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March 30, 2012

A former employee of the Arroyo Grande McDonald’s says she was coerced into prostitution, at times having sex with up to 12 men a night,  by the restaurant’s former manager, according to Courthouse News.

Shelley Lynn filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s USA, her former boss and ex-husband Keith Handley, and his company Iverina in Federal Court.

According to the complaint, in addition to pressuring Lynn into prostitution, Handley engaged in “pimping operations” out of the McDonald’s franchises he owned.

Handley hired Lynn to work as a counter person at the McDonald’s on Grand Avenue in 1982 and they began dating in December 1985, the complaint says.

Lynn claims Handley bought a home in Las Vegas and told her “that she would have to go to work as a prostitute because Handley could not maintain both the Las Vegas home and his home in Arroyo Grande. Handley then began pressuring Lynn on an almost daily basis, arguing that she needed to become a prostitute in a legal brothel, it was no big deal to engage in sex to make money, that she would lose her home and everything she had, which was true,” according to the complaint.

In December 1986, Lynn says, she began working at the Chicken Ranch where she claims she became a “top booker,” and once was required to have sex with 12 men in one night. She tells of an alleged incident where a client grabbed her breast so hard it left a bruised imprint of a hand on her breast.

Lynn claims that McDonald’s works to keep unions out, offers an inferior health care plan and no pension benefits, and promotes a sexist environment.

Handley’s goal, according to the complaint, was to turn her “into a prostitute earning a lot of money — at least for a non-union, low wage McDonald’s employee. At the time Handley began dating Lynn, Handley ordered Mr. McGrady, one of his managers, to terminate Lynn for insubordination which was a sham.”

“This made Lynn extremely vulnerable to Handley’s demands,” the complaint says. “McDonald’s had no policy in place whereby Lynn could have filed a grievance against Handley, Ivernia, and McDonald’s.”

Lynn’s claim says McDonald’s “failed to conduct a due diligence into the moral character of Handley when it sold the franchises to him,” and that McDonald’s “failed to properly supervise and train Handley.”


It appears that Ms. Lynn’s “due diligence” was even more lax then McDonald’s.


What lawyer would take this case? What a crock.


Fairly convoluted logic there. I think I stand a better chance of winning the Mega Millions jackpot even without a ticket!


There were (and still are) many people who assumed the claims against Lisa Solomon, especially grabbing subordinates’ genitals (on at least one occasion, in Solomon’s husband of her husband!).

I’ve heard of enough true reports of bizarre types of employee harassment that I don’t see this report as unbelievable.

More information will be forthcoming as the case progresses. Until then, I think claims of harassment need to be taken seriously, no matter how bizarre they seem.

I mean, how many people would have ever thought a POLICE CHIEF would order her subordinate officers into a hot-tub, shout “WANNA SEE SOME BOOBIES!,” and proceed to show her own hooters? Yet there are multiple subordinates who have reported this.


I believe the cops. But they complained promptly & didn’t wait a quarter of a century to accuse Lisa.


PP5, you’re back! Nice to see you again!

You know, the cops also hadn’t been forced into prostitution, either.

I guess, on this one, I’m taking a wait-and-see-what-develops stance. However, I totally understand why others have a different opinion


I see your point, Mary. There are grown men who’ve come forward to say they were molested by Catholic priests many decades ago and I do believe them even though it took ’em so long to go public. The shame and anger must be overwhelming! But this McD’s lady just seems shady!


Hi There, ;)


Funny how people will try to connect things to whatever they obsessed with at the moment…


This woman wasn’t forced into anything in my opinion. First she married her boss (the business owner) after dating him for 3 years and then she say’s that he told her that if she didn’t earn money through prostitution that they would lose everything that they bought that they couldn’t afford, she even say’s that “this was true” (about losing their home etc) so she did it. This was a value judgement on her part as she agreed that they needed more money. Now 25 years later, she has come up with the outlandish idea to sue a MEGA GIANT with some very deep pockets over her own bad choices. End of story in my opinion. This woman has aged and probably can’t work the brothels any longer and can’t get more than a twenty off the streets per trick. I guess I feel sorry for woman (people) like her, not for the choices she made but for her perceived lack of self worth and the tragic existence that follows those who embrace such a false notion about themselves.

Do I believe her? Heck yes I believe her, who in their right mind (don’t know if she is in her right mind though) would tell the world something like this? Is McDonald’s responsible for any if this, hell no.

Mary- I think you and I are on the same page, I understand your point. The truth is stranger than fiction.


Anybody can try to sue anybody else over anything. Doesn’t mean there is any truth to it. This article is very one-sided, with no response from the accused party and no mention of any attempt to even try to get the other side of the story.

I’m sure this story will be all over the internet and it may be a Jay Leno punchline within a week. In today’s world it doesn’t seem to matter whether or not there is a shred of truth to this crazy lady’s accusations 25 years later.

You gotta admit it is a funny story, but as for “journalism”… it’s sad.


Wish in one hand, spit in the other…she has a better chance sueing her attorney for malpractice.


Sounds like someone forgot to take their medicine.


This one is hard to swallow….(no pun intended)…ahem…




There’s interesting sub-text about union presence that makes me question who put her up to this.


Don’t you think, if the union was going to put anyone up to anything, this would be the last person with the last charges they would choose?


I’d hope they were wiser than this. I’m having trouble digesting why there’s 2+ refs to lack of union protections in a bizarro tale of prostitution and marital connivery and french fries.


Shelley, here’s a hint: If you want credibility, don’t wait 25+ years to make crazy accusations.


PP5…welcome back!! ; )


Thanks, danika. I think the whole injustice about disgraced ex-Chief Lisa just kinda wore me down. Frankly, I embarrassed to live in this town right now.


That’s ok. When you are ready to step back into that ring and fight the fight, please consider joining us! We really, REALLY need people like you. You are well spoken and heartfelt. Until then, good to see you back here. : )