Oceano medical marijuana dispensary rejected

March 7, 2012

After listening to arguments for and against a proposed medical marijuana dispensary in Oceano, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to reject the facility.

Supervisors said the proposed South Fourth Street location violated the required 1,000-foot minimum distance from a park and also that they were worried about safety issues.

Last fall, the Planning Commission approved Tammy Murray’s plans to open a medical marijuana collective in Oceano. Murray, a resident of Grover Beach, said she planned to have the marijuana provided on a consignment basis by farmers.

Oceano resident Barbara Mann said she appealed that decision two weeks later because of the shops proposed location and safety issues.

Four years ago, supervisors voted to allow medical marijuana facilities in the county. To date, they have rejected all applications.

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The Great Leader in Washington D.C. has spoken. The Great Leader will decide what medicines you consume. The Great Leader doesn’t care what Californians voted for because he knows what’s best for the unwashed. The Great Leader is losing patience with his detractors, and will address this issue on Great Leader Media. Viewing is, of course, mandatory. Don’t disappoint The Great Leader.

Oh, and another message to the BOS and Parkinson: Big pharma and the Mexican cartels thank you and want to donate to your campaign funds for helping their businesses against these totally corrupt medical marijuana providers.

I expected nothing different from the “Good, Ole Boys”. They listen to the few and ignore the majority. They listen to some false promising sheriff that worries about increased crime when the chances of a liquor store being robbed are far greater. They ignore the Rand report that has studied crime around dispensaries and reported that crime actually decreases when one opens contrary to the complete lie Parkinson was spewing forth. I challenge any of the worthless supervisors to team up with the sheriff and the DA to spend a little money and find one location in the county that they all agree on will work. The county sure didn’t care about spending millions of dollars staking out and arresting the “doobie dozen” for what? ZERO convictions to date. These people meant no harm. They totally care about their children and had medicine locked up in safes but were still charged with child endangerment just to enhance the overall bust and paint them badly in the media. I have heard that the NTF leader, Rodney John is over in Afganistan. I hope every day that that is where he takes his last breath. He and his henchmen slandered, tortured, violated, and basically terrorized these people. May God have mercy on his soul and the rest of the corrupt NTF.

I may have said this before, so forgive me if I am repeating myself. I lost my mother to breast cancer 18 years ago. By the time we lost her, the cancer had spread to her toes, elbows, knees, hips, neck, etc. She was in agony. The oncologist prescribed morphine as needed. It came in a brown glass bottle with an eyedropper and my instructions were to drop 3 drops under her tongue WHENEVER she needed it with no waiting period between doses. I kid you not. It took 4 agonizing years for my mama to pass. I witnessed such pain, so much I sincerely pray none of you have to go thru it with your loved one. I would have done anything to rid my mother of suffering including her use of marijuana. I do not condone the use of pot. I support the use of it as medicine.

May your mother now rest in peace. I feel the same about it’s use as a pain killer for those in need.

The way I see this issue is that recreational use is trying to be coved by medical use. Indeed there are those that are sick and can benefit form MJ. But the way the laws are, and how collectives and dysenteries sell out MJ, the anti’s are pissed. It was never the intent for recreational use during the beginning of this issue.

There are two issues to solve. 1. Get it straighten out for medical use, real honest medical use. 2. Either vote in recreational use or stop dispensaries and mobile collectives from selling to recreational users. I know it’s not popular but until the issue is hammered out properly, the anti’s will just get more enraged to see users who are not really ill enough to benefit form using it as an honest medication.

Eventually the anti’s will have to realize that humans like their off duty relaxation. Beer, wine, cigarettes and coffee have all been dealt with ad there is not reason that MJ can’t be controlled enough to make all parties somewhat happy.

For now dispensaries are doomed and mobile collectives will be allowed. Many people do not want to see MJ in public but will not care that much if it is behind closed doors..

