Lompoc guard pleads guilty to inmate sex

January 23, 2012

A former correctional officer at the Lompoc’s Federal Correctional Complex pleaded guilty last week to a charge of having unlawful sexual relations with a male inmate.

Renee Noelle Gutierrez, 42, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to a felony charge of sexual abuse of a ward.

At the time of the offense in April 2010, Gutierrez was a prison dorm supervisor responsible for more than 500 inmates. After the illegal sexual conduct was uncovered, but prior to being indicted by a federal grand jury last August, Gutierrez resigned her position.

Gutierrez is scheduled to be sentenced on March 26 by United States District Judge John F. Walter. As a result of the guilty plea, Gutierrez faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in federal prison.

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Some guys have all the luck.

I believe the imate did have some part setting it up and enjoyed it.

The payoff is a quiet settlement to quickly end further controversary and embarassment.

Early out with a lot of money.

He can truely proclaim “crime does pay” “means justify the ends” “by any means, subtl or underhanded”

Many in the correctional field knows without a doubt the criminals are really smart or clever.

Does she still get her pension? Will she serve her sentence in a coed facility?

Guard – “Prisoner #101, please have sex with me”

Prisoner #101 – “I haven’t had sex with a woman for 5 years, where do we do it?”

Guard – “I am not forcing this on you right?”

Prisoner #101 – “No, but I will soon be forcing it in you”

What a joke. Sexual abuse? I think not. 15 years? Our system is taking stupid pills.

“Renee Noelle Gutierrez, 42, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to a felony charge of sexual abuse of a ward.”

The guard committed a crime. She needs to be tried and sentenced, just like the inmates she had power over.

When it is a situation where one person has more power than the other person, the one with the power is the one who gets nailed for it. She should know better. She should be able to control herself better. She should realize what issues could occur if her liaison with an inmate got out in the general population.

The one who gets nailed for it………… Splutter.

Having known numerous prison guards/ASH staff, it obvious to me there is a fine line between the inhabitants of such facilities and the staff that is supposed to guard/supervise them.

No, I am not saying all staff, but enough of them that it makes you wonder…….

I think it’s just how groups of people interact.

It’s like how, when you have kids, you watch who they play with, who they hang out with, etc., because if there is going to be any change in behavior, it is not going to be the one with the bad behavior ending up with improved behavior because of the interaction with a basic, good, normal kid.

The guards spend most of their waking hours dealing with the prison system, dealing with inmates, etc. It would be normal for, after awhile, the boundaries to blend.

That’s why there are laws, like the one the female guard in this article broke.

Or . . . . . . . .

it could be the type of person that is attracted to work in that environment.

It is well known that that there is certain type that wants to be a cop. I think the same holds true for guards.

Again, I am not saying all cops or all guards.

I sure would like to know “how illegal” it was to warrant 15 years imprisonment.

If it was consensual but a violation of regulation, 15 years is kinda steep.

I would also like to know if it allows and justify the inmate to get a reduced sentence or an early out for his crime?

I know us guys can be shlubs sometimes but REALLY is the dating pool that bad that she had to resort to inmate trolling??

BDTD – Haven’t you heard about the very real fact that some girls are just plain attracted to bad boys? The idea of entertaining him privately and away from the safety afforded by her peers would make this a very dangerous and intriguing liaison for some types. Bad boys are often very difficult to control so where she was coming from, she probably figured that she had it made! Just look at all the groupies that contact the infamous serial killers with accolades of undying love !!

People with all their oddities can be rather interesting at times…….I say, unless he says she forced him, its not a big deal. The problem is that he will probably say she intimidated him and he will sue the prison and that is where the problem lies (for the tax payers) with this sort of antics . So in my opinion, woman of her sort are a liability not just to themselves but to the tax payers.

She broke a law. I wouldn’t want to work in a prison where a guard broke a law and didn’t get the same kind of sentencing the inmates would get. They might be a little resentful, and take it out on the other guards, too.

You would hope the guards would set an example for the prisoners, but I don’t know if that is the case in most jail/prison facilities.

That’s why they have laws. Just recently, a deputy who worked the LACounty Jail got some MAJOR prison time for smuggling in cell phones to the inmates. And he should, because it makes it difficult for all the guards who DON’T break the regulations and laws to carry out their duties with an inmate population.