Templeton child molester sentenced to 16 years

February 7, 2012

Donald Baker

A San Luis Obispo County Superior Court judge sentenced Donald Baker to 16 years in prison on Monday for sex crimes against two children now ages 12 and 15.

Baker had avoided sentencing for more than a month claiming he needed to remain free because he suffers from cancer.

At the hearing, prosecutors read a letter written by the 12 year old female victim who said Baker used her like a “toy.” In sheriff reports, she said that Baker usually set one night a week aside as an evening of molestation while her mother went out for part of the evening.

During the hearing, Baker, 40, after months of professing his innocence, admitted to molesting the two children.

In December, Baker pled guilty to molesting the girl, including forcing the girl to perform oral copulation, penetration with a foreign object of a person under 14 and possession of child porn, according to the sheriff report. He also pled guilty to molesting a male relative. However, at the time, he claimed he pled guilty to protect the children from having to testify.

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I think justice is served very well in this case. I can’t think of too many worse ways to die than alone in prison from cancer where medical personnel are not going to be very generous with pain meds. Two months is plenty of time to suffer without the taxpayer having to foot the bill of medical care, food and housing for years.

No ‘innocent’ or ‘not guilty as charged’ person would ever willingly plead guilty in order to supposedly protect the children from testifying. It is just too horrible to admit to something so bad to even contemplate.

Of course, the prosecution already had the statements from the minors, and Baker knew it. Their open testimony might have been more condemning.

Too bad

Too bad this guy will die on account of his stage 4 lung cancer

Too bad his doctor only gives him 2 months to live

Too bad he can’t serve his full sentence

Too bad CCN didn’t give us all the facts in this report

Too bad CCN didn’t give us all the facts in this report

Too bad you won’t share what you think those facts may be.

Perhaps CCN is being professional and not releasing futher info that might otherwise harm the children involved. Some things are left better not said, even for this forum.