15-to-life for CHP officer death

April 6, 2012

Kaylee Weisenberg was sentenced Thursday to 15 years to life in state prison following her second-degree murder conviction in the death of CHP officer Brett Oswald. [The Tribune]

Oswald, 48, died June 27, 2010 after being struck by Weisenberg’s automobile in Paso Robles while he stood next to a car on a freeway off-ramp. Weisenberg was found to have meth in her system following the incident.

Judge John Trice denied a new trial for Weisenberg, 24, which had been requested because she alleged her first attorney, Tom McCormick, did not properly defend her, and may have been intoxicated during her trial.

Trice dismissed those claims, saying he believed McCormick was simply nervous because of the trial’s high public profile. A group of CHP officers attended the sentencing.

A tearful Weisenberg will spend her time in Chowchilla State Prison.

Weisenberg was driving a Toyota Corolla northbound on South River Road in Paso Robles. She turned a corner at high speed near Spanish Camp Road and lost control of her car. Her car slammed into Oswald’s parked vehicle, pushing it forward to where it struck Oswald.

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Just a tragedy…for all. Two lives…one gone, one in purgatory.

Weisenberg needed rehab, which she will now receive.

Even with all of its flaws, the legal system worked as it should in this case. Thank you Mr. Trice for running a smooth trial and making ruling in conformance with the laws to protect the community. It is sad that Officer Oswald and his family have paid for the irresponsible behavior of one stupid individual.

Too bad that CCN could not have at least gotten the details of the accident accurate in their tiny little article. Officer Oswalt was not struck on a freeway offramp.

A tragedy all the way around. Blessing to those who have suffered through this loss.

With a sentence of 15-to-life, she’ll probably end up serving about 23 years.

Meth isn’t a recreational drug. It’s the poisonous scourge of the 21st Century.

RIP Trooper Oswald. Taken too soon with a lot of good work yet to do.

Buh Bye!

Thank you Judge Trice for finally administering justice. Another killer has been taken off the roads and we all should be grateful that this judge did his job as he usually does.