Man stabbed multiple times in downtown San Luis Obispo

January 20, 2012

An Atascadero man is in fair condition after being stabbed multiple times near the Art Center in downtown San Luis Obispo.

Shortly after 1 a.m. today, dispatchers sent officers to the 1000 block of Broad Street to check out reports of an injured man lying on the ground.

Officers found Trevor Tice, 26, of Atascadero, covered in a large amount of blood and suffering from multiple stab wounds to the upper torso. Paramedics also responded and began lifesaving treatment on Tice.

Officers learned that Tice had been involved in a physical altercation with several other people in an area near Mission Plaza known as a hangout for vagrants. Police discovered a second victim, Zachary Lerno, 26, of Atascadero had fled after being struck in the head. He did not receive treatment for his injuries.

Tice was transported by ambulance to Sierra Vista Hospital for further treatment.

The San Luis Obispo Police department is currently investigating this incident.  Police are asking anyone with information about the assault to contact the SLOPD at 805-781-7317.


Suggestions for alleviating criminal activity in metropolitan areas:

1. Discreetly placed video cameras in high traffic areas. These can be placed by the property owner or the local government entity. Invasion of privacy is always an issue, but where a violent attack has occurred, the camera might have identified possible witnesses at the time and place of the attack.

The cameras can be activated during the hours where they would provide nighttime security only.

2. Streetlights can now serve as motion detectors. After an attack on an elderly man a few years ago, a streetlight was put in which is not only activated by changes in natural light, and motion, but it can also increase in the amount of light covering a particular area.

3. Local citizens living in the neighborhood can work out a plan with local LE where they form a group to routinely patrol a neighborhood on foot. In Seattle, many years ago, the local gay community formed its own neighborhood watch. The idea was implemented after they complained that the police were not doing enough to deter or investigate crimes targeting homosexuals.

They were not authorized to carry weapons of any kind. But they patrolled in groups of four, which always included both males and females together. You did not have to be gay to participate. They wore these nifty outfits which looked like grey jumpsuits a la Vogue magazine. These were accompanied by little black berets and sh_tkicking army boots….You had to smile.

In the artsy craftsy, integrated area where I lived, they were “the people’s army,” and made the neighborhood safer for everyone. What made it work was that it was all-inclusive, even though it was originally formed to protect the gay community. Their main task was to observe, to report, and to provide what assistance they could.

Methods used for non-violent assistance includes yelling to let others know that something is going on; using any form of radio-communication to the police; photographing or recording crimes in progress; using a “show of force” to surround a suspect until the police come, as long as it can be done without causing further injury.

In life and death situations, as with regular police responses, all bets are off, and one’s response depends on the situation, your training, and your brothers in arms.


Thank you, oto! Finally something rational and non-alarmist. i’m not sure if I agree with your suggestions, but I appreciate the spirit of where they are coming from and they serve as a decent starting point for rational, positive discussion of the situation, without the unnecessary fear mongering, hate-stirring emotionalism.


@WiseGuy…this is a difficult social dilemma… I live in SLO. I see the problem. Sometimes I feel compassionate towards some of these folks and help them out as best as I can. Sometimes I am totally annoyed by them. I don’t know why I feel that way, but I suspect that others feel the same way. I have no clue what should be done. What suggestions do you have for this issue? Maybe you feel that there is no issue, which is ok if you feel that way. What are your thoughts?


Hi It’s complicated because, for one, we are talking about an assortment of people with a variety of situations.

If people say they are hungry, it is better to provide food than money. One way to provide food is to point them toward the Prado Day center where meals are provided each day for free.

If the “feces” and “urine” situation is as bad as someone here says it is (I haven’t experienced that) then I suggest examining the availability of public bathrooms. Now that we have paved and built so much, finding a place to go to the bathroom–without having to pay for the opportunity—has become increasingly difficult for everyone.

As for dealing with rude or threatening behavior, first off, we need to really examine ourselves and see if we aren’t being too sensitive or alarmist, or simply feeling uncomfortable being around people who are “different.”

