Paso Robles locker room play? Or lock her away?

February 14, 2012

Lisa Solomon


Was it just naughty fun? A little good-natured grope here and there? Or were crimes committed?

Paso Robles Police Chief Lisa Solomon is being accused of sexual misconduct by a growing group of former and current Paso Robles police officers and department employees. She also ordered unlawful traffic ticket quotas, say some. But what, exactly, do these allegations really mean?

Solomon’s employer, City Manager James App, has made no public comment about the situation other than to refer reporters to a city policy describing “sexual harassment.”

Solomon’s reported actions, if proven true as described in detail by officers who have agreed to be identified by name, might go well beyond established, definitive limits of harassing activities. California criminal law specifically addresses at least some of the allegations.

In addition, several of the officers no longer with the department ascribe their departures to retaliatory actions by Solomon.

A handful of officers have provided details of a “mandatory meeting” called by Solomon for her supervisory staff during a Super Bowl “team-building workshop” at the Carmel Valley Lodge. The meeting was held in a hot tub at Solomon’s directive, officers said.

Solomon, after baring her breasts to the seven men, slipped her hand under former Sgt. Brennen Lux’s swim suit and touched his penis, officers said. Another officer was similarly touched after Lux quickly exited, according to witnesses.

Officer T.J. McCall reported to a city-hired private investigator that on another occasion, Solomon grabbed his penis as he rode in her official vehicle.

California’s Penal Code 243.4 (e)(1) reads:  “Any person who touches an intimate part of another person, if the touching is against the will of the person touched, and is for the specific purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification, or sexual abuse, is guilty of misdemeanor sexual battery.” Penalties for conviction are more severe for public officials.

The alleged Carmel Valley incident was witnessed by police commanders, lieutenants and sergeants who are duty bound to report such an alleged assault. However, none of the officers reported the incident as a crime or reported it to city officials as harassment.

Such a crime is described by prosecutors as a “wobbler” — depending on  circumstances, it can be charged as a misdemeanor, or as a felony, if, for example, a victim’s bare skin is touched without consent. Conviction of either carries jail or prison time.

Conviction under this provision of either a misdemeanor or felony also requires registering as a sex offender.

App provided the city’s policy regarding sexual harassment after being asked by CalCoastNews: “If several employees said a manager in the city sexually touched them, what is the city policy?”

App responded: “As to your questions regarding city policy, the city has an adopted harassment policy (copy attached) which defines harassment and sets forth the process to investigate.”

That policy dates back to 1992 and was prepared by former City Manager Richard Ramirez. It reads in part: “Harassment can take a variety of forms ranging from subtle, off-color remarks, to physical assault.”

This is the city policy’s definition of harassment: “Unwelcome advances, improper requests for favors and/or other verbal or physical conduct of an offensive nature (when) such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably and substantially interfering with a person’s work performance, or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.”

And those traffic citation quotas? Such allegations, if proven, put the chief in jeopardy of criminal charges, and the city at risk for expensive civil action.

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Awww Freddie that’s so cute! Of course you can see my boobies after the meeting…

WOW, COOL! Paso Robles has finally made it to the BIG time.

I just listened to Jim App on KPRL. What a piece of work he is. When asked about the allegations against the Chief he could not comment and I understand that. I can also tell you he did his best to stand up for the Chief, which makes believe Solomon has got the dirt on App!

One caller was displeased about App not putting the Chief on Admiin. leave. App justified his position by saying the following: he is not a fan of placing employees on Admin. Leave, the allegations are currently unproven, the allegations were of incidents that happened up to five years ago, who the complainants are (which are current, past, and disgruntled employees), and what is the likely-hood that this type of behavior by the Chief would continue.

Essentially he just shot this City Paid investigation out of the water. So expect Solomon to be exonerated of all these allegations and get a pay increase! The only saving grace is if the Council will follow the evidence and testimony of all involved, and make a decision on their own instead of following a “STAFF RECOMMENDATION” which we all know App will recommend.

