Does Ann Coulter make you hot?

February 21, 2012

Roger Freberg


Conservative author and activist Ann Coulter will speak at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo on Feb. 28 from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Chumash Auditorium in the University Union. The event is free and open to the public. However, tickets are required (information below).

Ann has already created quite a stir in the britches of some on the Cal Poly campus. A “flyer war” has erupted with officially approved Ann Coulter flyers being ripped down and replaced with very angry and profane alternatives that look like racist literature to me.

Somebody is going to a lot of time and expense to put up these fakes. The biggest battle ground appears to be the architecture building, long a bastion of right wing ideology. Right!  One faculty member was particularly distressed that any public funding would be used for Ann’s talk (although most of her fees are being paid privately). Public funding or no, some people just don’t think conservative voices belong on campus (or on radio or the internet or employed in academia or anywhere else, for that matter).

Just to be fair and balanced here, President Armstrong’s office has also contributed and this is a refreshing change from prior regimes.

For those of you who haven’t followed or read the works of Ann Coulter have missed some fun — she is definitely part of the American political landscape. Ann is very accomplished as an author and speaker and, yes, she has a degree or two. Her web site provides these ‘offensive’ tidbits about her life (with my observations in parentheses):

• “Ann Coulter is the author of seven New York Times bestsellers. (I am still waiting for one of our local leftist activist professors to have their first).

• She is a frequent guest on many TV shows, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Hannity, The O’Reilly Factor, The Glen Beck Show, HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, and has been profiled in numerous publications, including TV Guide, the Guardian (UK), the New York Observer, National Journal, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle magazine. She was the April 25, 2005 cover story of Time magazine. ( I don’t see CNN or CNBC or the Telegram Tribune and I wonder why?)

• A Connecticut native, Coulter graduated with honors from Cornell University School of Arts and Sciences, and received her J.D. from University of Michigan Law School, where she was an editor of The Michigan Law Review.” (After this, she had quite a bit of experience in practicing law, but I will leave that to your reading.)

However, it is not her accomplishments that have drawn ire from the left, but rather her uncompromising attitude over what is right and what is wrong in America. Here is one of her recent observations:

“…Oops, I take that back: Government employees who rob the elderly also can’t be fired.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that, after a spate of burglaries at a veterans hospital in California several years ago, authorities set up video cameras to catch the perpetrators. In short order, nurse’s aide Linda Riccitelli was videotaped sneaking into the room of 93-year-old Raymond Germain as he slept, sticking her hand into his dresser drawer and stealing the bait money that had been left there.

Riccitelli was fired and a burglary prosecution initiated. A few years later, the California Personnel Board rescinded her firing and awarded her three-years back pay. The board dismissed the videotape of Riccitelli stealing the money as “circumstantial.” (The criminal prosecution was also dropped after Germain died.)”

It does appear that a few at Cal Poly really don’t want you to hear or read about things that might make you think in “unapproved” ways. They just want you to live your life according to a plan, theirs.

If you would like to attend, tickets are available to members of the public in limited quantities at the following locations: Spring Street Auto at 729 Spring St. in Paso Robles; Kokkonen Insurance and Financial Services at 1103 Johnson Ave. in San Luis Obispo and David and Zimmerman Law Offices at 227 E. Branch St. in Arroyo Grande.

I won’t say that Ann makes me hot, after all, my wife reads this. Let’s just say I admire her and leave it at that.

Roger Freberg is a San Luis Obispo resident who is using his retirement to write a culinary-inspired blog, comment on important local events and occasionally enjoy getting sued for his journalistic excellence.

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Inquiring minds want to know:

Did Roger score with the Tranny Surprise ?

Hot? Sexually? No. Laura Ingraham yes, Ann Coulter, no.

Ugh ! The psycho-sexual fantasies of conservatives are DISGUSTING !

Laura Ingraham is a STICK FIGURE ! Maybe a HUMAN X-RAY that is marginally better than the HORSE TRANSEXUAL in Coulter .

What a tragic choice !

Very good show with many standing ovations she certainly has a quick wit and entertained the crowd she puts a lot of humor in her presentation.

I am proud of the SLO people were respectful, they asked tough questions and got answers but very little heckling, it is what free speech is all about.

Coming from you, that’s quite an endorsement.

Multiple standing ovations, with an event of this nature, means Coulter bombed.

If it was a truly inspiring presentation, listeners would be rapt and give a standing ovation only at the end. Instead what we got the equivalent of a State of the Union address where the partisan fans feel a need to repeatedly punctuate and strengthen certain phrases by standing up and applauding, because words alone aren’t telling anyone anything new.

Coulter was just screeching to her dwindling choir.

Coulter told her emotionally overwrought fans what they wanted to hear, which was nothing new,

The over-zealous applause and ridiculously frequent standing ovations may be attributed to people having nothing much to say or think about. So they clapped, to remind each other that they are not alone is believing in this woman, even though most of the audience was there because they were given free tickets or haven’t learned how to use the internet to watch this stale schtick in the loneliness of their own homes.

