Homeless speak out against police crackdown

February 23, 2012


About  a dozen homeless residents spoke out at the San Luis Obispo City Council meeting last Tuesday against a recent crackdown by police who have ticketed people sleeping overnight in their vehicles.

Homeless residents such as Karen Frickel said they feel singled out by law enforcement who bang on their cars, wake them up and then ticket them for camping.

“We’re not camping, we’re living,” Frickel said.

As of Jan. 26, 2011, there were an estimated 3,774 homeless living in vehicles, tents and on the streets of SLO. Of those, reports show as many as 40 percent work at least 20 hours per week.

City Manager Katie Lichtig said the law enforcement crackdown is most likely the result of complaints from residents about people parking overnight on Prado Road and Long Street.

Councilman Andrew carter said a number of the complaints are from people who work at the Prado Day Center and other local companies.

“We have a number of laws which are not with respect to dealing with the homeless population but with regard to people parking on the streets,” Carter said. “The 72 hour parking law, well sometimes people will park a boat or a trailer on the streets and over the years people have complained. The laws don’t originally exist dealing with the homeless population. The police department has gotten more active in enforcing these laws because of citizens’ complaints. Most recently many homeless have been parking near the Prado Day Center”

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Here’s my solution. Open the parking structures at night for overnight parking. They have restrooms. Set up times when people can park there and when they have to vacate in the morning.

Open city parking lots for RVs and campers. These people don’t need restrooms.

Why not? Very good ideas.

Look around town. How many city or county owned parking lots do you see. Police station, parks, schools, library, court house, parking garages, sports fields, etc. etc. Do you think that the city or county wants to accept the liability of having transients living on this property. They will not allow the crime, filth or potential law suits that will come with this allowance. So, they allow the homeless and transients live out in the neighborhoods. This allows our elected leaders to say they are concerned with the problem, but relieves them of all responsiblily for the problems.

This problem is much bigger then where they’re going to sleep and hang out. The homeless population is exploding and the funding and jobs to help them are lacking. But I do believe that for now this is a reality that we need to deal with. If churches won’t allow them to sleep in their parking lots then their tax exemptions should be taken away. I am paying for these churches it’s time for them to give back a little. Some churches this year opened up on cold nights and I think that was wonderful, kudos to them. Churches could rotate. If the missionaries can teach people about christianity perhaps they could put their efforts towards teaching homeless the life skills that some of the homeless people need to be self sufficient. To the churches, lend a hand in some way or pay up. I’ve never been a fan of this tax exempt thing anyway.

You’re full of poop. You’re not paying anything for the churches, merely because they have a tax-exempt status. By your logic, any 501C3 entity should take care of the homeless, because “I am paying” for them. Can I then expect Media Matters or the Sierra Club to take care of issues I want them to take care of, and if they don’t then their “tax exemptions should be taken away[?]” The churches are NOT obligated to do what you think they should do just because of their tax status. In reality, your share of extra taxes resulting from the churches’ tax exemptions is probably only a matter of pennies, or even some fraction of a penny. You exceeded the amount of “outrage” you’ve actually paid for after the first sentence of your goofy little rant above. If you aren’t a churchgoer, that’s fine, but you don’t have any right to dictate to churches what they do with their ground, facilities and funds. Lay off and find something constructive to do.

Give me one good reason why they should remain tax exempt? The Catholic Church alone is filthy wealthy, they own enough properties alone that if taxed it would be a huge boost in the economy. Why are we not taxing an org that has a problem with child molestation, that makes a huge profit and really doesn’t help society at all? We are lucky if these Catholic leaders receive a slap on the wrist when busted for child molestation. What about the group that we’ve recently been talking about that picket our soldiers funerals and while the families are trying to mourn they get to hear shouts of ‘your son was a dirty fag’,,yippee lets makes sure that they don’t pay taxes.

Tax exempt orgs arn’t supposed to make massive profits? I’m not picking on the Catholic Church though. Look at how the Bakers were living with their air conditioned dog house. They’re not the only ones though, many of these ‘preachers are living much more comfortable than our teachers, firefighters etc. and this is an example of how this country has it’s priority mixed up. Religious groups are largest contributors to political candidates. If not for the imMoral Majority Reagan would have never been elected. I resent my tax dollars not only helping but my money (and I don’t’ care if its only a penny) caused the successful wins of the Bushs and Reagan.

