave typo a thumbs up :(

I shouldn’t have, Maxfusion is right, in my opinion.

That’s just one of his many broken promises.

I don’t think Obama has anything against pot use, especially for medical reasons. He’s just heIIbent on expanding the powers of the presidency.

Some of his largest campaign contributions come from big pharma, that’ it in a nut shell. I don’t like that he is in their pockets but unfortunately that’s how business is done now. The big corps own everyone on both sides of the isle. No one at this point can become president without being owned by big corps, it’s become a sad fact of life.

Oh yeah, this type of stuff didn’t happen with Bush, Bush, Reagan and it certainly didn’t happen with Nixon. It’s all Obama’s fault,,,,,yeah, that’s the ticket.

Don’t you have some Megyn Kelly to watch.

Bush and “just say no” Reagan didn’t promise us anything different. Obama did and that’s the difference. I won’t vote for Obama again, he SUCKS as a president and his wife is a racist.

I won’t vote for him again, either. I agree with your anger about the breaking of his campaign-promises. I am astounded that so many Democrats turned out to be as gullible as the GOPers…that so many Dems are actually going to vote for Obama again is so disheartening.

I am not aware of his wife being a racist. I have different issues with her.

You don’t like Mrs. Obama??? If you don’t like her, why not? She’s not a racist BTW.

So if the elections were held today, who would you vote for? Not who you’d want to run but realistically who would you vote for, the Newt?

This is my attitude towards Obama 2012:


Ok Mary, but who’s the alternative, who are you going to vote for? I guess saying who your are going to vote for is a bit personal to some so I can understand if you don’t want to say but although Obama hasn’t quite lived up to what I expected he’s still 100 times better than any of the GOP contenders. If a lot of people that lean to the left waste their votes on some obscure person or if they don’t vote then we will end up with one of those whack jobs, can you imagine a ‘Prez Newt or’ Prez Perry’ or any of them for that matter!? No president has been perfect, they’ve all failed on some level, they’re all bought and paid for but we have to pick someone. I don’t think that Obama has been that bad. Yes, he didn’t do some of the things that he said he would but on the other hand I don’t believe that he or anyone expected the level of disdain from the other side of the isle it’s been a very rough road for him. The hatred from them since before he was even elected is truly amazing. Yes, he’s in big pharmas pocket (and I hate that) but it’s better than being bought by the Koch Bros. You keep saying how much you don’t like Obama but you don’t really say why.

Michele is not a “racist”, she’s as much a “racist” as you are…………..uh…..wait a second.

the reason i italicize racist is that it is a made up term by 19th century whtie European intellectuals to make it seem there were actual differences between various ethnic groups, when, really there is not. All people are prejudiced to a degree, but not all people are racialists, especially Michele, in spite of what Fake News tells you.

Cop has two loaded unregistered guns stolen and nothing happens. This guy gets booked over a little pot and a gun at his home. The cop is more dangerous than this guy. Hmm somethings wrong with this picture. Live by the sword die by the sword.

The Great Leader in Washington has spoken. The Great Leader will decide what herbs you may, or may not ingest. The Great Leader doesn’t care about California law, or the will of California Voters. All hail The Great Leader. Starting to miss George yet suckers?

Right. This guy never would have been arrested if John McCain were president. Have you been hitting the pipe with Jose?

That’s correct Ned, it wouldn’t, and didn’t happen during the Bush years. Hey Ned, those dispensaries that the Obama Administration is closing; they were all started during the Bush tenure. Keep your head in the sand Ned, and the democrat heavies will be knocking at your door.

The cops here weren’t raiding a dispensary. They were searching under a warrant that was issued because a physician was allegedly passing out prescirptions in exchange for blowjobs. Nohting in the story indicates that Smiling Jose was running a dispensary out of Papa Doc’s house.

Prop215 1996

Who was commander and chief? hint not Bush but his dad’s’s iran contra extension Bill Clinton. George the elder said we would soon have synthetic thc and legalizing the plant version was moot anyway, he was against it unless the pharmaceutics he boards and chairs could make a patent and profit.

Obama is essentially the executive extension of the Bush dynasty Afghan Iraq contract .

I am so sick of lib/con conversational framing I could puke Bleeeeechhh

I thought Ronald Regan was President when Iran Contra happened, when someone was trading arms and dope for hostages…which brings us done to El Salvador, the Contras and the Sandanistas.

Somewhere in there is Jesse Jackson, our former Democratic Presidential candidate, who, during yet another kidnapping of Americans held in Iran (?) got tired of the pussy-footing around, went over there, negotiated for them himself, and got them out.

As for the Bush to Bill transition, what I remember about that was George, Sr., spending TWO BILLION DOLLARS A DAY in the last months before his Presidential term ended, to build air bases in Saudi Arabia–which we were forbidden to use when we started bombing Afghanistan on March 18, 2003.

WHERE’S JESSE JACKSON WHEN WE NEED HIM? For all the crap people sling at those rare birds known as Black Political Leaders, I like to take the best of both worlds (Black/White, Him/Her, Democrat/Republican, East/West,) mix ’em all up and have a whole new ticket.

For all the crap he’s had to put up with in the press, JOE BIDEN is a good politician. If he was allowed to have more air time, I would like to see where he stands on the economy (what particular changes would he implement with respect to taxes and the national budget.) Also, what is his perspective on U.S. involvment in Africa, the Ariabian peninsula, and the Sudan. That region.

As long as EVERYONE appears to be “off-topic” with respect to this article, let’s talk politics. That’s what we would be doing anyway, if we were all over at Jose’s house, celebrating the New Year, having a glass of bubbly and passing around a big, fat, doobie.

That goes for soldiers who have made peace with the civilians out in God knows where in Afghanistan, taking a break from the terror and mayhem.

