Danny Lipco, entertainment impresario, dies

January 17, 2012

Danny Lipco

Danny Lipco, a legendary entertainment promoter and ticket supplier for Central Coast venues from the Pozo Saloon to the California Mid-State Fair, died Saturday at the age of 59.

Lipco, whose entertainment contributions included promoting musicians such as B.B. King and Merle Haggard, died in a San Joaquin Community Hospital after a brief illness.

“Danny was special, we will miss him dearly,” said Boo Boo Records owner Mike White. “He selected us to be the Central Coast Vallitix ticket sellers.”

After the Bakersfield promoter took over Vallitix in the 90s, he expanded the business to include the Central Coast selling tickets for venues such as the Avila Beach Golf Resort and the Pozo Saloon.

“He was a generous kind man who meant the world to us,” said Rhonda Beanway, owner of the Pozo Saloon. “He was a great mentor to Levi (Rhonda’s son and Pozo Saloon promoter).”

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Betty ford came out to America about her breast cancer which saved thousands of women’s lives . There is a young man that raps a car around a tree not drinking alcohol , dies because he is not wearing a seat belt . This knowledge could be a lesson to one of his friends . This man had a nice business , he was young , and he died after a ” brief illness ” . I am about his age I was wondering how he died so I could maybe learn a life lesson from his death .

Slocal , you must be a friend of his because you sound really angry at my original question . For this I apologize , enough said .

It’s always intrusive and nobody’s business.

RIP Danny.

Really ! ….. He is enough of a public figure to get a mention in CCN . I hear others at my local watering hole asked the same question without my saying a word .

” Always ” Is kind of a strong word in this case .

How does it make your life better? It’s actually pretty morbid that you would care. And yeah, public figure or not pretty much none of anyone’s business unless it was a pandemic outbreak type of illness.

How sad he was so young , is it too intrusive at this time to inquire what that brief illness was ?