Feds nix plan for Medi-Cal co-pays

February 6, 2012

An effort by the Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration to raise nearly $300 million through Medi-Cal co-payments has been quashed by federal officials. [Sacramento Bee]

The unprecedented state plan was to assess a pay-per-visit fee for low-income Medi-Cal patients, and to allow doctors to determine if they would provide care — or not — because of non-payment of that fee.

The federal Center for Medicare & Medi-Cal Services (CMS) had to sign off on the plan, and declined to do so. Brown’s budget-writers hoped to assess charges to residents whose health providers include Medi-Cal for a variety of of medical services including office visits, drug prescriptions and hospital stays.



  1. willie says:

    It’s the same old paradox over and over again.
    The ideal code of ethics and reality.
    The physician’s oath and horrendous operating cost (lease, mal-practice insurance, medical equipment and supplies, nursing staff) and the poor whom cannot afford it.
    Realism: No income, no service, no survival.
    The 99% cannot do it for free else face eviction and bankrupsy, the 1% will not invest in anything that does not yield substantial returns.
    What some medical professionals have done, was donate FREE service to the poor and disabled one day a week to get some sense of sanity in this dilemma.
    A co-payment-typically $10-20), if one can afford it would be a helpful tip (It is not a deductable which can cost thousands of dollars).

  2. Slowerfaster says:

    Not surprising.

    Doctor’s that would declare to NOT provide care based solely on a patients ability to pay would be violating their Hippocratic Oath… and would be liable for suit and to having their license pulled.

    As it SHOULD be. !

    Thankfully, most doctors / health care p[rofessionals are not heartless bloodsuckers.

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