You know Jim, yah maybe some of this stuff happened a few years back. The whole game changed five years ago when Solomon and her staff failed to disclose to you and the Council the violations of city policy and CA law. The staff has continued to hide the truth from you and the Council for the past five years, so that’s an allegation you have today. It’s like a bad case of STD’s, it just keeps on giving and won’t go away no matter how hard or often you scratch it… Your Police Department Leaders have no conscience, integrity, and most of all are dishonest, and once you lose site of all of these traits you can never ever get them back!

App, this is an ongoing issue and you need to deal with it like a professional, which is a stretch for you!

@#^%$& bong hit!

I too listened to app on kprl yesterday.

I used to be critical of kprl allowing app to get on the air and spout out all of his ridiculous policies that are responsible for putting our city in the mess is it in today.

But I was especially interested in his explanation of why there were so many police at the last city council meeting.

He was concerned that all of us citizen critical of his chronic mis-management of our city were going show up and inflict violence on him and the city council. It is scary to think that somebody like app has control of our police department. That he can put people with guns between him and people with a differing opinion on policies concerning our city and homes. Looking at the police dept that app and soloman have created, only reinforces my concern.

But now I am thinking, the more he is allowed to get on the air and make a fool of himself the better. The more people hear what a moron we have at the helm of our city the better.

There are many other topics that were discussed on the show, such as the blatant attack on CCN by app, his support of the overpaid employees he uses to carry out his political agendas, support of unsustainable budgets and many more.

The one positive thing that may come of this self promotion of his and kprl is that people will finally realize he needs to go.

Extremely well crafted summation, high.

The members of the Paso Robles City Council should be deeply embarrassed. While James App sounds like a complete scumbag who will to do anything he can to save his own hide, this is really the time for the council to step-up, even if it means that they will be stepping on themselves.

Now that the council is showing that it too is failing, I hope the people of Paso Robles step up and demand justice. In the end it might just come down to civil lawsuits that once and for all harpoon Solomon and App…

This all goes back to the illegal city council meeting when picanso broke the rules of the Brown act and voted in the the legal firm that specializes in representing the most corrupt city councils. He only got a couple of his cronies on the council to help him do this.

This is a perfect example of the results of that council meeting.

Iris Yang has proved over and over she will find anything in the law or twist the law anyway our council or app wants to support their actions. The council allows app to waste city resources defending his actions.

Our government servants know full well that in time citizens will forget and it will all be swept under the rug.

Here ya go citizens, the chickens have come home to roost!

Don’t forget, Jon Seitz is the city’s assistant legal counsel.

OH NO!! I didn’t know that…. GREAT :((

Mr. Blackburn has some of the information on the crimes committed by Solomon but here’s the real deal:

If it’s true Solomon called for a “Mandatory Meeting” in the hot tub she should be considered as on the clock in a working capacity as Chief of Police of the City of Paso Robles, correct? So if we are to assume she did call the meeting and then groped two of her officers you have a violation of PC 149 (assault under color of authority). This is a felony charge!!!

She also barred be breasts; a violation of California Penal Code 314.1 (indecent exposure) a misdemeanor, but could be plead out for a lesser included charge or PUBLIC NUISANCE.

And if she was intoxicated while doing this she was also in violation of California Penal Code 647(f) Public Intoxication.

She and her wrecking crew of a management staff came together in a meeting after this City Funded Drunk and Grope Fest and came to the unanimous choice to cover up these crimes and violations of city policy and California Law by keeping them quiet. This is called Conspiracy, another felony violation of the California Penal Code (PC 182).

Since we do have criminal law violations in these incidents, why is there no law enforcement agency involved in the investigation??? Come on Jim, pull your head out!

The inevitable will happen, and the longer App waits to make his decision on the future employment of Solomon, the more chance he has in losing his own job.

The investigation started in early Dec. and all interviews are complete, so why the waiting game Jim? Jim, are you trying to hide something or working harder at trying to put a spin on something than doing the work you paid to be doing?

