Morro Bay police officer’s guns stolen

January 3, 2012


A Morro Bay police officer who left two guns in an unlocked vehicle parked in San Luis Obispo discovered early Friday morning someone had stolen the weapons.

Former San Luis Obispo City Councilman and Mothers Tavern owner Paul Brown left an unregistered 38 revolver and a loaded semi-automatic pistol in the center console of his personal car when he went home for the evening. At about 6 a.m., Brown reported the theft to police.

“I left my car unlocked,” Brown said. “I wish I could relive the moment.”

The Department of Justice recommends gun owners store their weapons in a safe and secure place and keep ammunition in a different location to prevent unauthorized use. In this case, the semi-automatic had a bullet in the chamber and the revolver had ammunition stored next to it.

In addition, according to California law, all firearms purchases and transfers must go through the Dealer Record of Sale process. Brown said the revolver was registered to his father, who passed away about two years ago, and he was in the process of getting the revolver registered.

“It wasn’t in my possession, it was in my car,” Brown said. “I had it because we were getting ready to transfer it into my name.”

California Penal Code requires that the person taking possession of a firearm report the transfer to the Department of Justice within 30 days.

A few years ago, Paso Robles Police Chief Lisa Solomon left her loaded semi-automatic gun in an unlocked car parked in front of her home. Atascadero police later confiscated the unregistered gun from a pair of burglary suspects and returned it to Solomon.


This story provides ample evidence that one should always keep their guns on their person at all times.



No thanks. That’s not the kind of life I want to live. I’ll take my chances.

Jack L

Actually that is good advise. Any handgun left in a vehicle should be in a locked safe. That’s what I do if I am not wearing it in public. The thought of a child or anyone getting these unsecured weapons is unsettling.


Same thing but different day, probably works on the side screen printing shirts for Chief Soloman…


You people are so mean, it turns out he is in training, He has only been on the force for 8 weeks.


You’re reaching, Cindy. Your excuse now is that, because he is incompetent, he should not be blamed for creating a danger to the public?

How about “because he is incompetent, he should not be allowed to have possession of firearms.”

You may substitute “a loser” for “incompetent” if you wish.


There is nothing wrong with my logic. The fact is that there are bad cops out there that need to be taken off the streets. Cops like Cramer and Whitening and the gang that beat up the Pizza parlor owner and the NTF gestapo gang run by Rodney John. Those are the ones that I’m concerned about but people here tear every cop apart that makes a mistake regardless.

Humans make mistakes and if they are otherwise good people then I’m not about to jump on the band wagon. Brown will probably be a very good and fair minded officer. If he ends up with an attitude it’s because people are just plain mean and unforgiving. Now go ahead, have a good time meat head.


Cripes Mary, There are some bad cops out there on the streets. Cops like Cramer and the gang that beat up the Pizza Store owner in his own home and then claimed all the video and audio didn’t work and the guy’s that violated Matt Harts rights and trumped up charges against him to cover up their own wrong doing and the Rodney John NTF gestapo gang. Those guys are a problem.

This guy made a human mistake and he will never do it again, why do people have a need to bash him? There are cops who are a real concern who do far greater harm, hurting, lying and covering up. Officer Brown who made a one time human mistake called forgetfulness due to preoccupation, immediately did the right thing in reporting it and taking responsibility knowing it would not go well for him. I’m just not willing to jump on the band wagon, it’s easy for a criminal to get a gun, it’s not the end of the world that someone stole his. I wish him well and I KNOW after this, he will never make this mistake again. I’ll bet $$ to donuts (no pun intended) on it.


Cindy, I can’t believe that you are giving this guy a get out of jail free card. This guy should not be able to be a cop. Cops cannot and should not make mistakes like this. This was just too stupid. Just not locking his door is a stupid mistake let alone the part about leaving two high powered loaded firearems in his car.


He is training with Morro Bay, but Paul has been a long time reserve officer in Guadalupe. That alone solidly removes the “gee-golly, I didn’t know” excuse.


Wait, if as you say, the law states certain distance to schools, and if, Paul still lives in the Laguna Lake area, then I believe he is right next to 3 schools!!!! He is directly next to an elementary school, within blocks of a middle school AND within a 1/2 mile of the continuation high school where teens there are already struggling with issues. NOT to mention of course that he lives across the street from the only low income housing San Luis has to offer!? Paul, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? I used to consider you a friend, but now, I just hope NO child who may think these guns are cool that they found in your car, accidentally kill themselves or someone else!! Shame on you Paul!!!!! You obviously have no children of your own. And you are going to be a Police Officer? Oh boy!!!!


Shame on society for not actively teaching safe gun handling and gun safety in school. Far fewer incidents when middle schools, high schools, and 4H clubs had rifle clubs and kids could learn how to safely handle firearms. Take the mystery out of something and kids’ curiosity subsides significantly.


Until I read this statement, I thought “choprzrul” was a reference to CHP helicopters. Now, I’m not so sure.

Why does a “kid” need to have a gun? Guns are intended for one thing only: to kill things.

I read once in Psychology Today that a child’s brain is not fully developed until the age of 20. What’s your excuse, Chop?


“And you are going to be a Police Officer? Oh boy!!!!”


Indeed, he will be one of the MBPD’s finest.


OMG. .

Could this be connected to the article about the shooter (who the SMPD refused to ID) who shot up some homes with his guns?

How conVEEEEENient (as the Church Lady would say) if those guns had been previously stolen out of the unidentified shooter’s unlocked car.


Jeebus. The trajectory of this pilgrim’s life does not appear to be upward.


BTW, this guy looks like Randy Quaid when Randy was sane and had more hair.


I’ve seen Paul perform with the swing band; he has way more talent that Randy Quaid ever had ….


Oh, well. If the MBPD has the sense to fire him, he can certainly get picked up by the Fast and Furious ( operation run by the federal ATF.


I think Mr. Brown has adequately proven that being a policeman, in Morro Bay or anywhere else is not the best use of his time. Maybe they need a crossing guard somewhere in the county?


Not sure if I’d want this guy to be responsible for the safety of my children who are crossing a street. He doesn’t seem to make the most prudent of decisions.


Kids are pretty smart. They could probably help him cross the street. ;-)