Supervisor scolded for ignoring the public

March 29, 2012

As part of her public comment, Julie Tacker scolded San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill for utilizing his electronic pad  instead of focusing on public speakers during open public comment. Several attendees have recently complained about Hill’s lack of attentiveness to the public while texting and using a tablet during comment periods. Supervisor Frank Mecham said in an email to Tacker that he finds it rude to be texting on cell phones when someone is speaking.

Adam Hill during public comment

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Fact is that people usually vote for their supervisors based on their stated philosophy (or proven historical voting record). That is how I vote and unless a candidate is untrustworthy, I am going to vote according to how well their philosophy lines up with mine. I don’t care if they’re a prankster, I don’t care if they drink too much, I don’t care if they cheat on their wife, if they’re going to vote the way I believe they should vote, then I’m going to turn a blind eye to their less than stellar behavior and give them my vote. Adan Hill passes himself off as an open space advocate as does Paterson and Gibson. I am an open space advocate, however I do recognize a land owners rights to build/develop within the confines of their properties zoning status and I don’t take kindly to developers attempting to re-zone in an effort to meet their goals at the cost of their neighbors.

I’m not going to go into a great deal of detail here as I could write a complete thesis on the subject however I can understand why some supervisors have hard core supporters regardless of any perceived or blatant wrong doings on the seated officials part. However, there comes a time when one has to weigh out the issues pros/cons such as how they (Patterson, Hill & Gibson) have allowed the air quality board to fleece the public and they have cut the reins on these guys to where they are no longer accountable but are now autonomous in their applied regulations. Then there is the question of pandering to both sides of an issue, something that Adam Hill has become a pro at.

I listened to these three Supervisors a couple of months ago while they defended their incumbent seats on the board and they had one CLEAR message, which was that the 3 of them were needed to form the quorum vote necessary to control the decisions that are finalized in the county of SLO. Adam Hill isn’t “jack Poop” without Gibson and Patterson and I don’t think I’ll be voting for Patterson AGAIN (unless something drastic changes) in fact I’ll probably be assisting with his opposition.

After seeing the video, I would want something to block the view too.

AND, it would appear that it would take more than an I-Pad to do it.

If I was surfing while attending to a customer, I would be fired. Why doesn’t this individual get FIRED?

For heaven’s sake, he’s holding up the ipad in front of him. It’s like he is purposely being rude to the public speakers.

Why don’t the other supervisors advise him to knock it off. What Hill does, unfortunately, impacts the image of the whole Board.

That is a photo of Mr. Hill taken when? Was it taken at the time that Ms. Tacker was speaking? I sincerely doubt it because there were no photographers in the room and if you view the tape online, as anyone can, you will see that the camera never switched to Hill so that we could see what he was doing. She referred to a “glow” from the tablet. She never said, ‘Put down that tablet, I can’t even see your face.” That photo is definitely misleading.

The other Supervisors don’t advise Mr. Hill to “knock it off” because they do the same thing, Mary!

The photo is from the previous weeks’ meeting. He was on the tablet again this week. Not misleading at all. He has a reputation for ignoring people. When I met him for 30 minutes he was staring off into the distance much of the time.

There is wireless Internet in the Board chambers.

Have you ever heard of multi-tasking. Intelligent people can do this. Women are known to be able to do five things at once. It is entirely possible that he was taking notes and listening at the same time. Because his eyes are not glued on you constantly does not mean he is not hearing you.

“Multi-tasking” means the public is not getting 100%.

Actually, there ARE people who can multi-task and do it well. If you can’t I am sorry. This does not mean that there are others who are not so blessed.

Perception is what gets you elected.

Yes, and public has been know to make some very stupid mistakes, i.e., Nationally, because of “perception.”

A more courteous supervisor wrote, upon being asked this morning:

“…[T]he county has issued the board iPads. We all have them. However, personally, I think it is rude to be texting on cell phones when someone is speaking. That’s why I leave mine upstairs during meetings.”

We only get three minutes of their time for a $100K salary. Playing on the Internet during public comment is RUDE!

And this isn’t a one-time instance with Hill. He has been playing on his iPad on numerous occasions.