You shouldn’t even use the word the logic because your post contains none. The churches aren’t required to do what I want to do, that was a brilliant deduction on your part but fortunately I’m not the only one that feels this way. Tax exempt for the most part means non profit. You won’t find the Sierra Club holding meetings in palaces that they own such these huge churches. It rediculous to allow this to happen. Churches are nothing more but large corporate type of thugs and this country is way to friendly with large wealthy corps.

That being said, I do see small churches that do help their communities. I see a little church on Grand Ave. in Grover Beach that seems to always be helping the needy. I don’t know what they do there but I do see that they frequently have what appears to be a type of soup kitchen. But then I drive by the big churches such as the New Life Community Church, that big church on Santa Rosa and Foothill with the black Jesus, I don’t see them holding soup kitchens in their parking lots every week. Forget them, if they can’t contribute and help their communities then they need to pay up.

I’m sick of paying for these people to simply go out and minister or brain wash other others to join their large cults. Time to shut off the funding.


no he took all of your vowels instead ????

No, your remarks went into personal attacks, we don’t let users tell other users to foad, instead we have a “your comment is waiting for moderation” thank you and your welcome. ????

This is similar to a program in santa barb’s, there is a waiting list.

Rules are rules, if I slept in my RV there would probably be a ticket on my window in the morning. Wal-Mart Paso just posted signs to rid their lot of the nuisance. It was getting bad. My suggestion is to set up outside city limits as the Sheriff’s Dept. is much more relaxed. If it were me, I would park overlooking the pacific along highway 1.

Where specifically would you park? You probably couldn’t go far because gas is so expensive. I’ve tried to think of places close to town but out of the way and I can’t think of where they should go.

In hindsight, the county board of supervisors should have worked with Mr. Devaul at Sunny Acres instead of against him.

Who are they hurting? As long as they’re not pitching their feces or urine in the street then let them be. It sure beats living in the creek and fouling that place up.

They hurt me and my wife, my neighbors children and the general public. They park behind our house, on a public street, in a no parking zone, play music late at night, urinate and deficate on public property, meet with their friends and drink and do drugs, throw trash onto public and private property, close off the sidwalks with thier shopping carts, bikes, trash bags, force walkers to walk in the street to get around thier mess, yell at pedestrians and drivers, and these are just the things I have witnessed regularly. This street, and what these people seem to think is thier rightful home, is just 30 feet from my bedroom door. The same for my neighbor. My neighbors children get frightened when the yelling starts. I am kept awake at nights. My wife gets scared. I have to pick up toilet paper, kleenex, used paper dishes and tableware from my property because they throw thier trash over a 6 foot stone wall into my yard. Who knows what kind of disease carrying microbes may be on this trash. I call the police and complain and will continue to do so. They do not have a right to do what they do. When behavior is wrong, it is wrong and no amount of rationalization with change that.

I understand if they’re causing a nuisance. I wouldn’t want to live like that either. There must be someplace where they can park where they won’t be causing trouble. I like Jacks idea about church parking lots. We can’t just keep brushing them off though, they need to go somewhere.

Yea – you’re right. They are mostly scum, who beg, drink and make walking through the city an unpleasant experience. Right after I posted that comment, my wife came back from SLO and told my how many scummers were lazing around town asking her for money. I feel sorry for the few who are truly hurting but the majority are a bunch of losers who should be working in the fields or hotels doing the jobs that our imported illegal labor are doing – they seem to all have homes.

I am so sick and tired of this community and police department in not being TRUE Christians! How many times do I have to post what Jesus states about the poor before it finally sinks in to the ones that roust these people instead of helping them?!

Jesus said; “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” (1 John 3:17-18)

Jesus said; “All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do.” Galatians 2:10

Jesus said: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless.” ( Proverbs 31:8)

“For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’ (Deuteronomy 15:11)

Now, at what point does the city of SLO, and it’s population of “alleged” Christians start doing what Jesus has commanded upon them? Huh? I have NEVER seen so many hypocritical pseudo-christians in my life, as here in SLO County!

