SLO County dirty politics déjà vu

January 17, 2012

Ed Waage


San Luis Obispo County has had its share of dirty politics including slate mailers used in a 2010 sheriff campaign and the impersonating of opponents by a 1998 assemblyman’s campaign committee, both of which led to Fair Political Practice Commission investigations.

Aside from focusing on the issues, this years District 3 supervisor race already includes allegations of an imposter phone call to a resident and letters to the editor of the local daily taking aim at a candidate from authors who may not be who they say they are.

A few weeks ago, a District 3 resident sent a letter to the editor of the San Luis Obispo Tribune. The day it ran, the resident received a voice message from a caller illicitly claiming to be District 3 supervisor candidate Ed Waage.

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“Hi, (name redacted by request) I read your letter in the Tribune, are you a communist, or a socialist, or both or maybe a Marxist, this is Ed Waage. Just wanted to let you know what I thought,” the message says.

The opinion writer is a friend of Waage and knew it was not his voice on the recording.

SLO County politics have a history of dirty tricks that include stolen yard sign campaigns and untraceable authors of letters to the editor of the local paper spreading one-sided rumors. During the past few months, the true identities of the authors of several letters to the editor posted in the Tribune and one in the New Times that bash Waage appear unascertainable.

For example, a letter was posted in the New Times on Nov. 22 which said it was from Jan Woern of Arroyo Grande. The letter slammed Waage saying that the public needed to be protected from Waage and his views.

Another letter allegedly from the same person appeared in the Tribune on Dec. 12. This time the writer of the letter claimed to be a resident of Pismo Beach while demeaning Waage saying that he “will launch another campaign of deception.” However, searches of several data bases and phone logs by CalCoastNews and a local private detective show no one by that name appears to be living in the area.

That same day, another letter was posted in the Tribune bashing Waage, this time from Troy Johnson, also allegedly a Pismo Beach resident.

Efforts by CalCoastNews’ staff and a private investigator attempting to locate anyone in Pismo Beach named “Troy Johnson,” also bore no fruit.

District 3 includes a large portion of San Luis Obispo, Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, and Grover Beach. Adam Hill, a former Cal Poly English instructor, defeated incumbent Jerry Lenthall in 2008 to claim the seat.

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It never ceases to surprise how, “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

I haven’t read this garbage for year or two ..but it’s same people ,really get a life !

You sit at your computer make hundreds posts ,on tribune ,AOL , and this gossip site . Is your life so pathetic ?

Adam Hill , said it was a joke and the friend believes him.

End of story..

Fair game to argue with his record …I told Jerry Lenthal once if you do anything you piss have the County off . You try to be moderate you eventually piss everyone off. Funny to read your posts, You right wing wackos hate him for being too non growth …The crazy liberals among you ,hate him for trying bring jobs to county , keeping companies like LEVEL ,from leaving the County.

Sounds like Hill deserves another term ,if for nothing else than to keep all you under empolyed computer hacks busy … Get real life not madeup one..

How pathetic is your life that you take the time to comment on our commenting?

Caught red handed with the loot outside the bank, the bank robber said “It was all a joke and the bank teller believes me”. End of story? I don’t think so.

Nah, not pathetic lives, just individuals who understand character and its importance in govt. positions. It’s better you duck and hide because if you like the guy, who cares about his antics. Most of us expect more. And actually, most left of middle persons I know are equally disgusted. They have scruples too, not just righties. Btw, I’m quite well employed. How about you at 4:44 in the p.m.? Using your biz equipment, or “unemployed”? If you don’t like what you read her, don’t come back, silly.

It sounded like Santa Maria Bill!!