So is looking down at the agenda or reading something that has something to do with the topic at hand ie the LO sewer rude? How do you or the obvious supervisor know what Hill was doing with his iPad. I say that if this supe isn’t going to use his tablet then perhaps it should be taken away. How do you know that he’s ‘playing’ with it as opposed to taking notes?

It was during GENERAL public comment. And it wasn’t a transient moment. It was pervasive during this and other meetings.

The public should get their full 3 minutes to petition their government without distraction. The People are the number one priority during public comment and there should be no Internet playing during that time OR EVEN THE APPEARANCE of not paying attention.

They are more than welcome to use computers during agendized business, but nothing during general comment is related to the current agenda nor can it be discussed as it is not on the agenda. Thus, there is no reason or excuse for not directing all attention to the member of the public who took their time and gas money to get a measly 3 minutes.

Simply put, pay attention to the public and give no doubt that you are doing so.

You might very well be right but you also might be wrong. We don’t know what he was doing on his iPad. We don’t even know if he was on his iPad. This is so petty, it’s just a case of digging for something to rag on Hill about. It’s these types of petty attacks that have brought me and others to Hill’s side in this race. I can’t believe that we are debating why Hill was looking at his iPad for a few minutes during a meeting. I want to know why Mechem was looking down and appeared to be reading something when I spoke few weeks ago. This is all just silly. Frankly as rude as some of the the LO people are I wouldn’t really care if Hill was playing online poker while she was talking. It might be her right to speak but these supes are human and it’s pretty amazing how patient they’ve been with them. Tacker is in part responsible for the high cost of the LO sewer treatment project, she should be ashamed of herself. You can say that it’s Hill’s obligation to look her in the eye while she’s blathering on but I feel that most of the public probably doesn’t care, she’s wasting our money with her non stop baseless complaining.

It might have been you that just sent me that latest thing on Hill. To that I say that he’s been very open to the public with who supports him. He’s been open with the developers and has told them that he was against LRDM and the Price Canyon developement. Hill has been at every meeting in support of those that are against these developments, he’s been there supporting the residents in front of King. Hill has told us that much to my chagrin, that he likes John King and that he feels he’s a nice man and we are all aware that King has financially supported him, but that hasn’t changed Hill’s open support of those that oppose Kings destruction of the central coast. He has been open about his support from developers just as he’s been open in telling them that he’s against the two big developments in PIsmo. I give him a lot of credit for that. He knows how important their money and power is yet he’s stood up to tell them that he doesn’t agree with them on this issue. Hill has made it clear that he’s not anti developement, he’s just against these particular projects and that is why Hill will win the upcoming elections.

We do know he was on his iPad. A lot. And we know what he thinks about the L.O. people like the woman he had the Sheriff escort away.

We don’t know what exactly he was looking at. You are correct about that. And THAT is the problem. Was it business? Email to his campaign manager? Who knows????

Maybe it was space shuttle launch videos like this Coastal Commissioner:

DON’T DO IT. IT’S RUDE. **EVEN IF** it’s the L.O. people. In fact, one of the things I find most disturbing is that Hill has excoriated and shut down that whole group–it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong in L.O.–everyone has the right to be heard at the very least. Especially for a $100K salary. They are not in charge. We are.

He might have been looking at nudie cuties.

Don’t judge everyone, by what you would be doing, Mary.

Excellent youtube link there, SLORider. That commissioner should be removed.

The more I see of Adam Hill, the more perplexed I become. He owes the public his attention and courtesy. Surely his social consciousness tells him that he may be perceived as uncaring through his inattentiveness. For those that scoff at Los Osos, put yourself in their shoes. I’m all for the sewer, but I don’t live there, nor will I pay the bills. They have every right to fight to the end, and even Hill owes them the courtesy of listening. If he’s unwilling, give his opponent the job.

How do you know he wasn’t looking at some notes regarding the issue at hand?

If you’re okay with someone you’re addressing reading while you do so, that’s your choice. I expect people to pay attention when I’m talking to them, and I do the same for them. It’s called being polite and sincere.

