Support for chief swells

February 8, 2012

Photo by Richard Bastian

A majority of speakers at last night’s Paso Robles City Council meeting voiced  support for Police Chief Lisa Solomon amidst allegations of retaliation and sexual misconduct leveled by a half dozen current and former employees.

Prior to opening the council chamber meeting room doors, city staffers placed reserved signs on the first four rows of public seats which were then primarily occupied by city employees and Solomon supporters. A half an hour before the meeting was slated to begin, the council room was filled to capacity and city staffers began telling people attempting to attend that they needed to listen to the meeting in a hallway or reception area.

While more than 200 people chose to stay, many others left before or shortly after the meeting began. Of those who remained, nine spoke in favor of the chief while only three questioned her service to the community. No one mentioned the allegation of sexual misconduct or retaliation.

Several of the speakers seemed ill prepared with one man saying, “I do not know what I am supposed to say,” while looking at an audience member behind him. Shortly afterwards, he left the podium, but first stopped to tell the audience member, “I am sorry.”

While most of the speakers praised the chief as a good friend and neighbor, several attendees  standing outside the meeting room questioned her ethics. One former friend of Solomon’s, who said she dated a member of a band Solomon sang with, voiced concerns about Solomon’s behavior while entertaining in the evenings and serving as a police commander during the day.

“She would end her show by strutting across the bar top at the Paso Robles Inn singing “Let’s give them something to talk about,” Wendy McIntire said. “At that time she was a police lieutenant.”


Support for the Chief swells while protection for the city dwindles. Sounds like another day in Paso under the watchful eye of it’s City Council and Police force. Paso, you get what you deserve.


You are misinformed. The City hired three new Police Officers since December with one more on the way. So, in actuality the Police Force is NOT dwindling, but filling the losses that was caused by the ECONOMY. Take a look around and see how many Cops were laid off in CA and the Country. SLO/Paso was not immune to the huge economic downturn. Paso is rebulding where other Departments are still in a freeze.


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Three years ago I went over this, BCP:-] the successful troll must accomplish at least two things make me laugh being truly funny this usually implies truth as well. Two it should be kind Why pick a scab that healed long ago and far away at planet KVEC. this is CCN if you have questions for the moderator I cannot over empasize the utility of Email.

If you want to ask Dave a question call his show and tell his lovely producer you want to talk about ..

[ success as troll @ CCN ; [ It must be true and make me laugh ].

I am hoping he learns the ropes of how we like to do community news commentary, primary focus on the article and less focus on other users here.

I can go on.

this is community discussion of news, comment as if you are a part it

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I’ll leave it alone, for now. I have tried to contact Dave, but my radio refuses to bring in KVEC and my e-mails go unanswered. So little tme, so much that needs trolling.

It’s been 3 years?


You could always Listen to KVEC live

The only radio I use is in the car.

Paso Native

I log into CCN from time-to-time for a good laugh. It’s kind of like picking up a copy of one of those papers at the store check-out stand with the headline, “Woman Abducted by Alien”. There are nonetheless some loyal followers here that seem to enjoy drinking the Kool Aid. To each his own.

I have been visiting this site more as of late to see the latest rant and ensuing comments concerning our Police Chief. It would seem as if most of the comments are produced by a handful of conspiracy theorist types that believe they have some relevance, or at least enjoy whipping each other up into a frenzy. I just can’t help but wonder how many of these actually live in Paso. While everyone has the ability to comment on anything, and seems to relish in their anonymous and careless mind dump, I suspect very few have a dog in this fight. It’s just represents another opportunity to share a valueless opinion.

While CCN prides itself on its “investigative” prowess, and the loons eat it up, I found some discrepancies in this latest report. This came as no real surprise to me. It was just a first-hand confirmation of my suspicions. While the “facts” may be mostly accurate, the ever important context seemed purposefully absent. I can only believe it done with an intent to invoke a reaction, bolster readership, and sell advertising to fund the next colon cleansing.

I occasionally attend council meetings. Few people ever come. This particular meeting differs somewhat from CCN accounting. First, the crowd did not exceed 150 (not the reported 200+). Second, two rows of seats (not four) were reserved for city staff. This was probably done knowing the house would be full. These employees attend all council meetings, not just this one. Third, none of the speakers seemed ill prepared. And the man reported as saying he “didn’t know what to say” was actually speaking to the mother whose son was killed on the railroad tracks some months back. The mother had preceded him at the podium to complain about what she saw as an incomplete investigation of her son’s death.

Let’s allow cooler heads to prevail on this issue and provide some space so that it may work itself through the process before proclaiming superior knowledge and passing sentence based on the sensational portrayals of “facts” and the knee-jerk reactions of zealots.


Well said. I’m not sure how I manage to take the bait and argue with them but I always do. Actually I’m kind of embarrassed to even be arguing with them but for some reason I keep going rounds with them. Thankfully I think this thread has about run it’s course.

