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March 30, 2012

A former employee of the Arroyo Grande McDonald’s says she was coerced into prostitution, at times having sex with up to 12 men a night,  by the restaurant’s former manager, according to Courthouse News.

Shelley Lynn filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s USA, her former boss and ex-husband Keith Handley, and his company Iverina in Federal Court.

According to the complaint, in addition to pressuring Lynn into prostitution, Handley engaged in “pimping operations” out of the McDonald’s franchises he owned.

Handley hired Lynn to work as a counter person at the McDonald’s on Grand Avenue in 1982 and they began dating in December 1985, the complaint says.

Lynn claims Handley bought a home in Las Vegas and told her “that she would have to go to work as a prostitute because Handley could not maintain both the Las Vegas home and his home in Arroyo Grande. Handley then began pressuring Lynn on an almost daily basis, arguing that she needed to become a prostitute in a legal brothel, it was no big deal to engage in sex to make money, that she would lose her home and everything she had, which was true,” according to the complaint.

In December 1986, Lynn says, she began working at the Chicken Ranch where she claims she became a “top booker,” and once was required to have sex with 12 men in one night. She tells of an alleged incident where a client grabbed her breast so hard it left a bruised imprint of a hand on her breast.

Lynn claims that McDonald’s works to keep unions out, offers an inferior health care plan and no pension benefits, and promotes a sexist environment.

Handley’s goal, according to the complaint, was to turn her “into a prostitute earning a lot of money — at least for a non-union, low wage McDonald’s employee. At the time Handley began dating Lynn, Handley ordered Mr. McGrady, one of his managers, to terminate Lynn for insubordination which was a sham.”

“This made Lynn extremely vulnerable to Handley’s demands,” the complaint says. “McDonald’s had no policy in place whereby Lynn could have filed a grievance against Handley, Ivernia, and McDonald’s.”

Lynn’s claim says McDonald’s “failed to conduct a due diligence into the moral character of Handley when it sold the franchises to him,” and that McDonald’s “failed to properly supervise and train Handley.”


Gives new meaning to the familiar slogan, “You deserve a break today”.


Funniest thing I’ve heard all week. “I took a job chokin chickens because cooking them at Miccy D’s didn’t pay enough so— er, ah, ya, Miccy D’s owes me.” This definitely takes the prize.

The most incredible part of the entire story is that her attorney Patricia Berry was given a license to practice law. “Don’t make me throw thiis hot Miccy D coffee into my lap and amend my complaint!”

Mr. Holly

ex husband? Where in the world does McDonald’s come into this? Maybe the attorney thought they may have had deeper pockets than the ex husband? Was she married when she took on the additional “job?” I bet the IRS would love to see their tax return or is paid sex a deductable for business expenses under entertainment.

This story is more entertainment than anything else. Roll over and get out of bed and go back and make those great french fries. Although it sounds like you may have been good at both of your jobs.


I worked at that McDonalds when I was a kid in 1978 and the main thing I recall was I never worked so hard for so little money. Taught me good work ethics, though.

I still remember the mantra… “If you got time to lean, you got time to clean!”

…. anyway, this woman sounds like a kook. I echo Slowtime…. What attorney in his right mind would take this case?




This story just does not make any sense.


McDonalds, lets see, so far they have been sued for causing a guy who ate there to get fat and for making their coffee too hot without consideration for the dorks that spill it on their laps …… but this?

Dare I say “now I’ve heard it all”? Probably not, as long as there are mega $$ Corporations and lawyers, there will be plenty of people who are no longer responsible for their actions.

Kevin Rice

Whatever. As if she had no control over her life or ever made choices for herself. Stay in school. Don’t marry for money.


Entitlement mentality at its finest. An attorney actually took on this case?


Heck, yeah! There is settlement money to be had. No judgement needed. Just a little “somethin’-somethin'” to slither quietly away. Hush money.


Hush Money ? I believe it’s called “nuisance money” although it is usually intended as a “shut up and quit bugging us” – the “shut up” part doesn’t encompass the same intent that a “hush payment” does, in my opinion.

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