There is also something to be said for being straight forward and talking with “trouble makers” in a respectful manner and politely requesting that they curtail unacceptable behavior. There is something to be said for the phenomena of people acting more respectful if others treat them with respect.

If you go into a situation with a holier-than-thou, condescending or disrespectful attitude 9for instance, considering people “low life scum”) problems are likely to escalate.

Every situation is going to be slightly different. There are and will be an increasing number of mentally disturbed people in public. Some may not respond rationally.

But I would say that it is best to be in the moment and not have too many preconceived notions.

Perhaps we should behave as if such “trouble makers” are our flesh and blood brothers or sisters going through a troubled time. We may have to speak up, or set boundaries or avoid a confrontation altogether, but if we try to have that brotherly love attitude, WANTING them to get well and be well, and truly caring for them, even if we can’t actually do anything for them, then i think we will at least be on a better footing.

By us being joyful and loving and healthy and promoting beauty in thought, word and deed, we will be helping the situation.

We make a mistake when we dehumanize people in our minds and push them aside as “undesirable’ or undeserving of basic human decency.

We can profit spiritually if we consider such difficult people or situations as spiritual challenges that we can grow from.

So let us ask how we can bring more joy and beauty into the Mission Plaza and elsewhere. Simply having it in our hearts is a significant step.


WiseGuy…You’ve made a number of poignant points, especially as it pertains to empathy, humanity and how we should treat others that may not be as fortunate. I pretty much wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. What gets me is that amongst the man, women and children in our society that are truly suffering and need a helping hand, exists a subculture of people that have elected to live a lifestyle of little responsibility and little accountability to society. I dislike how it makes it harder for me to tell who I should try to help and who I should walk past.

Specifically speaking of the crowd that is hanging out at the Mission Plaza; my assessment is that it is mainly comprised of the younger “this is my lifestyle by choice” crowd, as opposed to the folks that rely on the Prado Day Center or the shelter off Orcutt St. I’ve walked past this crowd countless times without and incident. But, I can see how as soon as there is any type of violent crime, the City’s residents want the place cleaned up. Like I said before, this is a tough social problem that is being played out in almost every city in the world. So, for the time being, tolerance and continued police presence might be the most reasonable way to deal with the Mission homeless crowd. Peace!


Every culture should have room for those needing to go through the “little responsibiity, little accountability” phase. Life wouldn’t be life without a few bums to do the bum thing for us. ” Being “resposible and accountable” should be a personal choice, not a requirement.

One day we might be nostalgic for the days when society allowed bums to exist outside of prisons and mental institutions.


Portland shows how

Jack L

Welcome to the future.

Ted Slanders

Whatever euphemism that you want to use for this faction that “hangs out” at the Mission Plaza, they are in the right location if they would only use their god–given logic!

HELLO? Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa is right there for their help! Why aren’t these people using it to their full advantage?

Case in point; for you Catholics on Sunday mornings, although it’s the WRONG Sabbath Day, nonetheless, these homeless, or vagrants, should line up on both sides of the steps to the front door of your church! In doing so, their hands should be held out for God’s elite to fill with money or food! This is of course subsequent to you Catholics parking your Bimmers and Mercedes nearby.

When inside, and it’s time to “don’t be late to pass the plate”, tell the Priest that you’ve already helped in this respect because you’ve given to the poor before coming into the church! The Pastor cannot argue this point, period! Although he might be disturbed because his 2011 Lexus car payment might be late this month!

Jesus said; “All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do.” (Galatians 2:10)

Jesus said; “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” (1 John 3:17-18)

Just think in how wonderful you Catholics will feel by actually following the teachings of Jesus for a change with action, instead of meaningless and non-action platitudes! Jesus will smile upon you, praise!


Brother Slanders… again you have outlined a Godly sermon for the benefit of the misguided heathens and as a Christly warning for the hypocrites and make-believersthat post here. There are more than a few that should also take in to acount these words of the savior: Matthew 5:22 ” But I say unto you, That whosever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment : and whosoever shall say to his brother, Ra-ca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire. ”

It could not be any plainer…yet the multitudinous aspersions and accusations made by certain ones here toward Brothers they know not , puts their very souls in jeopardy for condemnation and eternal damnation in lakes of acid and burning sulfur!!!