Does the city, or particular individual Christians, etc, know more than Jesus in the respect of taking care of the homeless as He has projected within the Net Testament? NO THEY DO NOT!!! You people better get right before our Christian God before it’s too late because you’ll be called HYPOCRITES if you don’t follow through and help these people. This is barring upon your demise, the hottest place in hell will be reserved for your like!

God’s laws trump man made laws, and NEVER forget this fact! Who is ANYONE to say otherwise?

“How many times do I have to post what Jesus states about the poor before it finally sinks in to the ones that roust these people instead of helping them?!”

Doesn’t matter, most of us ignore you anyway.


Most ignore me at their own peril on Judgment Day! Obviously you didn’t ignore me because of your response! Thank you! lol

Actually, I generally do ignore you but I had to make an exception in this case. Believe me, come Judgement Day, you won’t even be on my radar! Bye bye

I don’t ignore you Ted! Bless you :)

Hey Ted,

Why not let them park at your house?

Since Obama declared that we are no longer a Christian nation, I guess we can roust them out with feeling that good old Christian guilt.

Yeah, sure, it is PRESIDENT Obama that declared that we are “no longer” a Christian nation? Um, dude, we have never, ever, been a Christian nation, no matter what you “believe”. How about a little history lesson? The Treaty of Tripoli: “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”; ratified in 1797 by the US Congress, signed by President Adams. You want to assert anything different? Provide some backing evidence, if you can find any that disputes my assertion that you are completely wrong.

Ted Slanders

Please post your address so that these people can come and park in front of your house. i think it would be admirable of you to step up to the plate and really support this cause.

Buddy Holly,

That’s a GREAT idea! Why didn’t I think of that before? All TRUE Christians should post their addresses in this thread, and I’ll take it down to the homeless on Prado to show that REAL Christians are actually stepping up to the proverbial plate and actually FOLLOWING WHAT JESUS STATES IN SCRIPTURE INSTEAD OF HIDING FROM IT!

Just think in how you and other Christians will feel when they don’t go against the teachings of our Christian God! First thing, they won’t feel hypocritical, praise Jesus!

What a concept, thank you Buddy! Will you be the first to place your address upon this list?

Brother Ted, Let me help you in this regard !

I can retrieve the IP addresses of those posting here in response to your Holy petitions. I can then cross reference to actual physical abodes to these Samaritans !


You and I can bring these simple subjects to the doorsteps of TRUE CHRISTIAN believers , where they will receive solace and charity !



Churches have parking lots and bathrooms. Sounds like a logical place for the homeless to go at night.

So far this has been the only productive response to Ted. Good idea.


Uh, this concept didn’t work for me. I had made a list of ALL of the Christian churches in San Luis Obispo, and then placed the passages shown above relating to Jesus upon this list for the homeless to use to vouchsafe that they should be taken care of by the churches on the list.

Unfortunately, I was told by many homeless that tried this venture, that the churches were very silent when the church goers and pastors were approached and shown these bibllical passages that I had given them. The homeless told me that it was like the congregation knew more than Jesus because they didn’t follow Jesus’ word in this repect!!!

On BMW 733i in the churches parking lot on Sunday morning would have paid for the homeless’ food and shelter for a year! But, to no avail. Can we say “hypocritical” pseudo-christians? Sure we can. :(

” Can we say “hypocritical” pseudo-Christians?” ‘Hypocritical pseudo Christians’…yeah that was pretty easy to say.

One of the standard claims from the right is that we don’t need the govt. to help the disadvantaged because that’s what all of these religious institutions do. I heard one of them the other day say that the churches aren’t helping these people because of Obama, he’s taken their ‘insentive’ to help others away.


If there are psudo-christians as pastors and chuchgoers of a Christian church, then why aren’t the true Christians up in arms about it? The homeless in SLO have been around for quite awhile now. I’d assume the number of true-Christians that follow the words of Jesus greatly out number the homeless. Why in 2012 do homeless people still sleep under freeway crossings, next to creeks, or in their cars on public streets?




You know why ? Brother Ted and i know ! Because these are PHONY Christians that live here and LOVE their material goods MORE than their spiritual needs.

But these material greedists do NOT CARE !

