Rob Bryn, sheriff’s voice, dies

March 1, 2012

A longtime law enforcement spokesman, Rob Bryn,  died today, according to friends. He was the public information officer for the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department.

No other information regarding Bryn’s death was made available. He commented to local media only yesterday about an outbreak of influenza at the county jail. CalCoastNews will provide additional data as it becomes available.

Rob Bryn – Photo by Daniel Blackburn

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Attached is a rather eloquent post that was placed in the Tribune by Jazzman, Its worth sharing here and by the way, it has 16 likes at the Tribune as its truth speaks volumes that need be said :

“For the sake of his family and friends, I am glad there is MUCH good to say about Mr. Bryn and many people eager to say it.

While I do not doubt that Mr. Bryn had MANY fine qualities worthy of respect, is it not worth mentioning that Mr. Bryn, perhaps believing strongly that he was doing the right thing for his employers, often mislead the public and news media in his role as “public information officer”? Perhaps that was the job he was hired to do, in which case, he did it well. In which case he was a fine “soldier.”

As a non-uniformed member of the public, I did not feel I could trust Mr. Bryn and feel he too often used his position to push his own religious and political views at the expense of truth, compassion and fair play. Although he was a public employee, too often it seemed that he took an “us vs them” attitude when representing law enforcement to the public.

For the sake of the public at large I think these things are important to point out, even at this sensitive time. Without the truth being spoken, those who fill his shoes as public information officers, may be inclined or even encouraged to emulate Mr. Bryn’s work style and attitude toward the truth, the public and the news media. It may have worked for Mr. Bryn, but it will be a mistake to carry forth some of his traditions and attitudes as they, ironically, too often engendered disrespect and distrust of law enforcement.

May truth flourish and Mr. Bryn rest in peace.”

Read more here:

I agree with a lot of things that Jazzman has to say but I don’t like this…and I don’t give a cr@p how many thumbs up it gets. I wish everyone would let his body cool before taking swipes at him. Tacky and cold hearted.

i don’t have a problem with these thoughtful, if not totally complimentary comments about Bryn.

Bryn’s family and friends have their own memories of what he was like and the great grand kids will look at these postings years from now and get a kick out of learning that their cop great grandfather was “controversial” and seemed to hate hippies, pot smokers, and investigative reporters. I guarantee they will get a kick and a howl from the above photo and will hold his memory more dear because of it.

They’ll look at that photo and say, “Jeez! If he gave looks like that to law-abiding citizens, imagine how screw-faced he must have looked when staring down crooks!” And then they’ll laugh and try to figure which one in the family most resembles Great Granddad Rob Bryn.

No harm, no foul!

I have to respectfully disagree. I am not religious and if Rob Bryn “pushed his own political and religious views” I would not have the respect I have for him. He did quite the opposite. I’ve talked to Rob about real issues and he never had the attitude that everybody should just go to church like he does. Nothing pisses me off more than some A-hole with a fish on their bumper. Rob Bryn was just one hell of a good guy and you’re going to have a hard time picking that apart, and for what purpose? God (the one I don’t believe in) bless Rob Bryn and his family.

The law enforcement community will miss you rob , RIP brother

That photo represents an aspect of Mr. Bryn that many of us know and remember him for. That scowl was purposeful and meaningful and public. There is much truth in it. The photo says a lot that words cannot say as succinctly or gracefully.

Rest assured, many more photos of Mr. Bryn will be made public reflecting other facets of his personality and work style. But as far as accurately representing something fundamental about a person, this photo does exactly that.

off topic comments have been deleted, please folks keep this story about officer Bryn not CCN thank you.

Rest in peace Mr. Bryn. What a tough job. A voice for the most vital part of public service, and unfortunately, the least appreciated.

“the least appreciated” You’re right, like when he gets told to lie and then he has to take the blame for it when he gets busted. People don’t appreciate that and it really wasn’t his fault ;)

This is very sad…Rob was a lovely, lovely man & he will be missed by many. He was a real class act & cannot be replaced..