I don’t live in Paso, I’ve only spoken up on this matter because it’s been so sad watching these people call Solomon names, make fun of her and ruin her reputation over allegations and gossip. I’ve mentioned that perhaps it’s better to wait and find out the facts before we judge her, you’d think that I murdered someone, they went nuts. There were a few other people there that reported the same things that you have and yet the people that weren’t at the meeting don’t believe them. It must be one of the goofiest thing that I’ve ever seen. They’ve said that Solomon sat surrounded with police in riot gear when clearly from the picture and the news video this simply isn’t true but they still believe it. It’s just crazy.

Ted Slanders


If you think Paso Native’s post was well said, then why are you responding to it? You admit that you don’t live in Paso, therefore you don’t have a dog in this fight as PN alludes too as a prerequisite to reply upon this topic! Tsk, tsk.

Ted Slanders

Paso Native,

Let me get this straight, to you, one has to live in Paso Robles as a prerequisite to comment upon this story? Really? So, when you grace us with your preeminence from time to time, and since you’re from Paso, then in turn, and not to be a hypocrite, then you’re not to comment upon any story that emanates from San Luis Obispo? Is that how it works? This is true comedy!

YOUR QUOTE: “and seems to relish in their anonymous and careless mind dump”

Huh? Could you spend just a little more time in composing your syntactical sentence structuring relative to your actual thoughts? I lost my decoder ring, so I am going to have to take a stab in the dark on this one, okay?

Are you alluding to the posters here at CCN being anonymous, when in fact, your moniker of “Paso Native” is anonymous as well? Wait, maybe you meant that certain posters are careless with their comments because they don’t have a dog in this fight? Naw, maybe you mean that CCN is a “mind dump?” Am I getting close? Can I buy a vowel, or if I didn’t win, does Don Pardo have some nice parting gifts for me?

Psst! In case you didn’t notice, your post is reeking of “opinionated opinions and hearsay”, along with some disparaging comments to the point of ad nauseam. Nonetheless, I am sure that you hold these aforementioned diatribes very dear to your heart as being funny?, Yes? Albeit, that you were mischievously smiling and commending yourself when you wrote your post? Come on, admit it, because subjectively, your post is funny!

On a more serious note, why are WE to believe your accounting of what transpired at this Council meeting? Where do you get the authority to usurp other opinions of individuals that were there, and what they said happened?

Well, I have to admit, your post was funnier than any check stand super market tabloid that you alluded too. Therefore, I hope that you don’t stay away for so long next time, okay? I needed the laugh that your post gave to me. Thanks! Uh, it was suppose to be funny, wasn’t it?


Ted, thank you for your reply. If I could give you a double thumbs up, I would.


I was there. I counted 150 in the room plus another 50 in the library hallway. Simple math equals 200.


QUOTING “PASO NATIVE” OR WHATEVER: “Let’s allow cooler heads to prevail on this issue and provide some space so that it may work itself through the process before proclaiming superior knowledge and passing sentence based on the sensational portrayals of “facts” and the knee-jerk reactions of zealots.

No, let us allow citizens to speak their opinions where, when, and how they feel is appropriate. And let’s support CCN, the main media outlet for investigative journalism in San Luis Obispo County.

We don’t need another censorship nanny, this time in the form of those in Paso Robles who have the most to gain from keeping an inept liability–like Lisa Solomon–in power, despite the degradation that has occurred to the City of Paso Robles under her penis-groping watch.

Isn’t it obvious that those who wish to commit crime unfettered, and those who want to harm Paso Robles using a cut-out clown figure of a police chief as a shield?

Lisa Solomon is a tool freely used by those who wish to do real harm to Paso Robles, the kind of harm that will take the taxpayers of PR decades to fix.

And those who attempt to apologista-away the clear attempts by the City of PR’s management, City Council and Police Department to deny the people equal access to public council meetings are Lisa Solomon’s tools.

A tool of a worthless tool. Aren’t you proud?


Paso, hope you’re wearing protective gear.

Ted Slanders


Within this thread we’re trying to have a serious discussion about Lisa Solomon’s antics. Therefore, please don’t interject any sexual innuendoes, okay? Thanks.


HAHA… “Interject” !

Took awhile .

I must remind, though, to follow the word… Luke 8:5-8, ” A sower went out to sow his seed ; and as he sowed, some fell by the wayside; and it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it.

And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it.

And other fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bare fruit an hundredfold …”

So, DO as Jesus would do, and spread your seed on fertile ground …stay away from thorny situations, but above all DO NOT WASTE it; as Onan did ( Gen 38 ).

I will not bore you with that passage, as I am sure that you are fully aware of it, and the consequent penalty visited on him by YAHWEH .


Um..Paso Native. Look at the photo. Who is on either side of the Chief? City staffers? Nope.


The one single thing that has not happened is fact finding to allegations by an impartial investigation and the meeting appears staged (The chief found a NEED to set this up – what is so wrong about an honest investigation – fear! – the next technique used: head em off at the pass!) to discourage it from happening.

What any responsible officials would have done to make these serious allegation short and sweet is to do what they were suppose to have done early on!







Yes, an impartial investigation, by officials who have the power to clean house in PR government if warranted, is necessary. I think everyone acknowledges that.

However, if the City of Paso Robles and its tools have anything to do with the investigation, especially choosing who will do it, it will only, once again, screw the citizens of PR and make the PR city government’s cronies richer.