They rather would be greedy NOW and forsake an eternity of blisters and pustulesd in HELLFIRE of sulphur lakes.


Our GOD will meet them and kill them in JUSTICE !

Brother SF,

I have to admit, that subsequent to reading your godly words, I fell to the floor with raised arms trembling skyward as if Jesus spoke those words Himself!

Praise you Brother Slowerfaster for bringing this godly enlightenment to the pseudo-christian element within this forum! Nothing will change for them as we know, but at least you flipped the coin for them to see the other side that they are so lacking in the name of our Christian God!

I am sure that you’ve moved up the line considerbly to the Pearly Gates upon your untimely demise, praise you!!!

There is certainly provision made in scripture for caring for the poor. The Bible speaks in many places about caring for the “fatherless, the widow, and the orphan”. There are actually commands in Leviticus 19:9, 10; 23:22; Deuteronomy 24:19, 20 about not taking every speck of produce from the fields, and not harvesting the corners of the fields so that the poor can come and glean. I think it’s important to note, however, that the poor had to do something to receive support, namely get up, go to the field, and work at harvesting the free food. They couldn’t just sit on the couch at home eating manna and watching “The Ten Commandments”, while the food was delivered to their door.

And Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 3:10 “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”

There is a balance; if a person is truly incapable of taking care of himself, then yes, the church should step in and help (and it does, by the way; the church I attend has a food bank, and a fund set up to help struggling parishioners); however, the church (and society at large) is under no obligation to be used by those who “will not work” (their choice).

NOTE: Sorry for the homily. I am responding with scripture only because Christianity is being bandied about in a mocking manner, and felt the need to defend it on it’s own merits.

And how does scripture say to handle those that have mental or physical disorders that limit them from working in the fields? How should we deal with those that aren’t capable of caring for themselves or that need help just to get by? I’m self employed and I can tell you that if the guy that stands on the corner of Madonna and the FWY on-ramp with a sign asked me for a job that I wouldn’t hire him. I can’t afford to hire those that might be challenged in one way or the other. But he shouldn’t have to sleep in the rain either, it might not be his fault that people like me can’t hire him. What about the homeless vet that has debilitating PTSD that for obvious reasons can’t get a job or doesn’t know how to work for a living? What does the Bible say to do with them? I’m not being snarky, I would really like to know what the Bible or what do you think we should do with such people or do you feel that everyone no matter what is capable of financially supporting themselves?

Society (and the church) should help those who are truly incapable of helping themselves. I would say, however, that many people can work, at least a little, in helping to provide for themselves. My point was not that we should return to the Mosaic commands concerning gleaning; I was trying to speak to the general principal that people should not expect something for nothing.

My beef is not with the truly destitute, and those pitiable individuals incapable of functioning in society; my problem is with people sound of mind and body who live a certain lifestyle (whether by poor life choices, or by refusal to do what is necessary to change) then get angry when the enforcement of existing law affects them, or when people get tired of being dunned and refuse to accede to their demands for money.

I have an example illustrative of the behavior I am decrying: Years ago, a man came to our church asking for money or food. My pastor at the time was a kind man, and offered to take the man to McDonald’s to buy him a meal. The man’s response was, “But I don’t like McDonald’s”. My pastor then pointed to the broccoli fields across the street, and said “Then go across the street, they’re hiring.” At which point the man left. That’s the kind of attitude I’m talking about.

I agree, if someone is able to work then they should do so. As a matter of fact I believe that those on public assistance should contribute if possible. If they can pick up trash or volunteer at schools or what ever they can do then they should be required to do so. I get flack from my lib friends over that but I do believe that people shouldn’t just take without giving. But I believe that a majority of the homeless (not all) that we see really do have issues. I can’t imagine a child growing up saying, ‘mommy, when I grow up I want to live under a bridge’. I don’t feel that is a healthy persons goal. I feel like we need to cut them some slack and that’s it’s our job as a humane society to help those that need help, unfortunately most won’t help so the govt. needs to step in to help.

