Affirmative action fight not over yet

February 14, 2012

Another scrap is brewing in the protracted battle over preferred treatment for minority student applicants to California schools as opposition to Proposition 209 lingers. SanFranciscoChronicle

Challenging the 1996 voter ban on affirmative action based on race or gender are 55 University of California school applicants and an advocacy group contending that “developments” since passage of the initiative offer the courts an opportunity to re-examine the measure. The initiative prohibits preferential treatment for education and state hiring, and was passed by a 54 percent margin. Since then, courts have generally viewed it as “race-neutral.”

Gov. Jerry Brown announced Monday that his administration will back plaintiffs in the latest court action, asserting the current situation “creates an unequal political structure.”

Previously, an appeals court panel backed Prop. 209, and Monday’s three-judge panel hinted it would not stray from that path.

“That’s water under the bridge,” Judge A. Wallace Tashima said.

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I would think that this is bad for the minorities. They are thought to be less intelligent, lazy, and pampered. Not good for society at all. Why would the minorities want a less qualified professional working on them.

When someone suffers at the hands of a less qualified individual they will blame us anyway, not the one working for them.

What we call a no win situaltion. I can understand helping them financially because everyone has that problem but not through Affirmative action. This is bull.

God Bless

It would have been nice to actually read the article at the link, but I could not get it to work. Nice to see the intolerant posting here though.

[link fixed]

It sounds like people would prefer that a person is judged “by the content of thier character, and not by the color of their skin”. How can that be intolerant.

Hypothetical: Your daughter requires brain surgery. Which doctor do you choose.

A. The one that made it through medical school based on abilities.

B. The one that got the wink and nod because of skin color or gender.

Be honest now…

Discriminating FOR a group is just as wrong as discriminating AGAINST a group.

Affirmative action = reverse discrimination, period.