Supervisor scolded for ignoring the public

March 29, 2012

As part of her public comment, Julie Tacker scolded San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill for utilizing his electronic pad  instead of focusing on public speakers during open public comment. Several attendees have recently complained about Hill’s lack of attentiveness to the public while texting and using a tablet during comment periods. Supervisor Frank Mecham said in an email to Tacker that he finds it rude to be texting on cell phones when someone is speaking.

Adam Hill during public comment

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I’ve spoken before the BOS several times, and every time I spoke, Hill would either be playing with his Blackberry or his iPad. There’s really no notes to take during public comment. It’s about listening, and if you’re not listening to public comment, you’re not listening to the people who you’re serving. No spin. Period.

Do you live in Mr. Hill’s district?


You’ve brought that up twice in this article.

Let’s make a deal: We from outside the district, will not expect too much from Hill if he agrees to confine his roles strictly to issues that fall within his district.

I was talking to TheFacts racket. Or do you use two monikers? Which district are you in?

In any case, is Mr. Hill dealing with issues any differently than the other Supes? Also, the Supes vote on issues that affect the entire county, so what you ask is impossible.

I think you’re seeing my point.

Adam votes for and decides on issues outside of the district that elected him, issues the affect all in the county. Precisely because that is the case, it is incumbent on him to give his attention to all of the speakers in Public Comment, not just those from his district.

Note 1: “Incumbent” is the wrong word to use, because he will get turfed out in June.

Note 2: I will never vote for Hill, in large part because I don’t live in his district.

Note 3: I make enough noise with my “racket” screen name. It is the only one I use, and I can’t think that I’d have time or interest enough to have a second “alter ego.”

OK, you are racket. Not from District 3. I am in District 2.

I don’t understand how you can say, ” We from outside the district, will not expect too much from Hill if he agrees to confine his roles strictly to issues that fall within his district.” and then say, “Adam votes for and decides on issues outside of the district that elected him, issues the affect all in the county. Precisely because that is the case, it is incumbent on him to give his attention to all of the speakers in Public Comment, not just those from his district.” Isn’t that a contradiction?

Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. I should have explained my parameters for commenting here: the video above.

I watch the BOS on public comment and the Los Osos issues on TV. I can’t see everything that happens on the dais. Perhaps you don’t see the BOS weekly like I do. The Los Osos speakers say the same things every week. Anyone who watches regularly , Supe or not, who missed looking at the speakers has heard it all before, last week, last month, last year. I’d bet they all have the speeches memorized by now.

When I said, “We from outside the district, will not expect too much from Hill if he agrees to confine his roles strictly to issues that fall within his district,” I was using an absurd (and obviously impossible) scenario to point out the ridiculousness of what I perceived as your position. You position, as I perceived it, was that its O.K. for Adam Hill to blow off constituents from districts other than his own. Sorry I was not more clear.

I think he’s dead wrong by “dissing” the people who take time off of work to come to the govt center to be heard. I think it speaks directly to his arrogance, and I think its a strong arrow in the quiver of all that want to unseat him.

I don’t see Mr. Hill the way you do racket. I don’t see what he is doing as dissing. But if what he does is considered dissing by some, I do believe WHO is accusing Mr. Hill of dissing will be considered too.

Try doing that while on a jury and all hell breaks loose. Gander, goose etc.

I for one do not blame Adam at all. Why should he show any respect for those ignorant slobs that were stupid enough to vote for him and will undoubtedly confirm their ignorance by re-electing him. Oh and Adam, my advice to you….play the black Jack on the Red Queen…

So what else is new? This is just more of Adam being Adam…He’s a real JOKE…BTW, I did NOT vote for him…

Does it really matter the brand name of the device? Linda Owens called him out a few weeks back for texting on his cell phone.

Its the pattern that he’s developed.

It’s disrespectful to the speakers.

The very people who put him there, it is his responsibility to listen.

Oh yeah, and the people paid for the device, too. It appears the people would like him to put it away when they are speaking.

Curious about you Typo, why so supportive of such bad behavior? You discredit yourself going so far to the mat for Adam, let him speak/defend himself (if he can).