For God’s sake, even coffee had a bumpy road way back. Here are a few lines from the link;


The first coffeehouse opened in Istanbul in 1554.[13] Coffee was at first not well received. In 1511, it was forbidden for its stimulating effect by conservative, orthodox imams at a theological court in Mecca[citation needed]. However, the popularity of the drink led these bans to be overturned in 1524 by an order of the Ottoman Turkish Sultan Selim I, with Grand Mufti Mehmet Ebussuud el-İmadi issuing a celebrated fatwa allowing the consumption of coffee.[14] In Cairo, Egypt, a similar ban was instituted in 1532, and the coffeehouses and warehouses containing coffee beans were sacked.[15]

Similarly, coffee was banned by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church some time before the 18th century.[16] However, in the second half of the 19th century, Ethiopian attitudes softened towards coffee drinking, and its consumption spread rapidly between 1880 and 1886; according to Richard Pankhurst, “this was largely due to [Emperor] Menilek, who himself drank it, and to Abuna Matewos who did much to dispel the belief of the clergy that it was a Muslim drink.”[17]

The banning of women from coffeehouses was not universal, but does appear to have been common in Europe. In Germany women frequented them, but in England they were banned.[21] Many believed coffee to have several medicinal properties in this period. For example, a 1661 tract entitled “A character of coffee and coffee-houses”, written by one “M.P.”, lists some of these perceived benefits:

Not everyone was in favour of this new commodity, however. For example, the anonymous 1674 “Women’s Petition Against Coffee” declared:

“ …the Excessive Use of that Newfangled, Abominable, Heathenish Liquor called COFFEE […] has […] Eunucht our Husbands, and Crippled our more kind Gallants, that they are become as Impotent, as Age.[3]

Well Jack, what is, “Ill enough”. What do you even really know about marijuana? If you are in severe pain, you can smoke the bejesus out of it and literally zone out for a while to escape the pain you are suffering. Or, another person has trouble falling to sleep at night so instead of supporting big pharma in taking sleeping pills that you can od on, take one hit from a vaporizor to fall asleep. Another patient has a really bad day at work at a bad job and has developed anxiety over it. Instaed of coming home and drinking a six pack and beating his wife, he has a puff and relaxes on the couch with a bag of pretzels. Another patient is going through chemo and can’t eat, that person takes a puff and is now hungry. Different strains help in different ways but all kind of produce the same effect on different levels. Those in the know, know what strains do what. And, you can’t overdose and kill yourself. Please name one pharma drug that you can’t od on please. Keep in mind, you can od on sugar or salt. Please don’t try an argue a point that you really know little about.

The bottom line is that every time a dispensary application comes forward, the NIMBY’s come out and the powers that be kowtow to them. This is why the mobile dispensaries were such an excellent solution to the problem of access to this medicine which so many citizens legally seek.

What was done to the mobile dispensary caregivers by our own local NTF was so blatantly rogue that it assaults the very premise of the idea that we live and function with any constitutional rights where this medicine is concerned. In my opinion, an example needs to made of those who were responsible for the gestapo like raids on the MMM caregivers…..At least couple of those guys (NTF) should go to prison for a long time in my opinion. While I know that won’t happen, I really think it is a slap in everyone’s face that Parkinson has seen fit to bail them out of their financial dilemma by hiring them now that the State has seen fit to eliminate their funding.

“What the AG say’s doesn’t mean shit” !!!!!! Which ever one of those NTF hypocrites said that needs a serious evaluation, he is a dangerous sick puppy and so are his buddies who agreed with him. They deserve no respect and no position on the public payroll. I hope they all get sued BIG TIME and we all take a stand against them working for us when the settlements come down.

Doobie Dozen, please don’t agree to keep the settlements confidential.

Well Cindy, that would be special agent Matt Aenerude of the Atascadero PD that said that. According to the folks who were raided by him and the other, he also added at the end of that statement, “The attorney general is not the law, we are the law!” while poking his thumb into his chest. Let’s just be glad that have been disbanded although Matt is probably working with Parkinson on the new and improved drug task force.

You know, I watched the entire proceeding yesterday and it was not even remotely close to what you project. Your view is very uninformed.

We need to change the laws to make it available at pharmacies like any medication if it is legitimate. Even better, quit regulating everything in the first place.

It’s not an issue of being informed about the meeting or not; it’s a simple matter of what the final vote was: the BOS showed their level of compassion by voting this down. I have no doubt that lots of good things were said in support of this facility simply to hold over the supporters until the BOS gets the chance to shoot down the next application.

Then why hold any hearing at all on anything? Being informed does matter.