I think you get what you give. If you are a notoriously oppositional personality and the Supervisors know this, they most likely will not be overjoyed to see you. It is only human nature to avoid being bullied and down dressed no matter how much you are paid. If you don’t believe me, try putting yourself in a Supervisors position sometime and see how much fun it is to be yelled at by the public. Better yet, run for Supervisor since you think you can do so much better.

Don’t you mean “…a more politically correct supervisor…” kicking another supervisor when he’s down. Nice guy!

How did you know he’s not listening to the public,,,because Julie Tacker says so?

Everything in your post is your opinion, but IMO you are wrong. How has he told people on both sides of an issue that he supports them, please just one example. He didn’t do anything illegal, please provide some facts instead of simple hatred.

Once again this is just another story that gives some of you people the opportunity bag on Hill. Pretty low. I get it, the mob hates Hill. Yippee, Tacker gave you an excuse to go at him. You stick with Tacker, she’ll show you the right road to go down.

I wont’ hold my breath waiting for that example.

I don’t have to go the clerks office, Hill has been very open with all of this. I know who’s giving him his campaign money. He has never promised to back the developers on these projects. Everyone knows who’s financially backing Hill. At the meetings Hill goes up and talks with the developers and he is very friendly with them, no big deal, that’s how he should be but then he comes and sits with us. Hill has been very open with the developers and us about all of this. He has been openly supportive of us, not just at all of the meetings but also in the media, he’s against these developments. If Hill were trying to play both sides of the fence then he wouldn’t have attended every meeting and openly show his support to our side of this, he simply wouldn’t go to the meetings, he doesn’t have to go. When has he promised to back them after the election? How do you know that? I’m sorry but that just isn’t true. I’ve seen Hill with King and I’ve heard him talk with him. I’ve read his public statements, his Facebook and media statements. Hill has told many of us right in front of King about what side he’s on regarding these issues and he’s been open with us as to who’s giving him money. I respect his honesty regarding this. Most politicians would not be so open.

Typed fast in a hurry excuse typos.

Gotta love that photo of Adam Hill. He looks like a mischievous teenager and …………he is.

Good job CCN, your plan worked like a charm! Go get em Cindy, get your claws out.

Claws Out?? You have to be kidding me, I thought I went easy on him calling him a mischievous teenager considering his “prank drunken phone calls”.

Guess you don’t really know Mr. Hill do you. He rarely drinks.

Well then perhaps he is suffering from early onset Alzheimer Disease? How do you place a prank phone call pretending to be your contender to a person who doesn’t know you well enough to recognize your voice and NOT REMEMBER DOING IT for day’s after it’s been brought to your attention?

If anyone can explain that, then I’m all ears.

She also scolded another Supervisor during her lecture because he was supposedly smiling, she’s a clown I would have been laughing. She’s not happy unless she’s causing trouble. She has no idea why Hill was looking at his iPad or iPhone. Many politicians, staff and speakers have notes or make notes on these these things that are related to the topic at hand, it’s no different then looking down at notes on paper. I’m so sick of Tacker, if she’s not causing problems in Los Osos or Oceano then she’s making up problems at the BOS. There was no reason for her rude out burst. Tacker tried to cause problems with Oceano because of the way they handled the contract with the city manager because she and her boyfriend applied for the position and were turned down (thank goodness), she always has an ulterior motive. Oceano may have their issues but they finally have a good city manager and they are trying to be as open as possible. I am the first one to jump on the OCSD for their many mistakes but they aren’t politicians, they are learning as they go and they are a heck of a lot better then what they’ve had in the past. Get a life Julie, other than on CCN you are not relevant.

The BOS deserve medals for the way they handle some these Los Osos people. I’m always amazed at how rude some of them are.

We don’t often agree as you know but I have to say I love what you said and how you said it. Well put.

I for one am tired of hearing constantly for 20 years+ about Los Osos. Find a plan, agree to a plan AND STICK TO A PLAN!!

They will never “find a plan”. A plan would be the end of the scam. They don’t want a sewer, and never did. Their profits are in the process, not in a ‘plan’. Once again I state the obvious, there will never be a sewer system in Los Osos.