I have told this story before but here it goes again. I once saw a homeless guy on a corner near our local Taco Bell. He held a sign that said that he was hungry. So I drove through the Taco Bell and bought him lunch. When I delivered his lunch he opened the bag and with a snippy look he looked back at me and said ‘I can’t eat that, I’m a vegetarian’. I was taken back, I thought of the old ‘beggars shouldn’t be choosers’ saying. At first I was mad but then I realized that he was just one idiot, they’re not all like that, so I would do and have done the same thing again (not for him though).

Ugluk and Typoqueen

Excellent exchange of real down to earth substance.

I appreciate your sharing of insight, knowledge, experience.

Thank you


In the passages shown below, where does it state with specificity that Jesus ONLY wants you to help the ones that won’t work?

Jesus said; “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” (1 John 3:17-18)

Jesus said; “All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do.” Galatians 2:10

Jesus said: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless.” ( Proverbs 31:8)

“For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’ (Deuteronomy 15:11)

You DO NOT have the option of knowing more than Jesus the Christ, period! He states that TRUE Christians are to take care of ALL, I repeat, ALL the poor, no matter if they want to work or not! Read the scriptures within context without your personal opinions.

Thank you.

Brother Ted, Once again you have done your Godly Homework !

Hallelujah !

2,000 years, an still these worshippers of things put their treasure wher “moth and rust doth corrupt” .Thus , they ARE the corrupted. it matters not what they call themselves.

WE know that Christ the Lord ministered to the poor. He pretty much left the rich to their own devices, and fate; because he realized that THEIR faith was in mammon ( money ).

Behold Matthew 19: 23-24 – “Then said Jesus to his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven.

And again i say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”.

What many do not understand was that this was not some fairy tale.

Back then, most cities had walls and gates …to protect from wild animals and also marauders, particularly at night. The gates were usually open in the daylight, but closed as night fell.

There were travelers that would be caught outside the gates at night time, but there was a much smaller side entrance called “the eye of the needle” whereby a person could still enter the city. But it was the rich person with a camel or camels and loaded with possessions that could barely get in. they had to first take all of the goods off of the camel, leave the riches OUTSIDE the walls, and then the camel had to be guided in on its knees and crawlin. Very difficult. The goods had to be carted in by hand.

What is even more appalling is that this community was established as a MISSION to bring Christ to the people. Imagine all of the purported ‘missionaries’ living here that travel to far lands and strange people; but who then ignore the teachings of Christ in their home town !

Jack R posted well that it should be the CHURCHES that open their doors to these dispossessed, or at the very least, their parking lots. They might even increase their parishoners !

Selah !

Brother Ted, I feel that I have to call to your attention to pay attention. What happened ?

Did you have a particularly hard time ministering to one of the ‘fallen angels’ in your bus station missionary calling ?

If so, please forgive this humble plea.

But look …29 negs to you. That’s 29 ANTI-CHRISTIANS that demand CHRISTLY remonstrations and Godly condemnations ! PRAISE !

Even with my lowly admonission , hitching to your saintly wagon, there are ( at this counting ) 10 HEELOTS that need proper HOLY REBUKE.

I am now in metaphorical “Prayer Circle” with worldwide disciples to bring the HELLFIRE of salvation down upon these soldiers of SATAN, and wait for you to join us in sacred retribution !



It is disgusting that they’re so many non-christians that have given my lead post so many thumbs down. We can only wonder in what Jesus is thinking about them at this time. Isn’t it funny, that they think they know more than Jesus the Christ when it comes to taking care of the poor of our land? LOL!!!

They’ll pay upon their demise, and subsequently, they will start smelling the sulfur lakes as they take the one-way E-ticket ride to HELL! Praise our Christian God for His revenge!

Praise JESUS , Brother !

I , like you ( at least I HOPE like you ) have prepared for the END TIMES as foretold !


As such, I have adequate foodstocks, blankets, socks, archaic seeds and modern, water, hard metals, and LOTS AND LOTS of guns and ammunition.


They will have to make their case before the HOLY Sepulchre, but only after they meet some steel jacketed JUSTICE .


Hey Ted and slowerfaster,

Your guys “act” was funny when you first appeared on CCN but now it is old, tired and stale. No you are just clogging up the discussions here with your cut and paste tactics–same old comments just posted to a different story–take your hobby somewhere else.