Hallelujah !!!

Would they turn from their back-baiting, evil ways; and join the Holy Warriors with fellow Brothers of Salvation in doing Good Works, as prescribed by Commandment !

Selah !


Ted, not all Catholics drive Beemers & Mercedes! And for your info, the Catholic charities already provide services to the needy & yes, even the druggies & meth heads!

Ted Slanders


Yes, all divisions of Christianity help the poor at some level like we see at Mission Plaza and around town. But, what I proposed is the fact of eliminating the “middleman”, which represents Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa.

In giving it DIRECTLY to the individual homeless in the way of food, you know that they are getting 100 percent of your contribution without the taking of moneys from the church employees that is not only tax free, but God only knows where it goes! What a business!

Logically, and religiously, the Catholic church, after “normal” operating costs, shouldn’t have one red cent in it’s coffers because it should all go to feeding and helping the poor as Jesus so stated continuously in scripture. Reality states that the Catholic Church is the richest in he world in money and property. What’s wrong with that picture???!

Are you alluding to the fact that some Catholics drive a Lexus?



In the offices of most Catholic Parishes, there are bins of food to be given to anyone that drops by the office & who is in need of assistance. They also give vouchers to be used for a motel room or gasolene for their car.

Ted Slanders


What is very sad is when you used the word “most” parishes give food to the poor. Why aren’t ALL OF THEM DOING THIS ACT?! If the parishes that don’t do this godly act, then maybe they can pass the plate two or three times at each of their services? Yes?

What an ungodly act for the parishes that don’t give out food and help the poor! I am sure that Jesus is NOT smiling in their behalf. We can only assume that they want to keep their money instead of giving it to the poor as directed by Jesus.

So, does Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa do this giving? If so, where do they perform this wonderful situation in the name of Jesus?


Ted, I’m sorry my statement did not reflect what I had intended…What I meant to infer was that the Parishes I attend provide these things, I cannot speak to Parishes I have NOT attended. Mission de Tolosa gives a great deal.

Ted Slanders


Ahhhh, okay, so only the parishes that you attend give in the name of Jesus. That infers, like you stated, that some don’t. But, WWJD?

Hey, you forgot to tell me WHERE Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa gives out this food for the poor! Please tell us. Is it at the front door on Sunday mornings, an office space that is easily accessable? Where?

Ted Slanders


I am so sorry that RU4Real never answered my simple question stated to them above.

I was so in hopes of knowing, so I could tell the homeless that inhabitat the Mission Plaza. Jesus is NOT smiling in behalf of RU4Real, how sad indeed.

Maybe the flock of Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa didn’t want the homeless around on Sunday mornings as they entered in their finest dress with cash money ready for the passing of the plate? Subjectively, a terrible image to those that worship Jesus the Christ’s TRUE teachings. :(….


Ted, continually publicly denigrating, in a most disrespectful and in your face way, people’s religious beliefs and institutions, does not help anyone, least of all you.

If you think you are accomplishing anything worthwhile, please reconsider and ask yourself to what extent are you simply pleasing your ego at the expense of antagonizing others. What GOOD do you imagine you are doing?


People like you will never get it because you clearly lack faith in God and the prospect of eternal life in His presence. You equate Christian behavior to nothing more than giving the less fortunate material goods. There’s far more to knowing and loving God and His people than that.

Since you asked, the Peoples’ Kitchen began at the Old Mission many years ago. The parish received a great deal of flack because it drew the homeless to like a magnet to Downtown SLO. Now the Peoples’ Kitchen has it’s own facility.

That doesn’t keep a large number of devout Catholics from getting continuting to get hands-on (and their wallets out) to support the operation. The Old Mission still houses the homeless overflow during the month of January. Given your ignorance of the subject it’s clear you don’t use either opportunity to help the less fortunate.

Until you do, may I suggest you stop judging the good works of others? You also need to dampen your hatred for God’s Catholic Church because it’s clearly doing a number on your soul based on the tenor of your writing.

Pax et Bonum


Knock-off the anti-Catholic Christian bigotry you wannabe Christian. No one can know and love Jesus Christ while spewing the ignorance and hatred for His Catholic Church that you do.