That goes for our State Dept. employees taking a break from work and actually engaged in civil debate with their counterparts (granted, their more liberal counterparts,) at the Pentagon when they can “relax” over cocktails in Washington, DC.

Hell, even the soldiers of WWI sang Christmas songs to the Germans across the trenches from each other in France. In that case, they even got out of their trenches one night, drank a glass of wine, then climbed back into their trenches, then began shooting at each other the next day.

So much for change in the New Year. But we’re only on day six. The future is still an unopened present. With any luck, some of that confiscated green is now being smoked by those in the “enemy camp” and their minds are in the process of being “turned on.”

No I don’t miss George, he was worse than Obama and he was a bigger liar too. How do you like the Patriot Act for a NATIONAL, blatant, “hijacking” of everyone’s rights. Why hasn’t anybody done something to reversed that yet? They are both worthless and Bush was a very dangerous, egotistical, psychopath, in my opinion. WMD’s Barffffffffff

Maxfusion, I agree with the sentiment of your post, but I don’t believe it is correct in this context.

The physician who was arrested (who is the father of Jose Trinidad) was arrested for valid reasons. Even setting aside the sex-for-drugs allegations, his behavior was not only criminal, it created a huge public safety issue. It ended up in deaths. He didn’t even start looking up patient names in the national database for concomitant Schedule 2 prescriptions (patient getting Schedule 2 drugs from more than one physician at the same time) until three deaths had occurred, two in one month.

The fact that the Cottage Hospital Emergency Department started a spreadsheet to track the Diaz patients’ visits to their facility says it all. I’ve never heard of such a desperate act by an ED before, and for years I worked with medical records, including QA, including in the Santa Barbara area.

So, yes, I think Obama is an a$$hat for his broken 2008 campaign promise, and for using the medical use of pot issue as an excuse to expand his presidential powers. However, in this instance, the DEA acted correctly, and after many, many credible complaints had been received.

Three quarters of a pound of marijuana is NOT worth $4,000. Try $1,000 M-A-Y-B-E. Heck the guy’s father is a physician, how can they say the guy doesn’t have a recommendation? As for the unspecified amount of hash, I bet it was very little or they surely would have said a LARGE unspecified amount of hash. They found a 33 year old with a $1,000.00 in cash !!! Oh WOW, big drug dealer…….. LMAO

What is the bail for having an unregistered gun and how long does someone have to register a gun after they purchase it? We all know two cops that had an unregistered gun while they were “off duty” in fact I suspect a lot of them have unregistered guns. I find it hard to believe the only LEO with unregistered fire arms are the ones that have them stolen………. tsk tsk..

$150K bail, somebody should sue the gestapo’s butts off, in my opinion. What is this, like step dad like step son? Then where were the pills?

and another thing, people don’t package marijuana for sale in mason jars. They put it in mason jars to keep it fresh because they plan on having it for a long time. This makes me so angry that they have jumped all over this guy and trumped up charges for the sins of his step father. Marijuana is legal with a recommendation and he surely has one, his pop is a doctor – SBPD JERKS

If he only purchased that gun 7 days ago, then he didn’t do anything illegal, nothing illegal at all. Besides isn’t it up to the seller to register the gun?????? 150K bail !!!! A$$holes.

Sorry I needed to vent about this one. It’s just so outrageous. The SBPD needs to get over themselves, they got the doctor and it seems like once they’ re jacked up ……….. oh enough said by me, I’m so sick of seeing uneven justice and LE acting like IDIOTS.

I know how you feel Cindy. I was upset when I read this too.. Then I went and got my mason jar.

I wish the stuff didn’t make me so tired and silly. I have to use meditation to achieve what MM does for most people and when I’m irritated it’s takes a while to get where I’m trying to go! Ranting does help a bit if I don’t get more worked up in the process ;)

Oh, this time it’s just a guy off the street with an unregistered handgun so he gets arrested rather than the lousy cop from Morro Bay. This kind of favoritism for the thugs of law enforcement must end.

We lock this guy up, who sells a product to a voluntary customer and being in a dangerous business practices his constitutional right to have a gun, and then we let people continue to run our government who FORCEFULLY extract 30% of our wages and then proceed to screw up everything they touch, not to mention constantly find more ways to steal.

THIS is what is wrong with America.

Maybe weed stops a few from reaching their potential. Maybe some of them will do harder drugs.. Maybe some of them will never get off the couch. Or suck off the system for a little bit. But none of that holds a candle the INSANE number of lives FUNDAMENTALLY and PERMANENTLY ruined by the legal process and the prison system. Once these people get out, they are often destitute, their kids have been shipped off to foster homes. They may never get a decent job. They have learned more crime in jail. And where do the piles of money go? Is it redistributed to help anyone? No it goes right back into the agencies that seized it and the pocketbooks of their employees.

I don’t know this guy. Maybe he’s a creep. There’s nothing in the article though to make me like him any less than the people who arrested him.

You think the 1% pays 30% ? Those are the REAL crooks !

$4,000 in ganja? As determined by the unbiased confiscators ? 12 ounces ?

oh, yeah, this guy is a real threat to society.

I think perhaps this investigation and arrest of Dr. Diaz’ stepson was perhaps to open the door to see if the son was dealing drugs obtained by the doctor? Just guessing. There’s a big open door now to investigate everyone connected to Dr. Diaz.

It’s not right, but it would have been smart of Trinidad to, immediately after his stepfather’s arrest, ditch every bit of drugs and paraphernalia he had.

I agree about the overinflated price figures by the police. They’ve done this from the 1960s: confiscate a kilo and judge the price by what an ounce would cost on the street. AND back then much of the pot available contained seeds and stems (or “tree trunks,” as we used to call them), so even the per-ounce price on which they based the price of the kilo was inflated.