Burglary suspect arrested in Grover Beach

February 15, 2012

Police arrested a man they suspect burglarized numerous cars in the communities of Oceano, Grover Beach and Arroyo Grande early Wednesday morning.

Grover Beach police found Matthew Ortega, 21, inside a car on Oak Park Boulevard that did not belong to him. During the subsequent investigation, officers recovered items Ortega had allegedly stolen from other vehicles during his burglary spree.

Officers are asking all witnesses and any potential vehicle burglary victims to contact Detective Michael Hollis at (805) 473-4570.

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If this forum remains true to form, many commenters will now uses this news as an excuse to make mean, bigoted, spiteful, hate-filled, racist-and-violence-promoting comments that degrade our community in more troubling and profound ways than accomplished in a lifetime by your average petty thief.

The most perverse and hypocritical among them will likely also find reason to illogically criticize this particular posting of mine and/or flag it with “dislikes” based on irrational emotion and their own inability to to see themselves and their actions objectively and with an open heart.

I wonder if they found any unregistered handguns in this suspect’s possession; you know, one that a local LEO might have left in their unlocked car ….