The only investigation we can be sure will be impartial is a state audit and AG investigation. Then, if they believe it is warranted, they will bring in the FBI.

In the meantime, since the City of PR chooses to deny equal access to all citizens of PR to its meetings, and since what is being heard in response to requests for information is “I know NOTHINK!,” then it is investigative journalism upon which citizens must rely for information about what is going on in PR.


Bottom line – I trust Lux, Tatro, Rankin, and Hernandez with my life.


Copy that…. :-)


Lux, Tatro, Hernandez, and Rankin have always been professional. I have seen them work with integrity, honor, and pride. A genuine care for those they serve and work with.

I know with every fiber of my being that bringing this information forward and taking the steps needed to uphold their outh has not been taken lightly.

Let us remember folks the courage it has taken to come forward.

These are not men and women who act out of hate by retaliating against others for being hard working and honorable.

I thank them for their hard work in upholding the law with grit and integrity.

I am proud of you for coming forward.

Proud that you have came to my aid when I called.

Proud to have been your co-worker.

Proud to have had the honor of knowing you.

Deeply, deeply sorry for what you have had to endure.


You said it so well I wish I had wrote it…. Every time I read “maybe they are just mad, disgruntled or worse THEY are retailing my heart breaks… there was a time when an PRPD officer had lied about something and made the mistake of being heard on the radio in an unprofessional manner and it was a career ender.. BAM! gone that same morning… I am shocked at the way a situation of this magnitude is being handled as just rumors and gossip… I am angry and hurt and HOPE a FAIR outside agency takes this over… the City will not be impartial, they have already proved it so far..


Thank you, so nice to hear.

I do not know TJ but the others I do. They have put their lives on the line for this town.

The “dog and pony” show that I witnessed at the City Council meeting was astonishing.

It is my personal opinion that our City Staff have been living in a bubble for far too long.

Take the time to speak to some of the hard working members who work in our parks, water, or streets departments.

Take a look at the upper level staffing of our PD in comparison to our officers on the street:



2 Lieutenants

5 Sergeants

Could we please take away a Captain and a Lieutenant salary for exchange of more officers to work on the very much needed service in our neighborhoods?

We need to take a hard look at what we are allowing as citizens of this town. I feel that

administrators of our town have FORGOTTEN that we are the ones in charge!

Staff is not an equal branch of our government as referred to by Mr. Strong about a year ago on KPRL. App and staff work for you and I and need to remember they are OUR employees.

Time to pull up our big boy and girl panties and take our town back.


cat herding 101

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please compose your comments in such a way that it move this discussion forward, on topic is helpful and attracts readers, rather then tearing the community(each other) apart,insults and angry accusations among ourselves discourages participation by new arrivals .

I cannot over emphasize the utility of Email thanks so much

maybe not

Maybe not.


… just the facts ma’am.

Seems like every politician, professional athlete or small city police chief has learned the art of mustering some group of folks together to shout down, intimidate or just show up to silence their critics.

There is a truth here somewhere. IF the Paso Chief acted improperly, she needs to be gone, no questions asked. IF she used the power of her position,as has been alleged… this needs to come out and the council needs to act immediately.

This rest of this side show is a distraction.




Jack Webb’s been DEAD for almost THIRTY YEARS and you drag this old corpse out of your closet ?

How trite and boring.

The rest of it is fence straddling as if some intelligence were somewhere around.

Simply a consummate example of a nobody making a fuss in order to maybe be seen as something other.


Look at any crime map (or even drive around) and you know the major 2-3 areas where crime occurs in Paso Robles. Set up satellite stations in these locations and patrol like crazy.

but but but.. who’s going to give the speeding ticket to the middle class non-welfare tax paying lawful citizen?


Great interview, Dan. Very nice way to handle Cuddy. Will you be on again this week?


HUH??? What the heck did I miss?


He was on Dave’s show. Great interview. He spelled out quite clearly that the meeting being packed with Solomonites appeared to be quite purposeful. He also talked about how much he (Dan) and Karen just LOVE Bob Cuddy, but they do wonder about the wisdom of committing so much column space to…that…opinion piece. LOL.


Darn it, I wish they would announce these things in the morning or something. Unless someone is checking this site every hour or 2 we have no idea that they will be available for discussion. I understand that sometimes, the latest news can be so good that running a show can be decided at the last minute but it would be good if they decided to do a last minute update that they would plan a show again the next day so everyone would know to listen in and have the opportunity to call in with questions or added information they may be privy to. This happens with Congalton way too often, he programs everything by the seat of his pants.

He should just set up a standard time slot to have CCN on during the week, like Bill Benica, No doubt Congalton will probably get on the air and tell me to stick it in my ear again, ROFLMAO.


The causes of business failures are studied by professionals.

Most failures are due to a lack of research, innovations or upgrading (or just lazy)

Cuddy’s easy snipping is misguided waste making insinuations against CCN for having done their homework.

If he is going to survive and compete, it is him who needs to modify who, how and what he actually serves!


See bobfromslo, not everyone listened to it.


Well, you don’t miss much that you don’t want to miss.