Morro Bay woman jailed for beating 86-year-old mother

January 6, 2012

Susanna Dyer

A Morro Bay woman allegedly entered her sleeping mother’s bedroom and started beating the 86-year-old woman on Monday at about 3 a.m.

Neighbors heard the altercation and called police who arrived to find the elderly woman suffering from visible injuries. Police also discovered the victim had previously taken out a restraining order on her daughter Susanna Dyer, 63.

Police arrested Dyer for felony elder abuse, domestic violence battery, and a violation of a court order.

The victim is currently in the care of family members, said Morro Bay Police Commander Bryan Millard.

“We are fortunate we could get to her in a timely manner,” Millard said. “We are looking into any abuse that may have occurred such as financial, physical or mental.”

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She looks 86 herself..rough life….


I knew that one day we would agree on something.


This’un looks like was Broke Bad a LOOONG time ago ! Where’s an unbalanced ATM machine when you need one ?

WTH with those tats? Are they part of a grocery list? Cribbing for a beginning math test?

It sure doesn’t look like being arrested improved her attitude. She looks resentful–not one bit remorseful or embarrassed.

I was thinking Spawn of Satan… but it’s probably Meth Pride…

You gotta wonder about the woman who mothered Ms. Dyer…………… Maybe mom needed a good beating but Ms. Dyer had to wait until she was 86 years old and sleeping before she could finally “take” mom………….

There are legions of people who became hardened by life, meth, whatever, who came from loving homes.

Her eyes say it all…………..

Indeed her eye’s appear soulless. I think she has been possessed by a demon named methamphetamine. Take a close look at him folks….

————————– METH-AM-PHET-A-MINE IS HIS NAME—————————–

If he approaches you bearing crystals, run like the devil is chasing you because he is.

God Bless

People who hurt their mother ought to have “Loser” tattooed all over their face.


But she is so pretty, and with them face tattoos how could anyone resist?

That’s what the greedy mom gets for taking her own prescription meds and not leaving any for her loving daughter. (That’s sarcasm in case it slipped past.)


Nice tats.

No kidding! Her “face art” accompanied by those cold, steely eyes…YIPES!

“The victim is currently in the care of family members”.

At least reading that part was a relief. I’m happy to know she has other family who love her and have come to her aide. Poor thing.

As to the rest of this, it’s too infuriating for me to comment on.