I don’t agree with you. They will probably damn me to hell for this, but I don’t believe in any gods, heaven, hell or any supreme entities. But there’s usually a good message in thier posts. Even thought I might not always agree with them, their clogging is always relevant to the discussion, therefore they’re not really ‘clogging’ up discussions, they are adding to the discussions and much more on topic and relevant than your ^^ post. If you don’t like their posts then simply don’t read them.

TQ …I will not speak for Brother Ted, but I will not ..indeed i CANNOT condemn you to HELL for your unbelief. Only our Christian God can do THAT. !


I would surmise that you might be spending a long time in Purgatory, however .

Anything that you do in deeds to minister to the poor will go far in alleviating your perpetual suffering , so you do have a bit of an advantage.


Ted eat Sh%t lol

‘lol’,,really, to you that’s funny, hmm,,, weird sense of humor.

Isn’t there something in Galatians about “…if a man shall not work, he shall not eat..”? I think you’re not really a Christian anyway. Jesus wouldn’t tolerate people being wilfully filthy, doing drugs, and committing petty crimes. I think you’re full of BS. Anyone who screams at others about how ungodly they are is hiding something about himself. I’m certainly an imperfect Christian, but you’re totally out there. Do us all a favor and get on some medication, or get back on if you’ve stopped taking it. Weirdo.

Ted, if u don’t like Slo than move. We won’t miss you.

I guess it depends where you live and park. Morro Bay has a parking ordinance that includes no camping and / or boat parking on public streets that is rarely enforced “IF” you are a homeowner. Our neighbor has several vehicles in violation, including a large boat, small boat and a camper at one address. This has been allowed for over three years. These vehicles and boats have weeds growing under and around them. City sweepers can never clean the street on this block because along with the prohibited boats and camper the same residents also have three other cars parked on the street as the driveway has yet another storage trailer parked in it. Why are they not cited? The police know of this problem area and ignore it. Yes, the police are busy, so may I suggest that the volunteer officers that cruise around all day site or log and mark known violators? Oh yeah, the camper is used as living quarters with a large obvious electrical cord running into the home. Is the law enforced equally? No. Morro Bays campground is about to close due to low attendance. Why pay for camping when you can camp for free in Morro Bay streets? I’m not defending the homeless camping but do question the equality of enforcement. .

There is an old saying, “Build it and they shall come”. SLO better get use to this as you build the facilities for the homeless and people in need (rightfully so). You and the County threw these people off DeVaul’s place and they need a place to go. You have the Prado Day Care Center where they come for meals, showers, wash/dry laundry, assistance with social needs, etc. These people have no gas to be driving around so they stay near the Center. And if you think this is a problem now, wait until the County facility is built up the road next to the Dept of Social Services on Higuera Street. You better have lots of parking for these vehicles and rv’s because they have to park somewhere. The business community on Higuera will love it! It’s called reality!

I christen them “Obamavilles.”

Don’t know why you’d call them that when many of them are a result of people that you support. More victims of the 1%ers and those on the right that don’t believe in giving a helping hand to those less fortunate. Let them eat cake.

I am not unconscious to the homeless dilemma but I transport my family Prado Road each morning to get onto the 101 freeway and on one occasion two weeks ago a homeless guy came stumbling “jaywalking” out into the flow of traffic in front of me almost causing a collision I looked at him and he stood in front of my car totally oblivious to all the traffic to argue or mumble!

Hard times bring out the worst dilemmas in society, they are becoming a hazard in a busy main street roadway and bought it upon themselves where they otherwise would have been left alone.

All manner of citizens wander across streets, with nary a thought or consideration as to whether it is legal to do so.

Let’s not bag it all on the homeless, okay?

That is one of the saddest stories that I’ve heard in awhile, the visual in my mind is very depressing. This poor guy is such a mess that he can’t function, he could have been killed. I wonder if he was veteran, he is someones son, maybe a father, a brother, regardless he’s a human living in a way that humans shouldn’t have to live, very sad.

‘Brought it upon themselves where they otherwise would have been left alone’? I don’t understand that, what did you mean by that statement?

Too bad Ms. Lichtig doesn’t suggest a viable alternative – rather than tell us the obvious.

SLO is very good at turning their backs on reality – keeps it a “Happy” town.