Cuesta College hires accreditation consultant

February 12, 2012

Gil Stork

Cuesta College officials have taken the first step in getting the school’s accreditation back on track.

Cuesta College has hired a consultant to help the college find areas the campus needs to address in order to reaffirm its accreditation. [Tribune]

Last week, the Commission for Community and Junior Colleges sent Cuesta College an order to show cause for remaining accredited noting that the college needs to show improvement in the areas of financial management and stability, assessment plans and technological infrastructure. As part of the order, the college is required to develop an exit plan for closure that includes a financial accounting.

Campus officials are also working to reassure employees that their positions are secure and that the administration is focused on maintaining accreditation.

“The biggest challenge for us right now is just convincing people not to lose confidence,” Cuesta President Gil Stork said to the Tribune.

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This reminds me of the JCAHO hospital accreditation racket. These consultants spend part of their time in private practice, and part of their time working for the accreditation agencies. They know exactly how to assemble and format the materials necessary to pass the accreditation without actually having to make any substantive changes, if any are even truly necessary.

… and how many teacher’s salaries is this going to cost?

Typical government…….unable to perform economic calculations.

I don’t get it. The Cuesta Administration can’t seem to run their school in such as way as to get it accredited… so they take valuable funds and throw it at an outside consultant? What are we paying these administrators for?

How about this: first, acknowledge that the current Cuesta Admin has failed and fire every one of them (isn’t that what happens in private industry?). Second, hire administrators that can actually run a school in a successful manner. Hiring a consultant is a waste of money and only serves to create a scapegoat for the current Cuesta Admin in case they are not eventually accredited. And the trustees? Incompetence all around.