Gosh, the price of the sewer is SO RIDICULOUS, I’ve often scratched my head wondering how this could actually have even happened. I’ve wondered where was and is the oversight? This seems to have been pulled off by Paavo Ogren along with his bed mate mouthpiece and a Board of Supervisors. Is it possible that you could be right and maybe this is just some “strange whatever” to see how far they can actually go with ripping off the “Sheepeople”? Naw couldn’t be, that is just too off the wall to even contemplate. But something sure is bizarre.

Oceano is not a city. It is unincorporated. It has no “City Manager.” The person you are referring to is the CSD Manager. From what I understand he has absolutely no background at all in managing CSD’s. No degrees in this area like most CSD managers. He was a car broker from what I understand. I am not sure how that would qualify him to make more money than most CSD managers around the area. I think his relationship with one of the BOS members and the fact the he was his campaign manager had a lot to do with how he got his job. Again, pretty typical of how Oceano CSD is known to do business.

I am aware that like Nipomo and Los Osos they aren’t incorporated.

Normally I would agree with your judgement and statement on this but did you see the last ‘CSD Manager’? I don’t agree with much of what they do but after watching their meetings over many years they are in better shape then they used to be, although still deeply flawed they are taking baby steps forward. Remember ‘no socks Monte’? Or how about Jim Hill putting up rude signs during the meetings that were directed towards people he didn’t like? Then there was the board members son that used to bring a gun to the meetings to intimidate others. They used to call each other terrible names during the meetings, it was amazing. They still don’t understand the facts about salt water intrusion but after observing them over many years one can’t expect them to move forward at a very fast pace. I have hope that they will learn about these things, ie the Brown Act and salt water intrusion. It has taken years to get through their audit but they finally did it so maybe they are making progress. Again, they still have their issues but they have improved IMO.

I agree, Typo. The interaction of the last board including the GM was a nightmare. Even those that remain have changed their tune and seem to get along with all involved. The new GM seems to have common sense, if not govt. expertise. I question the board’s attorney mostly when there are Brown Act violations. I have confidence they all care about Oceano and will continue to work in its best interest.

I agree, their attorney has given them quite a bit of bad advise. If they want to keep taking steps forward they need to get a new attorney.

Yes, I’m aware of their horrible past, but hiring an unqualified person at an unheard of price shows another BIG error in the Boards collective judgment. Did they screen qualified candidates? Would any qualified candidates care to work there? Who knows? Probably for the huge price that they are now paying their very UNQUALIFIED General Manager. I would say they got royally conned or there is something else very rotten going on in Oceano? Maybe it’s time for the Grand Jury to check this out.


I enjoy reading your comments. I am happy the board is getting along and I credit Mr. Geaslen with not allowing this board to micro manage him or put up with personal agendas. Personally, I feel he is worth the money and has integrity. He has already saved us $ many times more than he will ever be paid. We would be bankrupt if things had continued as they were. Board members were protecting Monte for months even though they knew about his shady past and the bad job he was doing. It took pressure from the residents to finally do the right thing.

I have to tell you there was never a gun brought to a meeting by Pam Dean’s son. That was a set-up by someone who shouted out at a meeting that he had a gun. This person isanother that does not live in Oceano and was only there to cause trouble for Pam. I have my own theories about this person and what and who was behind things he did and said.There was an investigation by the Sheriff’s department and there was NEVER a gun. The disgusting things that were done to Pamela Dean because she went to court over the illegal appointment is frightening. The gun lie was just one of the many, many hateful and harassing things done to her. If you recall the court did rule it was an illegal appointment. If Mr. Geaslen had been the GM then I am fairly certain the right thing would have been done and the people of Oceano would not be out $76k.

Now I can only hope Tacker and Edwards leave us alone. Where were they and their righteous indignation when the illegal appointment took place? Funny they didn’t speak out against the previous GM and the things that were going on then. Hmmm. Could it be he went along with the idea of selling the airport? Just like he went along with trying to give away we the resident’s water rights.

Nice puff piece for Ms. Tacker, and snarky hit piece on Mr. Hill. Is it election time already?

Whose idea was this silly video anyway?


I think its funny, LOl LOL

Get that boy in line, right now, he is such an air head.

Of course you do. Bully’s love stuff like this.

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