Solomon has retained a lawyer as is her right, and she deserves this. When she speaks along with her management staff and if there are any inconsistencies or flat out lies there will be a Brady Issue, which means that any false testimony given in this investigation may be brought up at any trial at a later date. For example only; if Capt. Burton is found to be not truthful in his testimony, and then testifies in a criminal case at a later date, the defense attorney CAN AND WILL tell the jury that Capt. Burton was found to be not truthful in a past investigation so why should we believe him now! This will follow him throughout his career if this is the case.

It boils down to HONESTY and INTEGRITY, if you have none get out of Law Enforcement as a career because you taint the rest of the honest cops out there that are actually doing hard fought cop work!

OK, off to my doctor to get an updated marijuana card!

A better summary will not be found. If the city attorney is not screaming at the council for not taking action, she is asleep at the wheel. If Chief Solomon is to be vindicated by false accusations, it should happen with clean hands. Anything else will smell of a cover up. If the general manager has no understanding of the stink this is creating in the LE community he must be in the same car as Iris.

I think most citizens assume that a local government agency’s legal counsel’s job is to advise the agency in a way that lets them know when what they propose to do (or are doing) is illegal.

The reality is, in many cases, legal counsel serves as an advisor to give them the legal way they can do something that most residents would consider is illegal and wrong.

Legal counsel also advises city councils and boards of directors how to cover their tracks once they’ve done something wrong.

Legal counsel is NOT there to make sure the residents aren’t harmed by illegal or criminal actions by the BODs or city councils. They serve the local government agency, not the residents.

Good point, MaryMalone. It’s called a “machine,” and that’s what cities really are, political machines. And a hell of a lot of what goes on in them is illegal.

Exactly, look at Robert M. Jones fraud investigation, Pro-tem judge for San Luis Obispo, supposed to have forged Nancy Meeks father’s will and screwed her and her brother out of millions, grow some stones and bust out with an article on him CCN, unless of course your afraid of Robert M. Jones! (LIKE YOUR NOT!)

Oh perfect just on the LA news “LASO deputy placed on ADMIN LEAVE for ALLEGATIIONS of lewd acts with a child…. He is on leave PENDING an Investigation…. Just sayin’

OK OK call me crazy but this is what I think $%#@*&^%$* (bong intake noise).;

What is the reason App has not placed Solomon on Admin. leave? Anybody, anybody, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller!

If you were Jim App why would you subject yourself to all the public scrutiny and nasty press of not placing Solomon on leave? It’s the easy thing to do, right? She still gets paid and there is no association of guilt when one is placed on Admin. leave while a thorough investigation is completed. Wouldn’t It take the pressure off of App and the City Council while the investigation is completed? HELL YA!!!

Check this out; Solomon placed Ofc. David Hernandez on 4-5 months of Admin. leave because of an Internal Affairs Investigation of his bad driving habits and his poor communication skills with a prisoner he was transporting to County Jail (Hernandez speaks poor English). So WTF Jim???? Hernandez didn’t even grab the prisoners package, nor rub his flat hairless chest in the prisoner’s face, or call an all out DRUNK NUDIE staff meeting in the rear seat of the patrol car but he is still placed on Admin. leave. Jim App, you are out of touch!

So why subject yourself to all the HATE and QUESTIONS like App is doing just to keep Solomon in the office? The Answer; Lisa Solomon. Does Solomon have something that App needs or wants to keep quiet? Just think about this folks. This is an unprecedented investigation lead by a CIVILIAN ATTORNEY, investigating a POLICE AGENCY for violations of city policies and CALIFORNIA CRIMINAL LAW, and the person being investigated is still working 0900 to 1400 hours 4 days a week. How the $%&# does that happen? I have never heard of this before, nor has numerous current and retired POLICE ADMINISTRATORS.