Ted Slanders


As a TRUE Christian, and since the Mission Plaza was brought up in this discussion, I had mentioned that the homeless were in the right location if the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa did what it was suppose to do regarding the teachings of Jesus! They’re not, period!

Furthermore, I don’t have any hatred towards the Catholic Church, it’s only against you, or any church that are hypocrites to the bible! Get it? Both of you fall into that catagory!

You mentioned the The People’s Kitchen, but it only serves ONE meal a day, and with small portions! Sacrilege to our Lord!!!!

YOUR QUOTE: “That doesn’t keep a large number of devout Catholics from getting continuting to get hands-on (and their wallets out) to support the operation.” WHAT? A large number does NOT include EVERY CATHOLIC of Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa giving to the poor in your church! What’s wrong with that picture? How embarrassing to your division within Christianity!

YOUR QUOTE: “The Old Mission still houses the homeless overflow during the month of January” What about the overflow and/or cold months and the rain in the other 11 months?! You’re only religiously Catholic in the month of January?! Are you kidding us? What a joke in the eyes of our Christian God!

Listen, I know your faction has had it’s problems of late, and is spending most of it’s hard earned money from it’s flock ($850 million to date) on attorney fees to either bail out or defend your child molesting priests! In any event, if you acted in accordance with Jesus, YOU WOULDN’T HAVE ANY MONEY WHATSOEVER IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS AT THE END OF THE MONTH BECAUSE OF GIVINGTO THE POOR! HYPOCRITES!

FYI, I have forgotten more about Catholicism that you’ll ever learn in your lifetime, understand? Therefore, let me make a suggestion, remain silent from this time hence to save any further embarrassment to you, and your Church. You are the LEAST of your flock to even try to explain away the FACT that you’re not taking care of the homeless in the correct manner regarding the doctrine of Jesus the Christ! Shhhhhhhh. Thank you.



“true Christians” don’t mistake Saturday for the Sabbath… Your anti-Catholic bigotry is eating a hole in your soul. You need to repent.

Ted Slanders


If you actually READ the bible instead of having it read to you on the wrong Sabbath Day of SUNDAY, you would realize how ignorant your position is relative to Sunday being the Sabbath day! To show you of your biblical ignorance, is way off topic.

Furthermore, I noticed that you remained awfully QUIET regarding the other issues that I posed in your behalf. That is the norm for your faction.

Good day.


You’re not aware just of how stultified you sound to others, are you? You have no authority to interpret the Bible on your own (at least with any accuracy) yet that’s your only option as you have rejected God’s other gifts. There are thousands of non-Catholic/Orthodox sects out there who are divided from one another because they have rejected God’s Church and its teaching magisterium (the bishops) for their own egos.

The fact that you incorrectly recognize Saturday as the Sabbath makes me wonder if you are a Christian at all?


When people are quick to refer to entire groups of people as “low life scum” that only makes the problems worse, by suggesting that some people are less than human and deserving of less respect. It’s a cheap, easy way to cast blame, denigrate people, divide our community and avoid actually doing anything positive. It’s simply bigotry and prejudice that leads to more problems.

No doubt some of the people hanging around at the Mission have problems and may be creating problems, but treating them as less than human (“Low Life Scum”) is an affront to all of humanity. That is not the way to fix any problem but only a way to avoid dealing with it in a positive manner.

I say it is OK to enforce rules and set up boundaries, but if that is done in the spirit of anger and hatred, then any “solution” will be short lived.

Is it possible to enforce rules and set up boundaries , even “getting tough” in the spirit of LOVE and compassion. I think it is and until the self-righteous haters realize this, problems will only get worse.


Per my previous post, the crime rate in the SLO city limit has seemingly increased. TQ previously posted she feels crime rises where there is lack of education….Hmmmm….


The comments below seem to imply that “vagrants” in MIssion Plaza are likely to randomly attack innocent strangers on an evening stroll. Of course, there is little factual basis for promoting this personal fear and general bigotry against “vagrants” or the homeless.

Chances are that the victims in this attack were not merely strolling innocently through Mission Plaza.