Wouldn’t we no longer be “safe” if they quit regulating everything? (sarcasm)

Imagine the mayhem that would ensue if there were no more dog licenses or restrictions on feeding the ducks at Laguna Lake! It would be a frightful world.

The supervisors are nothing but a bunch of douche-bags….corrupted, dirty, used, foul douche-bags.

May the pain, stress, disability and fear visited on those who need a source for Rx MJ, thanks to this decision of the BOS, be experienced 10-fold by each supervisor, their families, their children and their grandchildren.

Far be it from me to defend the Three Amigos, but that is just hateful and inaccurate.

I’m sorry, but those in power who make such heinous decisions need to experience the results of those decisions. Otherwise, there will never be any change.

They wouldn’t dare deny highly toxic and expensive chemotherapy or radiation therapy to someone who has cancer, but, boy, they have balls the size of oranges when it comes to a treatment by a drug that the drug companies can’t (yet) make money from.

I would not, for a minute, flinch from experiencing anything I have done in my life. It would be interesting to see if any of the supervisors can say the same thing.

What is inaccurate about it? Your opinion cannot be proven one way or the other. I do wonder why you think it is inaccurate.

Mary, the decision was 100% NOT related to opposition to MJ or corruption. And, YES, I can prove it. If you care to download the Board video and supporting documents you can see for yourself. How can you possibly throw out the words you use against the Supervisors without any knowledge of the positions they voiced? I’m surprised that your position is so strong, yet you didn’t support the applicant in front of the Board. I’m more surprised you seem to feel your statements are accurate in absence of having watched the hearing.

“…their families, their children and their grandchildren.”

I usually like a lot of what you have to say, so I’m going to be charitable and assume that you were just having a bad day when you posted that. Otherwise, that’s a pretty vile thing to say.

And it isn’t vile what the supervisors have said to those suffering from medical issues who depend on medical RX?

There will be no change, especially in health care coverage, as long as the supervisors are exempt from experiencing what they themselves rule for the rest of us to experience.

It’s just like having access to safe abortions–when I was in high school, all of the rich girls had access to abortions. Their mothers flew them to a resort in Mexico where they spent a week, got the abortion, then came back tanned and ready to roll.

My best friend almost died from bleeding out during an abortion that could not get done until she was 4 months along because of the permission process you had to go through.

I have another friend who nearly died from sepsis because the backstreet abortionist she went to required her to lay on the couch and be raped by him before he would do the procedure. No wonder she got the infection.

This is a health-care issue. The powerful, like the supervisors, could easily get RX MJ for themselves and their family if they need us. But they deny the rest of us the same access.

Ah, I think I see where you’re coming from, at least. I have no doubts that a Supervisor or two has surely toked recreationally at some point… yet, I don’t believe for a moment there is some conspiracy to deny access. There were substantive issues with the project location, and that is the reason the appeal was upheld.

The problem is the laws still do not allow this type of business to be treated as you personally would like. Community standards are also more conservative than you would like. Many people have a hard time accepting that “Maui Wowie” is the name of legitimate medication, and widespread recreational use detracts from a legitimate image.

MJ proponents need to continue working on the law and building a more legitimate rapport to gain acceptance; then the laws will follow suit. Personally, I think it should be completely deregulated to cut off the plague of related crimes and billion dollar Mexican mafia black market.

Mexican mafia? How about the US pharmaceutical industry? This stuff is kept illegal and/or out of reach for a reason: many people are making lots of money. I’m not really surprised that this level of corruption makes its way to the SLO BOS.

“people are making lots of money”

Exactly. And lots of bloodshed down south, too. There are signs and brochures at Glamis Dunes that if you see ATVs or sand rails running at night without lights DON’T try to confront them. The Coronado National Forest in AZ is closed because it is unsafe to enter. The LaBrea fire in 2009 burned 85,000 acres of Santa Barbara County and was started from an illegal Mexican Cartel grow operation. Why do we turn a blind eye and permit this? Prohibition is only causing greater harm.

If there is such a thing as karma, one day soon our kindly supervisors may find themselves or a loved one ill and in need of medical marijuana. It’s easy to say ‘no’ to others when you really, deep down, don’t give a rat’s a@# about anyone but yourself.

The problem is the same as it is with any health care: those with power, who decide the rest of us can’t have health care, can always easily access it for themselves and their loved ones.