Although the allegations made in this investigation are wild and crazy, you just can’t make all that crap up, and also rope in a couple sergeants, a Lt. or two, and a Capt. as witnesses/victims into a sweet little conspiracy to put Solomon back on the street (without a uniform this time). There is something to these claims but App is trying his best to hide it, taint it, diminished it, or just plain blown it off completely.

Here’s another thought; what if the CIVILIAN ATTORNEY who is being paid by the City of Paso Robles finds no merit to these complaints, should then a REAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY step in and conduct a REAL investigation. My bet the investigation will be UNFOUNDED by this attorney, and App will try to pass it off as the truth and go on with business as usual. I know it’s an option of what could occur but I think App will sink this investigation to save HIMSELF not Solomon.

This one stinks bad, almost as bad as that skunk weed I bought the other day!

Managers protect managers.

Of course they do. It’s political.

Are local politicians so blind as not to see what their public employees are doing? It seems one thing that we can count on: once politicians get elected, they become part of the same group they campaigned against.

The investigation is a farce. It is an insult to the officers Solomon used her power as police chief to harm, to the people of Paso Robles whose safety and best interests Solomon has abandoned (instead focusing on events where she can get her picture in the newspaper), and to the rest of us who live nearby Paso Robles because the criminals she lets run free, without challenge, in Paso Robles, don’t stop committing crimes when the leave the city of Paso Robles.

There’s an old saying: “Them that pay the fiddler call the tune.”

The “investigator” chosen by the City of Paso Robles to investigate itself will only report what he is allowed to report by those paying him.

You always make some interesting and vaild points…

but PLEASE DROP THE BONG and DRUG use references.

It discredits YOU and EVERYONE who speaks out on this site.


I don’t feel discredited….heck those who are or have been close to the department that know just how valid his posts are… It’s okay to like the posts without feeling “dirty”….take the info along with the humor… I feel more like an idiot when there is a TYPO in my post… Lol :-)

What’s the matter with mj?????? Please keep your hands and words off my bong!

No it doesn’t

I would by far trust the word of an admitted pot smoker than any politician that would require drug testing without submitting their own piss first

Politician=drug smuggler.

Officers are put on admin leave for FAR less….. I know officers from other agencies far from SLO county that are totally shocked about this . I feel sorry for the officers involved as well as those who are working there and aren’t involved ….I guess if you’re asked just say you work for the trash department….

Like, Like,Like (pts both thumbs up) =o

highdude, I don’t mind your BONG and DRUG use references a bit.

This is not to say that I approve of or condone drug abuse. Far from it.

However, I DO approve of HONESTY. You are what you are; so are the rest of us, and there is MORE THAN ONE KIND OF ADDICTION AND MORE THAN ONE KIND OF HYPOCRISY.

If you toke, you toke, so be it, but you also SPEAK YOUR MIND AND ATTACK CORRUPTION WHEREVER THE HELL YOU FIND IT IN THIS SICK GD SOCIETY! If toking somehow leads you closer to the truth than sober habits do some, then SO BE THAT ALSO AND MORE POWER TO YOU!

Anyway the police would much rather arrest am mj smoker than a drinker. Less violent, more loving. It is difficult to get anything done while high but most likely the job didn’t need to be done anyway. I offered a toke to a policeman once and we enjoyed a little peace and freedom for a few minutes. God Bless all.

pipe dream

Hissssssssss bubbble bubbble. Un what? Oh ya, right on!

In my opinion, the reason that App has not sent Lisa Solomon out on administrative leave is because the city council does not want him to.

The city manager (usually) serves at the pleasure of the city council. If the city manager doesn’t do what the city council wants, it would probably have a very negative impact on the city manager’s future with the city.

App isn’t the first city manager or general manager who has put his own best interests ahead of the best interests of the people he/she manages.

“Was it just naughty fun? A little good-natured grope here and there? Or were crimes committed?”

Imagine a lead sentence like this if the article was about a male.

Unfortunately, if it was a male, there would be an outcry to fire the person. Sorry folks but it appears this type of behavior is tolerated if a female is doing it. Everyone should be treated equally.