Paying Coulter to speak shows us how fiscally irresponsible Republicans can be, especially when they can spread hate and division and bigotry simply by writing an obscenely fat check to have someone else do the dirty work. And that’s what keeps the Ann Coulter entourage afloat.

Standing ovation, please!

Emotionally overwrought, physically overweight, and mentally starved to death.

We have different opinions on what is humorous.

From what the Trib wrote I get a sense that others seemed to have a different take on AAA’s clown show.

LOL ! Checking the Trib story again, I went to the ‘other photos’ and clicked on it. It is a photo of the audience in the auditorium. I kept increasing the magnification until I reached the maximum. Despite this effort, the crowd looked just like a meeting of the

A.W.O.P.P. ….

The “All White Old Peoples Party” !

Just curious ….Now that this is over, did anyone attend here ?

Was anything learned, or was it mostly the geek at the sideshow biting heads off of small animals ?

Pretty inciteful comment from Pat Harris, Chair of the SLO Democratic party , saying that she did not attend because Coutler doesn’t provide meaningful dialogue to the national political spectrum.

I did have better things to do myself, but if I had been there, i would have complimented Coulter on (her) consistent practice of birth control and contraception, and would have asked of (her) favorite methods …since they obviously worked so well.

I would guess that AAA’s favorite method would be condoms, I’m also grateful that wears one each time.

I haven’t heard anything about it so I guess it went fine. I don’t see any point in going to a lecture by AAA. She’s not a political figure, she’s simply trying to sell books and depends on libs to get up and yell at her or throw a pie at her, that’s what she wants, it sells books.

If you haven’t heard anything, that means she bombed. Not literally. Her show was uninspired.

Audiences are smarter. The internet has leveled the playing field. Too many people see Ann Coulter for what she is–and they don’t approve. Ann Coulter’s schtick is old and over-sold.

Even if she still inspires her most ardent googly-eyed fans, where does she point them to? She offers no great alternatives; neither candidates or solutions to problems. We’re left empty handed and starving for something beautiful to believe in, something beautiful to build.

Even that weird sex attractive thing she has going with some of the political nerds is waning as she ages, less gracefully than one would hope.

Just like the “talkies” ended the careers of the actors who found stardom during the silent movie era; the internet may be the technology that is making Ann Coulter irrelevant and boring to most media junkies these days.

If the young Cal Poly Republicans paid anything past four figures to book Coulter, that leaves us with more proof that Republicans are fiscally irresponsible. I heard they were forced to give most of the tickets away. I’m betting there were MANY tickets that they, literally, could NOT give away.

That’s showbiz!

To set the record straight, let me make it clear that there is no publicly known proof that returning Vietnam Veterans were ever spat upon by war protestors during the Vietnam era. Anecdotes published later claiming otherwise don’t count.

If someone actually does have PROOF of it having happened, they would do well to make it public as it would be considered by historians and military scholars world-wide as a major historical find that will inspire the rewriting of legitimate history text books.

I myself can imagine that somehow, somewhere during that long, long war some solider might have been spit upon. Things happen. But it certainly was not in any way common or an acceptable practice among war protestors or hippies as revisionist propagandists claim. In fact, as I point out there is NO EVIDENCE to prove it ever happened at all.

How many ways do I need to say it: THERE IS NO PROOF! People make this stuff up later for any number of reasons. Sometimes they later imagine it–and then come to believe it–years later. Memories oplay funny tricks on war veterans sometimes. Sometimes they play tricks on us, too.

But if someone has the PROOF, please bring it on.

Do We…as a nation, or do I, as an individual ; support RACISTS, FASCISTS or just plain JERKS ?

OK…we could just combine these IDIOT BOXES into one checkbox: REPUBLICAN.

Are you a RACIST ? Simple, vote REPUBLICAN !

Are you a FASCIST ? Simple, just vote Republican !

Are you a JERK ? Easy, just vote REPUBLICAN !

It’s not what you say, it’s what you DON’T say.

In brief, AAAC is also scheduled to speak April 19 at Missouri University. The ‘fee’ was reduced to $10,000 because of the campus Republicans affiliation with the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute …an extreme right wing women’s group, and the Young America’s Foundation .

Why have the locals here not been as brave and willing to publicly reveal these sources to the rest of us here in happy ole SLO ?

Spokespersons at MU PROUDLY publish things like this: ” We are willing to stick our necks out and cause a stir”, Amzen said, “She is supporting that. She wants to be a part of it by doing whatever she can to help. “.

There you have it.

Incidentally, Clare Boothe Luce was an extreme right wing actress, wealthy wife, and politician. Her views were isolationist and ultra conservative …opposing the policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt seemingly automatically. Some have speculated that Luce and her rich publisher husband, Henry Robinson Luce, were fifth columnists for Nazi Germany.

It has also been suggested that Luce was the model for the charaacter of the evil and ruthless Eleanor Shaw in the novel The Manchurian Candidate ( Later played by Angela Lansbury in the movie ).