Potential pet threat met by supervisors

March 7, 2012

San Luis Obispo County’s animal kingdom better watch its collective manners, because supervisors Tuesday took aim at creatures displaying  “menacing and threatening” behavior.

Offenders soon may be taken into custody.

Animals Services Director Eric Anderson told supervisors that current ordinance makes it difficult for officials to deal with animals posing “a potential risk,” but which have not yet actually attacked a person or other animals.

Fines will be increased for owners who fail after being warned to corral aggressive animals, and a second offense by an animal will result in its confinement. Property owners, not just pet owners, will now share liability.

Supervisors will hear revisions of the proposed ordinance April 10.

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When I threw papers in the fifties I carried a hand pump spray device filled with water and ammonia. Worked like a charm.

Not a very credible comparison. This new attempt to curb dangers in society is upon us because of ‘acting’ like a menace, quite a bit different than the simple ‘looking like” one.

Years ago a friend of mine, a cat lover, had a neighbor with a pit bull that threatened the cat. He told the owner to control the dog when outside. One morning my friend heard a terrible shriek and ran outside to see his cat in the jaws of the dog. He ran inside, got his ‘nine’ , rushed back outside and shot that crummy dog. Hurray! But alas, he got in a lot of trouble for that. He should have gotten a medal.

This should have been below where ‘know the facts’ mocked the new law because of perceived only visual threats, I contend that the law is aimed at threats from actions, as well as ‘clear and present danger’.

God has spoken. It is time for us “idiotic” ones to retreat. Hotdog cant find his bun if it was right in front of him.

This is a HUGE problem. Just last week, my daughter was walking her two small dogs ON LEASH when an unrestrained Pit Bull attacked her little dog. The Pit Bull latched on, and with blood spurting everywhere, my daughter brought out her soccer skills a kicked the dog in the jaw. The owner of the dog offered no assistance and in fact tried to flee. Thank goodness the Pit Bull released the pup and did not go after my daughter. We spent the night in the Pet ER–my daughter covered in blood. The dog survived to the amazement of the Vet.

Unbelievably, within the next few days, they were out walking the Pit Bull again OFF LEASH. This is an area of apartments, and there is no yard whatsoever for this dog. The dog should not be in this environment.

Now, my daughter–the one that is following the rules–is afraid to walk her dogs. I’m afraid for her. There really should be more stringent rules and penalties for these people that don’t seem to get it. There was no apology offered nor did the owner indicate this had never happened before.

Ron White is right: You can’t fix stupid.

Did your daughter call the cops or Animal Services?


They took reports;

The fact that they only take a report is exactly why the law needs to be strengthened

Unfortunately this is all too common. The same has happened to me twice. The second time I kept kicking the pit bull in the head repeatedly and used a whole canister of spray in it’s face. It acted like I wasn’t even there for about one minute which seemed like forever at the time. I was hoping the pit would turn on me and start biting my leg. If that happened, I would have shot it as I would be in fear that I would be knocked down and mauled as has happened to way too many people. This was in Nevada while visiting my mother and was perfectly legal for me to have a concealed handgun as I am licensed in that state..and, that state understands, unlike CA, shooting a crazed animal which attacks unprovoked.

6 hours later and a $450 vet bill to correct the damage to my dog I was upset and understandably so. I went to the owners house and you can image my message delivery.. The dog was unlicensed and belonged to another party and was only at this house to breed to another pit. The gate was malfunctioning as noted by the home owner. Believe or or not, I was paid back the $450.

I now carry spray, and electronic device that sends a frequency that really disturbs a dog enough to make it run away yet a human cannot hear it.. I also carry a long Taser that looks like a baton.. This way I do not get too close to the animal if it occurs again.. I have come to dislike these animals and their owners.