Why is it that so many people who post here use such news events to promote unnecessary fear and bigotry?


WiseGuy, well said. What I should have mentioned is what we don’t know about the attack in Mission Plaza; was this attack fueled by alcohol consumption, or a drug deal gone bad? Isn’t very probable that a couple of guys got a little drunk in one of the bars over on Higuera Street and thought there was too much of a police presence so they took their disagreement over to the Plaza?

You are correct that to blame the vagrants, homeless, or whomever you want to blame without all the facts is not the best approach to this situation. Thanks.


Oh sheesh people; Mission Plaza is not a “haven” for lowlifes, but let’s think about this a little bit. Not a whole lot of lighting, many areas that are secluded, not a lot of foot traffic, of course it is not going to be a “safe” place, AFTER DARK. I walk through the Mission Plaza a couple of times a week, I never have felt fearful or unsafe walking through there in the daytime. But I am also smart enough to realize that Mission Plaza is not a great place to take a stroll at one AM in the very late night/early morning either. Is there a “problem” with homeless transients and vagrants? To a degree, yes there is; law enforcement does regularly patrol through the area so there isn’t a “big” problem during the day. And of course, during the evening hours most of our police resources are focused a block or two over on Higuera Street at the bar scene. Please don’t think that you or your family cannot walk through the Mission Plaza for fear of their safety DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS. Going through there at night isn’t the smartest idea though, for sure.


“Mission Plaza is not a ‘haven’ for lowlifes…” Well, actually, you’re wrong. It is most certainly a haven for lowlifes. You just don’t think so because you don’t deal with the feces, the vomit, the syringes, the graffiti, the vandalism, etc. You walk through in your self-righteous dream bubble, telling yourself how enlightened you are and how exhilarating the “diversity” is. Mission Plaza is infested with lowlife scum who hang out there all day, day after day, selling drugs, doing drugs, pulling scams and causing trouble. When they’re done there they go under the Santa Rosa Bridges near Cheng Park and cause more trouble. You just don’t choose to see it with mature eyes so you tell yourself it isn’t happening. Why don’t you invite the scum of the Plaza home to watch your children if you’re so sure that it’s safe? No, one likely won’t get stabbed in broad daylight, but I sure won’t be surprised if the culprit in this turns out to be one of the useless bottom-feeders that have been invited to SLO by touchy-feely liberal dingbats who go home at night and are insulated from the consequences of their impaired decision-making processes. And I am a local, long-time, and know whereof I speak. Please, wake up.


Laughlines, I could not agree more. SLOTown is totally different place at night. Remember when they used to feed them at Mission Plaza? Pee, poop, trash everywhere, gross.


reminds me of the occupy movement….


Sadly you have a point. But that was not the occupy movement, not the ideologically pure folks who strive to achieve democracy and economic independence from the toxic and corrupt influence of big money on all aspects of our lives. The opportunists who took advantage of a ‘happening’, and the trolls and enablers pretty much wrecked our local movement.


“Well, actually, you’re wrong.” I disagree; what I stated was my “opinion”, just as your statement, “It is most certainly a haven for lowlifes.”, is your opinion. Opinions can be misguided or disputed, but an opinion isn’t really “wrong”. The part you wrote about “feces, vomit, syringes, graffiti, vandalism, etc.” can either be verified or disputed, because the presence of those items (or the lack of presence) can be verified or proved, so those would be considered “facts”. Other than calling or going into the Police Department to ask about the condition of the Mission Plaza, how does one either verify or dispute your assertions about those conditions? Are we supposed to just take your word? I for one would like to see an interview with someone from the SLO PD and have them state categorically if there is the same amount of the list you stated as a few years ago, or more or less now. As to my “self-righteous dream bubble”; um, okay, I guess that walking through an area with a determination that one has when they are on an exercise walk might put off some homeless person from approaching you, and since I am walking with intention I am most likely not paying as much attention as to all the goings-on around me, so it is entirely possible that I miss most of the law breaking that goes on there. I definitely have witnessed SLO PD officers interviewing some the apparent transients there which has led me to the conclusion that they are trying to keep the area safe; perhaps I am being naive? And since my kids have all grown up and moved out and become productive members of society, inviting anyone random from the Mission Plaza to my house wouldn’t quite have the same impact as if I had minor children living at home; but I still don’t feel the need to have any of them come to my home. I also don’t ever remember “inviting the useless bottom-feeders” you have accused ” liberal dingbats” of doing. That needs an explanation, please. And your characterization of “impaired decision-making processes” only shows your bias, which is unfortunate since you seem to write with some intelligence. Your opinion isn’t right or wrong, just as mine is the same; we just have a “difference of opinion”, which I state from a very “awake” state of being.


