Paso Robles considering increasing sales tax

February 12, 2012

Amidst service reductions and under-maintained infrastructure, Paso Robles is considering asking voters to approve a 1 percent increase in the city’s sales tax in November. [Tribune]

Over the past three years, Paso Robles has reduced annual spending by more than $7 million a year and reduced the city’s workforce by 35 percent. As a result, streets are in disrepair, police have stopped responding to non-injury accidents and a city pool is closed.

During a revenue projection study session on Saturday, expectations were that the city would see growing revenue of approximately $1.3 million over the next five years.

Meanwhile, city officials said a 1 percent possible increase in the sales tax could generate about $6.3 million annually.

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If they pass the hike I will never shop in Paso again. Unless they put in a See’s candy. Then I have no choice. My wife will demand it. “How high do you want me to jump Sweetheart? After almost 47 years I will do anything for her. Even if she doesn’t ask.

God Bless all you married folks.

This will only serve to hurt local business owners. There are to many, close by shopping options; and of course the internet. Raise the taxes; my shopping dollars go elsewhere.

Gee, Danika…didn’t you know that the city of Paso Robles is simply following California Valley’s lead? Same exact thing. Over 7200 property owners, and budget of nearly $250,000, and the CVCSD cannot stay within budget. That district has only 2 powers; roads & garbage. Every person in SLO Co. (and Kern Co.) know the roads out in Cal Valley are a joke. And the district now charges for garbage pick-up. Why? Where does the money go? The the board? To those jokers they call our district lawyers? The only benefit our district sees from our district attorneys is for the board members ONLY. Those lawyers use the Brown Act as a way for our board members NOT to talk to the public. It is my hope that Cal Valley goes bankrupt (again) and the board members quit (again) and the county finally takes over this corrupt community run by grifters and unemployed druggies on SSI. This county is run by cowards.

There is little to compare between PR and CV.

No. Not one more penny, Paso. Let the wineries pay more. Ask the police dept. to give up their Carmel “work” weekends. Get rid of Jim App, the entire City Council, and yes…the divine Mizz Lisa. You have increased the water rate, the trash rate, and now you want a 1% increase in tax to pay for road repair. Didn’t the people of Paso already PAY for road repair and you misappropriated the money elsewhere? To continue giving you money whenever you scream “we need” would be enabling. So your answer is NO! Not one more penny. The taxpayers are done being screwed.

Lets see. An over paid Chief of Police. Overpaid city manager. Raising our water rates. What the hell I guess I can have a tax increase too