FYI – The speakers who chide Hill are not in his district.

Do you think people that donate to ones campaign are the only ones who donate to the campaign? You’d be wrong.

There has always been very organized fundraising movements — crossing district lines (even donors from outside the County) that gets these guys elected.

Politics are alive and well on the central coast.

Just as Gibson hosted a chili feed for Hill; Gibson supporters will support Hill.

I was referring to the regular Los Osos speakers. Not only would they not support Hill but, FYI, they did NOT support Gibson either. (Gibson having been a party to bringing Los Osos a sewer, which condemns him into all eternity in their minds.) They may however have been supportive to Mecham.

Because I watch these LO people go after a few of the supes and staff week after week after week. They attack them, they are incredibly rude so when one of them chastises him for looking at his tablet I say, so what. These guys are human, I’m surprised they don’t fire back at these people. These speakers directly insult them and the get away with it. As far as I know the Brown Act does not allow speakers to get up and direct insults at one particular person, they’re supposed to direct their remarks to the board as a whole or the chair but these people do this every week. Also I see this forum as an outlet to attack Hill so I feel that someone needs to speak up and express that not everyone feels this same way. This is a big deal about nothing. My gosh when Teixeira was on the school board he would eat, look around and seem completely distracted throughout the entire meetings and one board member would sleep through them. That knucklehead mayor from Paso also eats, pulls crap out of his ears and examines it constantly and also shows little respect for the speakers. Go to a few different meetings and watch the demeanor of different officials at different meetings. What Hill did was no big deal.

Good on ya, Julie Tacker, for calling Hill on it.

Though now Adam is in a tough position next week regarding his Palm Pilot usage … Does he fire it back up and alienate more constitites? Or does he leave it off, indicating that he was pushed around by a sewer loon?

I imagine he will overthink it and end up doing the absolutely worst thing.

Constituents …

It wasn’t a ‘Palm Pilot’ it was a county issued iPad. It was given to him for the purpose of county work, to make notes during meetings, to look up notes on relevant issues, to look on the counties website to find answers for his ‘constituents’. Do you know why he was on his ‘iPad’? This very well could all be a bunch of the typical ‘lynch him’ over something that you and the rest know nothing about. I understand that some of you people are all about finding fault where ever possible with all govt. officials but you need to have something a bit more substantial then looking at his county issued iPad that he’s using on county time. If he were looking down at a piece of paper or writing some notes down would you think this was such a bad thing?

I’d like to hear Adam make a statement. Better still, keep the devices off.


fairminded, Since you apparently overlooked it, this is not posted under ‘news’. It is posted under ‘Screening Room’ where various videos on local government are posted. So your comment is not very applicable.

That’s a good place to hide it!

whatever you think of adam or this story, this is not NEWS. CCN is clearly following an agenda to go

after Adam Hill. This phenomena is nothing new, but it has never garnered a news article before.

I would agree. I thought there was a much bigger story during the same board meeting. Did I miss it? Is there an article about Texiera being the only person on the Board to vote against the Nipomo water pipeline in his own District? And his reason? Not because he didn’t think we needed the water, but because the water was going to cost more than just using the current ground water. Well, what wouldn’t? Brilliant! Where’s the article about that?

You are so right, that was a REAL story! I watched that part of the meeting and was appalled at Teixeira’s vote on that very important issue. Now that’s an example of either a politician pandering for votes or perhaps he’s really just too stupid to understand the water situation that was clearly spelled out for him during that meeting. Poor Nipomo, they need that water so bad before it’s too late. It’s so unfortunate to have someone like Texiera making important decisions for the community. You are right, that’s real news and much more important then Julie Tacker whining again.

This water issue in Nipomo is a very big deal, I hope that the citizens can see the writing on the wall and support getting this pipeline project passed. It would be such a shame to wait too long on this. They are going to end up like Los Osos in the way that the longer they put it off the more expensive it will be. Do it now, there is no doubt about it, they need it. Don’t wait until there is severe water rationing. After watching Texiera’s dismal performance on the LMUSD I was amazed that he won a seat on the BOS. He needs to go.