OK, I went off a bit too strong, so I apologize. However, if you want facts about conditions in the parks, talk to Parks Maintenance. Not Parks and Recreation, not the Police, talk to the people who actually clean up the feces, vomit, syringes, etc. That’s where you’ll get your facts. It’s really way, way out of hand. The PD does the best they can, but the DA won’t prosecute, even in cases of drug trafficking. My short temper comes from watching this problem fester for years without anyone showing the moral or political courage to address it. Even Santa Cruz has finally had enough and is trying to get their troublemakers out, which is why they’re showing up here. But, I happen to be in possession of facts, not opinion. The “kids” hanging out at the Plaza are selling drugs; the PD knows it and has made arrests but the cases get dropped by the DA. The long-haired guy with the flannel shirt is a junkie who was arrested in the Plaza several months ago by Officer Bianchi, but is now back. He had oxycontin on him without a prescription. One of the females was arrested for trafficking but the case was dropped. One dude is a self-professed “Aryan” although I doubt he knows that that really refers to Iranians. The others are mostly meth heads; one dude was boasting the other day of his “seventeen felony convictions but only two strikes.” Check out J & K, and if you don’t know who they are then pay more attention. They’re a cute couple; watch how she’s always five paces behind him because she doesn’t want to get beat up again. Listen sometimes to the old losers comparing notes on the different places they’ve done time. My point is that there is a dark underbelly to SLO and most people are wilfully ignorant of it. The information is available if one asks around. Do your own homework. Find out about the Jack House and all the used syringes left there for City staff to deal with. Remember Sharon Ostman. Stop assuming everything’s just a “difference of opinion” because, with all due respect, facts and reality are not on your side. You need to wake up as do most SLO residents. However, please accept my apologies for going immediately to blast in my first comment. You probably mean well in your own way. Peace.


So what do YOU suggest? That we kill or incarcerate all “low lifes”?

You’ve got your nice home, family, friends and all the money you need, medical care, sanity, and you want to complain to high heaven about someone pooping, even though you have never lifted a hand to clean up all this supposed “poop”.

There will always be a full spectrum of humaity, from the “low lifes” to the “high lifes.” There are lots of people who think they are better than the rest and deserve more and to hell with all the others.

Sure, laws should be enforced, and its a lot easier to bust “vagrants” for drugs compared to busting all the wealthy homeowners who also do plenty of drugs.

If there are problems, we should take a positive attitude, a compassionate attitude and a generous attitude and try to better the situation for all. Simply ranting and stirring up hatred against “low lifes” is not helping at all, and likely only makes things worse, thank you very much.


