Morro Bay woman jailed for beating 86-year-old mother

January 6, 2012

Susanna Dyer

A Morro Bay woman allegedly entered her sleeping mother’s bedroom and started beating the 86-year-old woman on Monday at about 3 a.m.

Neighbors heard the altercation and called police who arrived to find the elderly woman suffering from visible injuries. Police also discovered the victim had previously taken out a restraining order on her daughter Susanna Dyer, 63.

Police arrested Dyer for felony elder abuse, domestic violence battery, and a violation of a court order.

The victim is currently in the care of family members, said Morro Bay Police Commander Bryan Millard.

“We are fortunate we could get to her in a timely manner,” Millard said. “We are looking into any abuse that may have occurred such as financial, physical or mental.”

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Is that Marion Warner?

Now, now, people, never judge a book by its cov….. Holy Crap! Never mind!

Can’t help it, even if one only believes half of what s/he sees.

No kidding. She has those Ryan Mason psycho-eyes.

I bet at one time in their youth both Susanna Dyer and Jean Cross were beautiful blond blue eyed goddess.

During my last high school class reunion I saw a portion of girls that aged with “natural” beauty and some that have stressed showing advanced aging.

What a terrible way to grow old.

There is a choice despite the difficulties in life in how you want to live in the later stages!