Actually L live in Nipomo and I am very grateful for Sup. Teixeira’s wise vote on the Nipomo water issue. All residents of the Mesa need to follow his lead and VOTE NO on the water referendum.

Think about that, Typoqueen, as you ride your horse around Price Canyon.

Dave, obviously you are among the easily conned who did not do his homework. Hope you enjoy drinking your saltwater.

The salt water intrusion theory is a hoax. I thought everybody knew that by now but I guess not. Good thing for Nipomo that Teixeira knows the scientific facts and the rouse behind the hoax.

Too bad the scientific community hasn’t heard about your hoax.

We wouldn’t want science and facts to get in the way.

I think it was really urine residue… know like what was sampled in the other salt water intrusion test in Oceano by well (no pun intended)…….by you know who.

That’s right! I forgot…those stupid scientist can’t tell the difference between pee and seawater…there soooo dumb!

It is worse than you think, so called conservatives seem hell bent scripted on stupidity. I am siding with the studies and blaming evangelical christians for the dip in the national intelligence scales. yahoo

Siding with the studies is smart. What in the world religion has to do with the danger of seawater intrusion on the Nipomo Mesa is beyond me.

And your point is?

LOL, Dave, it’s so obvious who your source of information is and as usual that source would be wrong. I haven’t been on a horse since I was 13 years old. I’m a bit surprised at how snarky you’re being. But you need to give me something other then a little personal dig to think about. Why won’t you vote for the pipeline? Is there any substance to your opinion on this? Have you read any studies to back your opinion? Did you watch the presentation at the BOS this past Tue? What do you base your opinion on?

If it’s the Dave I’m thinking about I’m not surprised at his “snarkiness.” He is one very opinionated guy for a guy who isn’t supposed to be opinionated. Sorry you feel for bad guys. It’s not too late to repent.

That would be him.


Let me get this straight, I’m going to vote for a water pipeline that will bring water here from the same aquifer, administered by Wallace Group, a schyster company with all sorts of issues with the water treatment plant in the five cities, conflicts of interest and a Grand Jury indictment. The water may not even be available for use with my existing water purveyor.

If the Trilogy / Woodlands Project needs more water for the 3 golf courses and 1200+ property development, THEY should pay for the entire cost of the pipeline.

Read more here:

Brilliant! Where’s the article about that? waiting for you to write and submit as opinion .

Of course SLORider is 100% correct and I believe 99.9% of the readers recognize the fact that this is only flashing in the banner to alert readers that something “new” has been posted in the “screening room”. This clearly isn’t in news section, but is simply an interesting video concerning gov and a funny video at that in my opinion.


No reply to press under Justducky, so I’ll answer her here.

I expect a rep that’s paid $80K+ to give me his full attention when I address him under general comments at a BOS meeting. Do you really think that’s asking too much? It’s amazing to me as to what some of the public is willing to settle for.

I’ve been in the position where I’m answerable to the public and wouldn’t consider ignoring even the most obnoxious person. Multi-tasking is one thing, rudeness is another.

I would agree. It’s always nice to have everyones’ fullest attention. And I ‘m very glad that when you were facing the public you were always able to give them service with a smile. We are not all identical, thank goodness, or life would be very dull. Some of us are smarter and maybe our “people skills” may be lacking. Some of us may have SUPER “people skills” but don’t know the first thing about our job. I want someone who knows what they are doing in that job, not someone who is there to bow and scrape to me.

This isn’t about Julie Tacker, activist; this is about our $upervisor, Adam Hill, who is elected and paid handsomely to “take” it…whatever “it” is and his electronic toy.

Even if he was looking at the agenda, he repeatedly was “surfing” the electronic pad/agenda packet. Especially if this was done during general Public Comment for items not on the agenda…totally inappropriate and abuse of power.

The guy needs a handler…calling people’s phone machines and pretending to be his opponent. That’s just stupid. He really never apologized.

BTW, it must have killed Tacker to give up any of her 3 minutes trying to make her point and shed light on the “illuminated” Hill.

I don’t bother to listen to Julie Tacker, either.

It’s _public_ comment period. Say whatever you like.