Fight against Dream Act fails

January 9, 2012

The attempt to block a controversial California law that makes funds available for undocumented immigrant college students has failed to collect enough signatures to make it on the ballot.

Opponents of the Dream Act fell 57,000 signatures short of the 500,000 registered voter signatures required to try to overturn the law.

The Dream Act allows illegal immigrants who have graduated from California high schools and who are eligible for in-state tuition rates to apply for state-funded and private college scholarships and loans.

“This is disappointing news, but it is no less of a warning to Governor (Jerry) Brown and every Democrat legislator who voted to create a new entitlement program for illegals while the state still has a budget deficit over $9 billion, and cannot even meet its obligation to legal California students,” Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks, said in a statement.

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Did I touch a nerve? OOOps, so sorry.

The natural progression of liberalism is: progressivism, socialism, communism and, finally, fascism…

That’s so funny, you sound like my dad. [in my best cranky old man voice] GD hippy commies!

What’s really funny is the irony in your statement. The right hasn’t progressed, they are fascists and have been practicing fascism for a number of years.

Thanks for the laugh William.


We have to have the “Williams” in this forum for comic relief! LOL

“When we LIBERALS become smart, we will have the POWER to EXILE and DEPORT the stupid and dangerous right-wing SCUM among us.”

Only those to the left of ‘liberals’ talk this way. You folks will be right at home in the DPRK.

ref.: Aquariums of Pyongyang

When we LIBERALS become smart, we will have the POWER to EXILE and DEPORT the stupid and dangerous right-wing SCUM among us.

What SHOULD have been done at the country’s founding !

The TORIE / ROYALIST / SLAVEHOLDER / RACIST / FASCIST tribe have always lived amongst us, and allowed to prosper.

But, NO MORE !!!

We MUST BANISH these SCOURGES and DREGS of CIVILIZATION, if we are to continue as a functioning democracy!

They KILL everything they touch !



It was Democrats that put this into law, not Republicans.

Of course it was the Dems. Other than for the wealthy top 2%, the Repubs would never enact or support a law that would help others. We know their motto,,’let them eat cake’ (and we all know what happened to the person that said that).

Great – so I have to pay for educating illegal immigrants! Just another liberal, leftist idea that makes absolutely no sense at all. I guess it was their great grandpappys who screwed the Mexicans and now they feel guilty about it. They must want all us Californians to become Mexican again. Our government is already corrupt enough. We’re half way there.


Uh, in part, the liberals edcucated you in the public school system. And, by your comments, you didn’t learn much. :(