Salmon replenished, big season eyed

April 6, 2012

A long commercial salmon fishing schedule was approved Thursday after four years of being shut down completely, setting the stage for what fishermen hope will be a spectacular season. [Santa Cruz Sentinel]

Fishery managers endorsed the longest season since 2006 as members of the commercial fishing industry were predicting a huge catch following an apparently successful comeback of the prized fish.

According to fishery experts, more than 1.65 million adult Chinook salmon in the ocean ready to return to the Klamath River, one of the world’s most productive waterways for the anadromous fish. Large numbers are also expected to run up the Sacramento  and American rivers, also.

The Pacific Fishery Management Council set the commercial season starting May 1 and running through Sept. 30, with several brief breaks. The recreational season starts Saturday and will extend through Oct. 7.

After a scare due to declining populations, fishing was closed off. Now fishery spokespersons say there are at least three times the number of salmon ever recorded in Pacific Ocean waters ready to spawn in the rivers of their origin.


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The government has no business in restricting free enterprise. There should be no restrictions or licensing of fishing and these salmon should have been fished to extinction decades ago. Didn’t you read your Ayn Rand? Don’t you go to Tea Party rallies? By not allowing the destruction of nature government is unfairly destroying Monsanto and other God-given Republican corporations.

Good points. Yes too much govt. control, we dont’ need no stinkin nature ie salmon,wolves, condors, trees etc, it’s all just dirty anyway.

Can’t wait!

mmm radiated salmon with Monsanto veggies, love it much more than hormone induced beef although nothing beats nitrate-pork…I’m getting hungry just thinking about.

This is good news, I hope that it’s managed better this time so the fishermen can stay in business.

Radiated salmon with Monsanto veggies? wtf typo! These are not farm raised fish out there swimming in the ocean. Some may have been up to 3 inches in length but that’s it. You are a strange one.

Try and keep up, I didn’t mention farm raised fish or the size of the fish.

We don’t know yet if our seafood is going to be contaminated from Fukushima Dai-ichi. For that matter even without Fukushima much of our seafood is full of cr@p. I used eat tuna quite frequently. Not anymore, once in awhile but not that often, I don’t want to allow the mercury to build up in my system.

Studies show that due to the hybridizing of our veggies they are much less nutritious then they were 50 years. You need to eat 30% more vegetables then you used to 50 years ago just to get the same amount of riboflavin and iron. There’s also less calcium, vita C as well as all of the other nutrients in our fruit and veggies. ALL of our seeds for our ALL of our crops come from Monsanto. Farmers aren’t allowed to use thier own seeds or another brand, they must use Monsanto seeds. Monsanto has developed seeds over the years that produce bigger, longer lasting veggies with brighter colors and now they even make seeds to ward off the bugs (GE) and therefore we now have less healthy produce.

But it doesn’t matter, the main point of my post was that I do appreciate that the fishermen will be able to make a living again and that I hope that they continue to manage fishing better now, but I guess that went over your head.

Do you eat anything? jfyi, I ate some fresh radiated salmon I caught yesterday and am going out to get some more right off of Diablo. Yeah! Maybe it will be green.

Everybody who eats will get used to elevated levels of radioactive isotopes in the ocean food supply , good luck with ‘your’ food.

Considering how close these species came to being literally wiped out along the California coast, this is very good news. Perhaps human management of wildlife has a future. Here’s to sauteed salmon steaks with lemon butter sauce… forever!

I’m with you I.H.!