Anything I have, I’ve worked my a$$ off for. That’s another fact. So let me lay this out for you. I’m willing to help those who truly need help. But this discussion is about the Plaza and the people who hang out there, and I’m telling you that the older homeless won’t go near the place. They’re scared of these young criminals. Yet another fact. I had a very pleasant conversation with an older homeless man a few weeks ago. He’s sober, very proud and self-sufficient, and is working on getting himself back up. We spoke for about 30 or 40 minutes and he was incensed at the actions and lack of respect these young punks exhibit. Can you consider that in some cases the most “compassionate” thing to do is to get tough with someone? I see these kids walking around with huge rucksacks, carrying as much as my boy in the Army. Yet they can’t work? BS!! We need to recognize that help can take more forms than simply shoveling aid at someone with no expectations in return. And if we can’t get prosecutions for drug dealing, then we are already admitting defeat. When I was a kid, I would do creek walks in the Spring when the waters had gone down a bit, from Cuesta Park down a mile or two. Nowadays the creek is a disaster zone. Only about one in ten homeless people practices responsibility in cleaning up their encampments. Want information on that? Talk to the Park Rangers who post and clean up encampments. I have, and they have horror stories to tell. I have learned a lot from talking with various City staff as I walk around SLO from my home to my place of work. These people are dealing with the reality that too many SLO residents want to deny. You accuse me of “stirring up hatred” but that is simply wrong. I’m trying to get people to see all the shades of reality. Viewing this situation through “one size fits all ” rose-colored glasses does nothing “to better the situation for all” because the older guy who lost his job is different than the twenty-something who’s been in and out of jail for years. We are really getting some bad apples in this town now. Rationalizing their misdeeds and convincing ourselves that it isn’t really so bad will ultimately lead to some tragic outcome for everyone. Did you consider that we might turn one of these kids around if he or she had to deal with consequences for actions? We might get one to turn back before doing something that lands him/her in prison for years and years, with some victim/family left to deal with the fallout. So no, I won’t back off using strong language to differentiate between the criminals cluttering up the Plaza and the decent homeless who can really use assistance. Lastly, you do know that many of the kids in the Plaza are, to use their vernacular, “housed up” right? Some of them come down from North County to hang out and deal/use all day. You want to pretend that it is not what it is, but I will not join you in your unreality. Compassion MUST be coupled with discernment or one simply becomes an enabler. That’s my last fact for you to consider. Enjoy your weekend.


Well said . . . . . .


So, AGAIN, I ask you, what do YOU suggest? Kill em all? Throw them in jail so that we have correctional officers cleaning up their poop at taxpayers expense?

OK, you want everyone to know the “reality” of the problem. Then what?

It’s easy to rant and rail and stir up hatred and animosity and perhaps get innocent people beat-up by children of the well-to-do irate “tax payers” as often happens.

You can throw out all these well worn, lame cliche’s about “rose colored glasses” but that does NOTHING. You’re just whining and all your self-righteous anger that you spew so proudly does NOTHING.

Whether you realize it or not, your responses have lumped a lot of people together and encourage people to not view others as individuals, but rather just a bunch of “vagrants” that need eliminating.

Can you tell us ONE POSITIVE thing to do to solve these problems you point out?


P.S., when you self-righteously brag that you’ve “worked your a$$ off” to get all the luxuries you enjoy and thus have a legitimate reason for hating the less well-off, you need to realize that it is all relative. Peasants in third world countries, even our local farm workers also “work their a$$ off”, perhaps much more than you have, But do they look down on you? Face it, pal, you’ve had it easy compared to 99 percent of the world’s population. And yet you whine and complain and act like you are so much better than others simply because you have more luxuries than others and perhaps better health and all kinds of other blessings that were handed to you in this life that have little or nothing to do with you “working your a$$ off”. Lots of people “work their a$$ off” but it is the nature of the world that some are rewarded more for it or for other reasons enjoy a more luxurious lifestyle.

You have it great, but you whine and complain as if someone is torturing you. Talk about ‘rose colored glasses”. Get real, Have some appreciation for all the blessings that have been handed to you, all the opportunities you have been given..


Look who is whining now wiseguy. Check the mirror “pal”. What is your suggestion? Obviously the current situation isnt working.


OK, Slowtime, then let’s start with YOU. What particular problem has a Mission Plaza “vagrant’ or “low life scum” caused YOU? Let’s be specific here. Then we can work on a solution.

Or are you just whining and hating for your ego’s sake, acting all self-righteous and cocky and selfish, as you live a nice, comfortable SLO life?

What is wrong with treating “vagrants” as if they are flesh-and-blood INDIVIDUALS? Why ramp up all sorts of hatred against people you barely know?

What makes you so much better and more deserving of dignity and respect than strangers in Mission Plaza? Because you have a home, a job, a family, a warm place to shit?

We have problems in our society, but one of the biggest problems is people whose heart is not open and who are quick to vilify and dehumanize others and perpetuate mindless prejudice, bigotry and hatred.

So, bottom line, beyond simply whining and ramping up hatred and misunderstanding, what do YOU propose as a solution to YOUR problem with the “vagrants”? Let’s be specific here.


My problems with Mission Plaza and the bums? First, every time I attempted to enjoy the park, and relax and eat a sandwich and read a paper or whatever, the stench of old urine was everywhere. There was shit and shit paper strategically placed next to and on the walks and lawn areas. The park was littered with trash, broken 40 oz bottles of cheap beer and liquor. Smelly people with their dogs aggressively approaching and accosting me and others for handouts. Loud drunk people yelling at each other disturbing the peace. Not a pleasant place to be, so long ago I stopped going there. The bums took over a downtown landmark.

I still haven’t heard your solution, though you whine a lot.


Wow, that sure sounds bad.

Would more public bathrooms, open longer hours, help? Or do you imagine people shit in public for the fun of it?

Do you have any suggestions?


The only one whining and complaining is you. You seem to be in a frothing rage that anyone would dare to think differently than you. Believe me, I’ve done manual labor pretty much my entire working life and I have in fact cleaned up plenty of human feces. I’ve worked as a custodian, I’ve dug ditches, I’ve picked fruit, I’ve mowed lawns, I’ve worked on roofs. I’ve got the blown-out back and the skin cancer to prove it. I daresay I know a lot more about hard physical work than you do. I’m not stirring up hatred for anyone, I just refuse to be wilfully blind to reality. You want specific suggestions? How about a residency requirement for homeless services? Homeless people from our county take priority in getting services. How about serious laws prohibiting camping in the creek, with penalties for littering up the riparian habitat to include working on a County Jail work crew cleaning all the trash and filth up? How about laws, with teeth, against panhandling downtown? Those are just a few specific suggestions. Then we could try to encourage our transients from other areas to go home, and we could concentrate our limited resources on those people from our community who have fallen on hard times and need assistance. Honestly, though, I think this will be my last post on this thread. You are not a serious intellect, and have singlehandedly managed to lower the level of debate. You are clearly a very insecure person who needs to attack anyone with whom you disagree. Good luck to you, and try to find some help.


As for your suggestions, I don’t think a residency requirement would help, and to any extent it would, it would simply shift the problem elsewhere.

So you suggest that police more frequently arrest people for camping near the creek. Well, once again , you are simply shifting the problem, this time to our courts and jails, which will cost us all.

Also, I think you are naive when you suggest we encourage transients to “just go home.” They are transient for a reason, and that reason usually involves not having a great place to call “home.”

I’m the one who says there is no easy solution to these problems, but that spreading hatred and animosity and prejudice will not help.

There will be more homeless, more transients, and more urine and more crazy people. This is what we’ve grown in the U.S. it is a test for us all.


The solution finally came to me. Since you have this great love for these rude, stinky, selfish, drunkass punks; why dont you open up your house and back yard and let them camp and do their shenanigans there! That way you could be close to them and give them the love you so much think they DESERVE. You can drink and do drugs with them and have a hell of a party!

Dont charge them money though, or the County will come down on you.


Does that mean you don’t like my suggestion for providing greater access to public bathrooms?

Would you rather simply whine and complain and spew ridiculous insults and hatred as you so often do?


Laughlines, I do believe a “residency law” is certainly called for. A person just cannot pack up & go to Australia (for example) for any length of time without having a job. A residency law makes sense to me!


So, youre saying you need to be an official “resident” of a local jurisdiction to be able to use public facilities? In order to use a public bathroom or park?

I don’t think this is a feasible solution.

Get real, please.


Yep, Mission Plaza is a haven for Santa Maria gang-bangers every thursday night (Farmers Market), and for the “travelers” every other night.


There is a HUGE difference between travelers and gang bangers. I have never had a problem with travelers.


OMG! Mission Plaza is now a “HAVEN” for transients & vagrants, it’s not even safe to go to Mass any more…scary!


No, No, it is a “HAPPY” Haven for Vagrants. (oops, I mean homeless). Feed them, they will come.


Yup, just like the so called occupy camp that became a drug filled homeless dump, enabled by local idiots and trolls. Glad thats gone.